Planting eggplant seedlings and greenhouses in 2018

For the summer season. Tomatoes, cucumbers, greens - this is the standard set. However, they are also called dark-fruiting, are increasingly planted in vegetable gardens. Today we will tell you about planting eggplants in 2018, which will help to gather a rich harvest.

When to plant eggplants for seedlings

Grow blue from seedlings that you can buy. Despite the fact that the seeds germinate even in the apartment.

Gardeners living in Central Russia say that it should be transported to the ground. In the southern regions. The plant will be transferred to a permanent place of residence. Seeds germinate about two weeks.

Eggplant seedlings in a pot

When planting nightshade depends on the region of residence. Somewhere it will be the beginning of March. Once you’ve been looking at the lunar calendar. It has been shown that it is not a problem. Calendar watering and diving.

It is a clear sign.

It will be a good harvest. It is located - choose fetal marks, such as: Aries, Leo, Archer. It is advisable to follow it.

Lunar calendar planting eggplant 2018

Month Favorable days Sowing is possible Landing is prohibited
February 19, 20, 27, 28 17, 18, 21-26
March 18, 19, 27, 28 20-26, 29, 30
April 23, 24 17-22, 25-30

It is necessary to take into account the favorable results.

Month Favorable days Transfer is possible No transfer allowed
May 20, 21 16-19, 22-28 15, 29
June 16, 17, 25, 26 14, 15, 18-24, 27 13, 28

The secrets of a rich harvest

It is not enough to choose the correct date. It is also necessary to obtain the correct and optimal temperature.


First, prepare good seed. Purchase it from trusted manufacturers. Keep track of shelf life. Immerse them in water. Those who fall into the bottom, will give excellent germination.

In the soil, we recommend the following ways:

  1. Heat up the oven for 3 hours.
  2. Hardening. This method requires more time and effort. For 6 hours in the water, after 6 hours in the cold
  3. Soak. For a couple of hours in warm water.

Now for the ground, deepening each by 1 cm.

Sowing eggplant

It is the best time to grow seedlings.

The soil

Lot of humus / compost. You can add a little bit of rain.


It is a moisture-loving culture. That is why provide him with good drainage and periodically loosen the soil.

The lunar calendar irrigation offers. So it's water (Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio).


It is necessary to illuminate the seedlings. A 12-hour light day.


After 5 days, raise the room temperature again at +25 at night.

Attention: eggplants do not tolerate sudden changes in temperature and drafts!

It is a good idea to make it. If you are not in the field of planting

Planting eggplants in the ground

Growing in a greenhouse

In most parts of Russia, they are grown in greenhouses.

The process begins with the preparation of the soil. These professionals are advised to do more in the fall. The procedure is to remove weeds and various plant residues and disinfect. The latter can be implemented in several ways:

  1. Thermal.Land should be treated with hot steam or boiling water. If you want to grow it in water, you can’t get it.
  2. Chemical. Grams per 1 square meter. Some use formalin instead of lime. To prepare a disinfectant solution, take a glass of 40% formalin in a bucket of water. The resulting portion is designed for 1 square meter. After processing the ground cover film for 24 hours.

Eggplant seedlings

It’s possible to digest the soil, it’s possible to use organic fertilizer (2/3 liter per square meter). 1-2 centimeters compared with no one plant it too deeply compared it. For the first time.

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