Police torture "envelope".

On June 6, 2018, the Nizhegorodsky District Court decided to recover from the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs 70 thousand rubles in favor of Alexander Dmitriev, who in 2011, the police broke his spine, knocking out a confession.
Employees of the criminal investigation department of the N7 Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Nizhny Novgorod, Alexey Sokolov and Vadim Volkov, on March 6, 2011, illegally detained Dmitriyev in his apartment and took him to the police station on suspicion of theft of construction tools.
The next day, Dmitriev appeared before the court on charges of resisting police officers, but the court acquitted him and relieved him of administrative responsibility.
However, after the meeting, the police again took Dmitriev to the police station and began to beat out a surrender. They forced the detainee to incriminate himself and his acquaintance in committing theft.
For this, the law enforcement officers used torture called an “envelope”, when a person twists his hands behind his back, handcuffs, ties his legs with a belt, passes a rope through his arms and legs, and ties it back.
Alexey Sokolov and Vadim Volkov.
Police torture
Police torture

During the torture, Sokolov sat on his back and broke his spine in the lumbar region. Dmitriev signed a "frank confession," but his friend had an alibi at the time of the crime. Then Sokolov and Volkov brutally beat Dmitriev again so that he took the blame completely on himself.
On March 8, the detainee was allowed to go home, from where the ambulance took him to the hospital. According to the results of the forensic examination, when Dmitriev was admitted to the hospital, he had a compression uncomplicated fracture of the body of the 1st lumbar vertebra, a lumbar bruise (pain in the spinous processes, muscle tension, limited movement), brain concussion, and semi-circulatory wrist abrasions. Today he is disabled in the second group.
In mid-April 2011, at the request of a victim of the police in Nizhny Novgorod, a criminal case was opened, but in October it was closed. With the assistance of the lawyers of the Committee against Torture, the investigation was resumed in May 2012.
Then there were convictions and their repeal, but in the end, on March 2, 2017, Sokolov and Volkov were sentenced to imprisonment for a term of five years in a penal colony of everyone under the article on abuse of office using violence and special means.
After the verdict came into force, Alexander Dmitriev appealed to the Nizhegorodsky District Court with a claim to the Ministry of Internal Affairs for non-pecuniary damage and demanded two million rubles. The process lasted a long time due to the fact that at first the court could not establish in which colonies the convicts were held, then there were other technical difficulties, and the decision was rendered only on 6 June.
Lawyer of the Committee against Torture Sergei Babinets, representing the interests of Alexander Dmitriev, said that he would appeal this decision in terms of the amount of compensation awarded.
"In the last two months alone, in our cases, the courts of the Nizhny Novgorod region considered three claims for compensation for moral harm for police crimes. In one case, they awarded three thousand rubles, in the other - 350 thousand, yesterday - 70. - one can only guess. One can say with confidence: they do not correspond to the practice of the European Court of Human Rights, "said Babinets.
“Now I can’t live normally, my whole body still hurts,” confessed Alexander Dmitriev. - A broken head does not think at all.I can go to the store, and then wake up, for example, at the Automobile Plant. They broke my whole life.
During the investigation, Sokolov and Volkov denied their guilt, saying that a man accidentally fell on the stairs in their department. And with the indictment for abuse of office the case went to court. The public prosecutor asked for the accused punishment in the form of imprisonment for a term of eight years.
Being sure that the court would not justify them on the announcement of the sentence, the former operatives came with bags assembled for the stage. Relatives and former colleagues came to support them, who still believe in their innocence.

Police torture

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