Pornstar Sues Trump

6-03-2018, 23:06
Porn actress Stephanie Clifford, better known as Stormy Daniels, sued US President Donald Trump. This was reported by NBC News.

Pornstar Sues Trump

The reason for the claim was her agreement on non-disclosure of information about communication with Trump. The adult film star claims that the president, unlike Clifford herself, didn’t put his signature on the contract, delegating it to his lawyer Michael Cohen. The actress demands to recognize the agreement as invalid.
Clifford and Trump had sex in 2006–2007. For the fact that this information does not surface, in the midst of the presidential campaign in 2016, Cohen paid the porn actress 130 thousand dollars. Later in the White House, this data was called a lie.
In 2011, Clifford told InTouch Weekly magazine the details of sex with a billionaire. “Nothing special, like a textbook,” the porn star said at the time. “Everything happened in one position, as one would expect from a man at his age.”
On February 16, the manuscript of the former Playboy model, Karen McDougal, came into the hands of the American edition of the New Yorker.

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