The painting "February blue": photos, description and history of creation

In the sixth grade of secondary school, in the Russian language lessons, it is proposed to write an essay on the picture of I.E. Grabar “February Azure”.

This article can be used as additional material during preparation for the work of students. Biographical information about the artist, as well as the history of the creation of the painting "February Azure" will also be useful for teachers to compile a lesson outline.

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Igor Emmanuilovich Grabar was born in Budapest in a family where both parents were engaged in diplomatic activities. In early childhood, the future artist, together with his father and mother, moved to Russia, to the Ryazan province. There, Emmanuel Grabar was appointed a teacher of French at the gymnasium of a small town.

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That period includes the first memories of the boy associated with the impressions of artistic creativity.One day, Igor's father took his son to visit his friend, a teacher, who taught in the same gymnasium.

The child was so impressed by the beauty of the paintings that came out from under the pen of his older comrade, and the unusual instruments: brushes, easel, and others, that he began to beg his parents to give him accessories for this activity. Soon, mom and dad bought his son the desired set of drawing.

Life path choice

The future author of the painting "February Azure" graduated from the gymnasium, where his father worked as a teacher. After that, he went to study in the capital. The career of the artist was presented to his parents and to himself a pipe dream, so the first education that the young man received was legal.

But to work in this field, he was not destined. Immediately after receiving a diploma, he enters the St. Petersburg Academy of Arts.picture and uh grabar February blueIn this educational institution, his teacher is an outstanding Russian painter, a talented teacher who educated many artists, Ilya Repin. After a few years, the young man moved to Munich for a while, where he continued to master various drawing techniques.

The story of the creation of the painting "February Azure"

Back in Russia, the artist, while living in Petersburg, often visits his friends from the Moscow region. Once, a guest of one of his acquaintances, who was also related to the visual arts, Igor Emmanuilovich was fascinated by long walks in the surrounding forests. This was facilitated by the mild, windless weather of the last winter month.

One of the days in mid-February, and was sketched one of the most famous canvases Grabar. The painting "February Azure" was painted from life. The artist, who dropped his cane while walking, bent to pick it up and saw winter birch trees in blue frost from an unusual angle.

Looking from the bottom up, Igor Emmanuilovich was struck by the symmetry of the outlines of the Russian of all the trees, and how festive and elegant it looks against the background of blue snow, smoothly flowing into the sky of the same color. Fascinated by the beauty of the winter landscape, Grabar immediately ran to his room, where he made the first sketch of the future canvas.

Trench painting

To be able to observe the landscape from this point of view while working, the master had to make some physical efforts.He took a shovel in the back room of his friend's house and dug a hole half the height of a man. When the trench was ready, the artist moved there an easel, paints and other accessories necessary to work on the painting "February Azure".

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The air temperature at this time was not too low, so the painter could afford to spend several hours a day outdoors. He placed the canvas not in the traditional way, but by placing it at an angle, so that the drawing looked down at a sharp angle.

This artist has achieved a constant shade of the canvas. Under insufficient light, the colors seemed dull to him, and he was forced to use the brightest shades. For this reason, the picture of Grabar "February Azure" found festive, sparkling tones.

Favorite canvas master

The painter, who lived for almost 90 years, created numerous works of various genres, still, even on the slope of his years, admitted that he considers the painting "February Azure" to be the most successful of his works.

In the foreground of the canvas there is a birch covered with sparkling hoarfrost framing openwork thin branches.Her kindred stand behind her, as if Russian girls in a festive round dance, at the moment when one of them went to the center of the circle for a solo dance.

Description of the picture Grabar "February blue" would be incomplete without mentioning the special role played by the shades of blue that prevail in the background of the canvas. Such appear before the viewer and the sky, and fresh snow. It seems that if there were no forest located on the horizon line, then it would be impossible to distinguish the earth from the clouds. The overall mood of this landscape seems very joyful. It is as if nature has dressed up, preparing to meet the holiday of the arrival of spring. The color prevailing on this canvas is represented by its numerous shades. At the top of the picture of Grabar "February blue" the sky is painted in dark colors, and that part of it, which is closer to the horizon, is depicted in light blue.

Scientific and educational activities

The description of the painting "February Azure" suggests that the master who created this masterpiece was a great connoisseur of Russian and Western artistic culture, perfectly mastered various drawing techniques, both classical and modern. This assumption is confirmed by the facts of the life of the master.Igor Emmanuilovich was engaged not only in the creation of paintings, but also participated in the compilation and editing of a large number of encyclopedias and textbooks in the visual arts. For many years he led the Tretyakov Gallery.

february azure picture

On his initiative there was a scientific study of several hundred paintings. Detailed annotations were drawn up to these canvases, including information on the persons depicted on them, as well as on the specific techniques of individual artists. In one of the letters, Igor Emmanuilovich admitted that he was happy to do this kind of work because of the opportunity to consider great creations not at a distance, but being close to masterpieces.

description of the picture february azure

Real patriot

Grabar, as a man who truly loved his country, was always worried about her fate. Thus, during the Great Patriotic War, the artist initiated the creation of one of the tank columns, transferring a significant amount of money to this cause.

For this initiative, the artist received a letter of thanks from state leaders. The creative merits of Grabar were marked by numerous awards and awards.

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