They say the truth, from prison to prison do not promise. Troshkin Evgeny Ivanovich (Evgeni Leonov), an employee of preschool education, as two drops of water looks like an inveterate gangster named Associate Professor. This similarity marked the beginning of an exciting adventure. To search for valuable relics, it was decided to replace the twins, to find out from Associate's associates, where they hid a valuable historical find, which they did not find when the authority was detained. So a modest and good-natured teacher enters the criminals' environment, literally learns their jargon from the dictionary, directs a planned escape, together with accomplices constantly gets into rework and tries to guide their new comrades along the path of goodness. A lot of ridiculous ridiculous situations, magnificent dialogues in their wit and some educational moment - such is the comedy “Gentlemen of Luck”.

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