Penza airport. History, description, flights of aircraft

Penza Airport is the only one in the whole region. Its name is Ternovka. It refers to organizations of federal significance. It is located nine kilometers from the city center.

History of development

Back in the distant 1936, air transportation began in the Penza region. Three years later, in 1939, an airport was opened for civilian aircraft.

The passenger terminal appeared in 1963. By today, it has already been rebuilt twice. In the late seventies and early eighties, partial repairs were carried out. The complete reconstruction took place in 2003.

Penza Airport

The artificial lane strip for aircraft take-off (landing) was built in the early seventies.

The schedule of the Penza airport in the eightiesincluded more than sixty flights a day in the summer. The airport was connected with many cities of the Soviet Union and most of the capitals of the Union republics.

Nineties are associated with a crisis in whichthere was an airport. During this period, the number of flights gradually decreased. By the fall of 1998, they had closed completely. Over the next four years, until 2003, the Penza airport accepted only transit flights in a warm period.

A new stage of development

The second life of Ternovka began in the fall of 2003after reconstruction. After that on the plane Yak-40 flights to Moscow were restored three times a week (on Monday, Wednesday and Friday). Next year, flights to the capital were sent on weekdays, that is five times a week. Work in the summer months kept the schedule of previous years.

The number of flights to Moscow doubled in early 2006. In June of the same year, the Saratov-St. Petersburg flight was launched with a stop in Penza.

the schedule of the Penza airport

For several months of 2008, theThe Yak-42 aircraft operated flights in all directions. They stopped because of the financial crisis. Something like that was with Rusline flights to Moscow. They were opened less than two months in early 2010. These flights ceased due to low demand.

Flights of Penza airport in the second half of 2010 were carried out by the airline "Ak Bars Aero".

The winter period of 2010-2011 became special for the airfield. During this period, flights to St. Petersburg were not canceled for the winter, they became year-round.

In the summer of 2013, the airport "Ternovka" again enteredstage of reconstruction. The artificial runway was completely replaced. Its repair began in 2008, when the length of the runway was increased by seven hundred meters. But in operation an extended strip was introduced only in September 2013. The total length of the runway was 2.8 kilometers. Immediately after its introduction, the airport for the first time in its history took the Tu-154.

Accepted aircraft

Penza airport to date is able to receive passenger aircraft of all types, except Boeing 747 and Airbus A380. Some aircraft have restrictions.

Penza airport prices

Types of aircraft that can take the airport: An, Il, L-410, Tu models, Yak-40 and Yak-142, Airbus-A319, ATP-42 and ATP-72, Boeing-737, Bombardier 100/200, SAAB 2000. Lighter aircraft models can also arrive to this airport, as well as all types of helicopters.

General information

Penza airport is located within the city limits. From the center, it is located at a distance of nine kilometers. His address: the city of Penza, Central Street, house 2. Telephone for information +7 (8412) 37-92-26. Additional information can be found on the official website. There you can specify the schedule of flights and book a ticket.

Between the city center and the airport there is a city transport:

  • Buses every ten minutes with routes number 30, 54, 66.
  • Minibus for sixteen passengers on the route number 10A.
  • Trolleybus on the route number 7.

You can call a taxi by using the phone.

flights to Penza airport

There is a waiting room in the airport building. In addition, on the ground floor there is a cafe. There are no ATMs and currency exchange points. There is also no own parking. The nearest of them is located in two blocks.

Guests of the city can be accommodated in the budgethotel "Penza Airport". Prices for accommodation in a double room - two thousand rubles (one thousand rubles per person). The hotel is located on the station square, near the public transport stop.


Penza airport offers its passengers flights of the following companies:

  • ZAO AK "Rusline", which sends flights to Moscow and St. Petersburg.
  • "Dexter" company ZAO "AviamenedzhmentGrup", whose planes fly to Nizhny Novgorod, Kazan, Samara.
  • OJSC Uteir offers flights to the capital of the country (Moscow, Vnukovo).
  • OJSC "Saratov Airlines", which organizes summer flights to Anapa, Sochi, Simferopol.
  • OJSC "Izhavia", which also carries out seasonal flights to the resorts of the country.

Flights early this year

The schedule of the Penza airport in winter 2017 includes flights to two cities - Moscow and St. Petersburg.

From early January to the end of March 2017 the following flights from Penza to the capital are organized:

  • Morning flights (departure at 9.05) in "Domodedovo" on weekdays.
  • On Saturday, departure of the flight to Domodedovo at 11.15.
  • The flight to Domodedovo Airport leaves at 4 pm on weekdays.
  • Daily evening flight to "Domodedovo" leaves at 21.25.

The cost of flight from Penza to Moscow starts from five thousand rubles and higher, depending on the time of the flight, the airline and the selected class.

Penza airport schedule

From the airport "Ternovka" in Penza to St. Petersburg you can fly the following flights:

  • On Thursdays at 16.00.
  • On Sundays at 18.50.

The price of an economy class ticket is eight thousand rubles and more.

During this period, return flights will also be opened, fromMoscow (Domodedovo) and St. Petersburg to Penza. From Moscow, the aircraft will arrive on weekdays at 08.15 and 15.10, on Saturdays - at 10.25. In addition, a daily flight will be made with the arrival in Penza at 20.35.

From St. Petersburg to Penza will be opened flight on Thursdays (with arrival at 12.45) and Sundays (with arrival at 18.00).

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