Biography of Murat Nasyrov

Murat Nasyrov is a singer whose life was surprisingly bright and transient. His star was lit on the Soviet stage very quickly, but subsequently burned down in a few years. That is why today Murat Nasyrov has become a legend of the Kazakh and Russian scenes.
His songs remained with us, and the artist himself disappeared under the thickness of his years. Thus, our today's article is another proof that the name of a talented Kazakh musician has not been forgotten by the audience.

The early years, childhood and the family of Murat Nasyrov

Murat Ismailovich Nasyrov was born in Almaty on December 13, 1969. His mother worked in a plastic product factory, and his father worked as a taxi driver. In addition, Nasyrov Sr. also sometimes entertained his relatives by playing Uigur folk instruments and also reading his own poems. Perhaps it was his example that first made Murat think about the career of a musician.
Singer Murat Nasyrov listened to a lot of national music as a childSinger Murat Nasyrov listened to a lot of national music as a child
The love for creativity lived in the soul of our today's hero always, but somehow the young man began to show his musical talents only much later. First, he graduated from high school, where he earned the recognition of teachers for his excellent knowledge in the field of mathematics and physics. After that, the future singer went to Ashgabat, where he served in the army.
It is noteworthy that it was at this moment that Murat Nasyrov began to seriously study music. He spoke to colleagues, performing songs in various languages. That is why he was always very respected among conscript soldiers.
After returning from service, the Kazakh performer decided to continue to engage in creative work. He honed his talent at the vocal department of the Gnessin School of Music. He also appeared from time to time at various contests and song festivals.
The first success came to Murat Nasyrov after his bright performance at the “Yalta-91” competition. The extraordinary performance of one of Alla Pugacheva's early songs brought him the highest score from all members of the festival jury. His talent was appreciated,but because very soon the famous composer Igor Krutoy suggested that he sign a contract to record a studio album. However, surprisingly, Nasyrov refused.
The reason for this was the desire to perform their own songs.

Star Trek of the musician Murat Nasyrov

In 1995, our today's hero brought a demo of his songs to the Soyuz music studio. The compositions of a talented Kazakh musician made a favorable impression on the representatives of the recording company, and therefore soon they decided to sign a full-fledged contract with Nasyrov.
So, already in the same year of 1995, the first single of the musician “This is only a dream” was recorded, which very soon sounded on all music channels of the CIS countries. After that there was another hit - the song “Step”.
Murat Nasyrov - The boy wants to Tambov
In 1997, our today's hero presented the audience with another radio hit - “The boy wants to Tambov”, which became the Russian-language adaptation of the hit of the Portuguese-speaking hit of the Brazilian group “Karapisho”. As a result, it was this composition that lifted the Kazakh singer to the tops of the music Olympus, and also became his calling card for many years.
In the same year, Murat Nasyrov received the Golden Gramophone award for this hit. Around the same period, on the shelves of music stores in the CIS countries, his first full-length album “Forgive Someone” appeared.
Thus, in the late nineties, Murat Nasyrov soared to the heights of popularity. He sang a duet with Alyona Apina, performed at a large-scale gala concert by Alla Pugacheva. His songs were performed on many radio stations in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan. One of the main hits of this time was the song “I am You, You are Me”, which brought his second Golden Gramophone to the artist.
In 1998 and 2000, our today's hero released two more albums. In addition, in 1998, Murat Nasyrov tried himself in a new incarnation, starring in the film “Military Field Novel”. He also performed the title songs for the animated series “Black Cloak” and “Duck Stories”.
Murat Nasyrov - I am you
In 1999, Murat Nasyrov presented his first English-language compositions to the public. Five years later, the Kazakh artist also released a whole series of songs in the Uyghur language, which was native to his parents. Subsequently, in 2004, the singer also released an entire album composed exclusively of Uigur songs - “Kaldim Yalguz”, which, however, did not become very popular.
In the early 2000s, Nasyrov’s popularity slowly began to decline. His compositions were often published in various compilations, but the singer himself did not release a single solo album.
In 2007, the artist recorded one of the title songs for the movie "Rock Climber and The Last of the Seventh Cradle". This composition was the last work of Murat Nasyrov.

Death of Murat Nasyrov

Murat Nasyrov with his familyMurat Nasyrov with his family
On the night of January 19-20, 2007 Murat Nasyrov fell out of the window of his apartment. Subsequently, the investigation put forward a variety of versions of what happened. Someone said that the singer had chosen the wrong angle when taking artistic pictures, someone even talked about contract killing. However, the official version was different - suicide.
The body of the artist was buried in Almaty.

Personal life of Murat Nasyrov

Murat Nasyrov spent most of his life with a singer named Selena (Natalya Boyko). Their marriage was concluded in accordance with Uygur traditions and was not registered in the registry office.
Within the framework of this union, a daughter and a son of celebrities were born. Their names are often mentioned in the songs of the artist.

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