I remember on duty somehow the city and the district, still in the afternoon, sitting in the office looking out the window ... tutors from my local orphanage come to me .. They say "Our girls have been kidnapped!"
I say "What happened?". They told me - "Some guy took our three pupils to his hut." I say, "We'll figure it out! Let's get his address!"
They gave me the address, and I alone took the UAZ on duty and into place. I go up to the apartment, I knock and call, no one opens. However, I hear through the door that the music is playing.
The door is serious, do not knock out yourself, I call the nearest DPS outfit, they are straight with the trunks "Che do comrade captain?" I say "Door to knock out! I take all the responsibility on myself." They guys are young, healthy, just "face!" say, carried the door along with the doorjamb.
I rush into the hut, the table is laid there, drunk girls of 14-15 years old and this man, about forty years old. And then I was 30.
I took out the service weapon, put the barrel in his mouth and asked, “What are you doing?”. But he can not say anything, because the gun in his mouth. I pulled him out of my mouth and asked, "Did you like it?" He says "No, no."
I took him by the scruff of the neck and into the sobering up until the morning, and then to my office.
In short, those girls did not write the application, as well as their teachers.They thought that I was so "cool" with him figured out, scared for the future.
Well, he himself inserted the door.

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