Pot, boil: how to help your brain think better

You will not find a confession in any autobiography of a successful person: “Everything worked out on my own”. In order not to subsist in everyday life, you have to work hard on yourself. Athletes do not get out of the gym, singers strengthen the vocal cords, but most often the path to success lies through brain training.

Despite thousands of studies, the human brain is still a mystery. For example, the widespread theory that we use the capabilities of our gray matter only by five to ten percent, many scientists vehemently reject. More or less reliably it is only known that the brain reaches its peak around 25 years of age. At this age, there is a maximum number of synapses - places of contact between the neurons of the brain. And then comes the degradation. This process is inevitable, but its intensity is really controlled.

Do not give the brain to get bored in different ways. Everyone chooses the one that they like best. Creativity, learning foreign languages, solving logical problems, even Tetris, is said to be very useful. And, of course, reading. However, all these methods are supportive rather than stimulating. Something like ascorbic for breakfast.

A truly effective way to pump the brain, say neuropsychologists, are cognitive training. These are exercises designed to emphasize the development of thinking, attention and memory. But there is one problem. They are often dull and monotonous. Few people have enough perseverance to engage in such brain fitness regularly. And this is the only way to achieve the desired effect.

Behind vigorous and entertaining exercises - this is to the online service "Vicium". This simulator for the brain was developed with the active participation of specialists in cognitive and general psychology testing center "Humanitarian Technologies" at Moscow State University. They were faced with the task of dressing up trainings in a game form, adding an element of competition, but not losing their effectiveness.

Acquaintance with the service begins with the fact that you specify exactly what skills you want to develop.Schoolchildren and students most often tick off the aspects related to the improvement of learnability. Middle-aged people strive to improve their own productivity, speed of reaction to critical situations and the ability to maintain mental tone throughout the day. Older users usually turn to Wikium to maintain sharpness and clarity of mind as long as possible.

In addition, before rushing towards self-development, it is required to undergo an introductory test. It assesses how well your pot is cooking at the moment. In accordance with the results of the test program is a personal training program.

Each workout consists of a warm-up and five core exercises. In total, it takes no more than 15 minutes. Given the fact that the site has an adequate mobile version, this format allows you to strengthen your head every day. I went down to the subway in the morning and instead of updating the tape on Twitter, I updated a couple of neural connections.

All exercises are colorful mini-games for attentiveness, concentration, short-term memory and so on.At first, they are more like entertainment for pupils of the younger kindergarten group, but as the level of complexity grows, this feeling quickly disappears. I would like to look at the kindergarten student who will be able to determine where the submarines are moving at the ninth level of the exercise.

The eternal desire to continue training is built on the excitement and visible results of their own progress. On average, Wikium users improve memorization skills by 20 percent in two to three weeks, focus on details in two times after a two-month training course, and the reaction rate increases by 15 percent in one week.

The service can be used for free, then nine simulators will be available to you: two for memory, four for thinking and three for attention. Or purchase a premium account that gives access to all exercises in the amount of 41 pieces. Plus there is access to the statistics of their progress, as well as the ability to compete with other users.

But the main thing, of course, is to defeat not someone else, but yourself, your laziness. So that later there was something to write in your autobiography.

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Pot, boil: how to help your brain think better 76

Pot, boil: how to help your brain think better 20

Pot, boil: how to help your brain think better 32

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