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Concerning raising the retirement age, Valya Matvienko, in her youth also known as Valka half a glass, spoke out.
Babka is 69 years old, and she herself is not retiring with any income from the budget! - not going.
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Of course, Baba Valya supports reform. Moreover, it considers it urgent.
Perhaps quote from:
As for postponing - no, it is impossible to postpone. If the authorities do this, it will be an irresponsible authority.
Raising the retirement age, to which 90% of our men and half of women will not survive, is an urgent measure, according to Matvienko. Raising the retirement age, the government acts very responsibly, says Baba Valya.
Just a few days before this statement, the Federation Council, which by mistake was headed by grandmother Valya, rejected a proposal to equate the deputies' wages to the earnings of the average Russian.
It would seem, why the deputy should receive more than a steel worker or a miner? An, no - no. It is impossible.The proposal, which was supported by hundreds of thousands of people, was rejected.
And now some interesting statistics, which lead analysts.
Under 65, an average man will transfer 2.5 million rubles to the Pension Fund. If he deposited the money in Sberbank, and did not donate it to the Fund, then at the current rate of 4.1% per annum, another 2 million percent would run over.
Total 4.5 million rubles.
The average Russian will live after 65 for about two years, and during this time he will receive 360 ​​thousand rubles as a pension.
The remaining money is enough for five monthly salaries of the State Duma deputy.
And we have not yet calculated the contributions to the Pension Fund of those who would not live to retirement at all, and they are the majority.
In the light of this simple arithmetic, the statement by Matvienko sounds like a mocking sound, do you not find?
“As for the postponement - no, it is impossible to postpone. If the authorities do this, it will be an irresponsible authority. ”

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