Preterm birth: the main reasons


Why can a baby be born earlier?

Births from 28 to 37 week are called. In terms of symptoms, preterm labor is usually no different from delivery in time, and it can be even easier to pass, because the baby is still very small, but still not in a hurry, because such a rush can affect the development and health of the baby. There are manyreasonspremature birth and expectant mother definitely need to know them in order to behave correctly.

Premature birth. Causes

1. Isthmic-cervical insufficiency is a weakness of the cervix, as a result of which the uterus cannot hold the fetal egg inside. The main causes of cervical insufficiency are as follows:

  • Injuries of the cervix during previous pregnancies: large fruit, rapid delivery, use of forceps or vacuum during delivery, etc.
  • Operations on the cervix.
  • Infectious diseases of the cervix uteri: candidiasis, mycoplasma, chlamydia, herpes, megalovirus infection, bacterial vaginosis.
  • Endocrine disorders associated with thyroid hormones, decreased ovarian function or increased levels of male sex hormones, which lead to changes in the structure of the cervix.
  • Cervical malformations.
  • Additional load on the cervix (multiple fetuses, polyhydramnios, large weight of the child).

2. Uterine fibroids.

3. Anatomical defects of the uterus (for example, two-horned uterus).

4. Infectious diseases (especially in severe form, with high fever): influenza, tonsillitis, hepatitis, rubella.

5. Heart defects, a tendency to hypertension, chronic diseases of the liver, kidneys, diabetes.

Premature birth. Causes

6. Diseases of the thyroid gland: hypofunction, problems with thyroid hormones, adrenal glands.

7. Late gestosis: swelling not only of the legs, but also of the arms, body (especially the abdomen), and face. This means that the kidneys do not cope with the load, which is also evidenced by protein that appeared later in the urine.

8. Rhesus-conflict mother and child. Even if the delivery occurred on time, a Cesarean section is recommended for pregnant women with Rh-conflict.

9. Age - if the future mother is under the age of 18 or older than 40 years.

10.Pregnant women through IVF (in vitro fertilization).

11. Having a tendency to miscarriage, rapid and premature birth (from the experience of previous births).

12. Postponed intrauterine interventions, ruptures or operations on the cervix (in particular, abortion with curettage).

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It is important to understand thatthe threat of preterm birth can be minimized(most often in this case, the mother is placed in a hospital for preservation), but births that have already begun cannot be prevented. under the name Elena says:“The doctors had no complaints about my pregnancy until 34 weeks. Even after suffering flu. I passed all the necessary tests, and I was told to drink iron, and everything seemed to be ok. And then, at week 34, they said that the placenta was aging rapidly, and on the 36th there was a detachment. They quickly put me to the hospital, tried to keep me, but the protein went in the urine, and decided to do an emergency caesarean. Then they told me that his son was on development as at 36 weeks, so he eventually had much less problems than it could be, so how lucky we are, if I can say so ... ".

Premature birth. Reasons2

How to behave in case of the threat of premature birth?

Doctor-gynecologist Daria Ponomarevaadvises: "First and foremost -see a doctorand, perhaps,go to hospital for preservation. In the hospital, expectant mothers are prescribed a number of procedures with the threat of premature birth, they are under close and constant supervision. ”

  • What awaits the future mother in the hospital:
  • Assign strict bed rest.
  • Constantly monitor the health of mother and child.
  • Conduct drug therapy aimed at lowering the tone of the uterus - usually sedatives.
  • In case there is a threat of infectious complications, drug therapy and prophylaxis are also carried out.

In addition, doctors try to prevent or reduce the risk of pulmonary insufficiency in a child during childbirth for a period of less than 34 weeks.

The risk of preterm birth does not mean that they will happen.

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