Promotional material and its types

During business meetings and commercial negotiations, different promotional material is used. In addition, it is in demand at exhibitions and fairs. Most large companies offer their clients a variety of promotional materials. They can be presented in the form of printed brochures containing photos and descriptions of the services and products offered by this company.

promotional material

Types of products

Promotional material used for various purposes, is divided into three groups:

  • general catalogs of firms;
  • household brochures;
  • specialized materials.

Catalog features

It has a small introductory article, which outlines the material about the company. In addition, often used material about the product or product.

Such promotional material may contain color photographs. The creators of the catalog expect that it will be used for a long period of time. Its main task is to inform the consumer about the range of products and services, to stimulate the desire to purchase the maximum number of purchases.According to the results of numerous statistical studies conducted by marketing specialists, many women prefer to study catalogs and choose the products and services they like for themselves.

zeno advertising materials


Such advertising material is an interlaced or bound print publication. It contains information about the company, its services, products. In addition to textual information, there are also high-quality and vivid photos in the avenue. It has much fewer pages than in the full catalog. With its help, a particular manufacturer acquires a certain image in the eyes of consumers. In addition, in the prospectus you can find information about the employees of the company, its customers, business partners.


It is a small-format edition that resembles a small book, including 2-5 printed pages. This type of advertising is often used in their work cosmetic, insurance companies, as well as banking institutions. The information presented in the brochure is related to statistics and research results. It includes charts, graphs, a variety of tables.

Ford's promotional material


In the image booklets there are pictures, they introduce some facts from the biography of company executives, the history of creation, as well as those charity events that were held by the company. After reading the booklet, buyers should get an idea of ​​the parameters of the products, the features of the services provided, as well as the guarantees that are provided by the manufacturer.

In commercial booklets include information about the performance, technical capabilities of products. Despite the availability of booklets, they have a rather short lifespan.

promotional materials spb


St. Petersburg already considers such advertising materials to be a familiar phenomenon. They are large-format publications with one-sided printing. There is a catchy illustration, its description, as well as a sonorous title that allows you to understand which service or product you are talking about.

In order for it to be functional, manufacturers offer tear-off options for perforation. They are used in the design of demonstration and trading halls, exhibition stands, interior decoration of reception rooms, and office premises.

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Russian leader

What is the company "Zeno"? Advertising materials, equipment, technology - not all areas of its activity. This company is considered to be the Russian leader in the manufacture and supply of various materials related to the creation of advertising information.

Professional advertising developers have already appreciated the activities of this company, which allows them to quickly receive updates, to be ahead of the competition.

Company "Forda"

This brand is officially registered, its name correlates with the specifics of the activity, which characterizes the main guidelines - work for clients.

What is different from competitors "Ford"? Promotional materials offered by its designers are used by companies throughout the country.

After its official appearance in the spring of 1995, from that moment to the present, Ford offers a huge range, excellent management, quality service, which allowed the company to supply its customers with modern materials and equipment from the best foreign and domestic manufacturers.

Numerous economic crises not only did not interfere with the company's activities, but also helped to strengthen their positions in the domestic market.Recently, the company is actively developing new areas of sales, regions in Volgograd, Moscow, Chita, Krasnoyarsk, Ufa, Irkutsk.

Placing advertising materials allows any company to form its business reputation in the market, to receive a steady income from the sale of goods or services rendered.

ForD's customers include thousands of companies that use the materials and equipment offered by this brand. In addition to the production of advertising, the central office, located in St. Petersburg, offers its customers self-adhesive films, large-format advertising materials.

Among the features of the company we will highlight free shipping Thanks to a wide network of branches, in a short period of time, equipment and products are delivered to all points of our country.

Company representatives periodically organize thematic training seminars in which Russian and foreign technologists, who are representatives of supplier companies, take an active part. Customers who take part in them have the opportunity to get acquainted with the specifics of working with promotional materials, as well as the peculiarities of their use.

promotional materials


Promotional materials are divided into three types.Traditional POSM - printed products. In addition, there are materials intended for online stores, as well as for video (audio).

Effective POS materials currently used are considered by radio ads at various points of sale.

Trade marketers conducted a variety of studies aimed at identifying the most effective promotional materials. It turned out that there is no universal option. The impact of the impact depends on the target audience, the specifics of the product or service, as well as the location of the information.

It is difficult to imagine the modern world without banners, street stretch marks, bright booklets, original brochures. Buyers have become accustomed to the fact that the manufacturer talks about their products, notes the technical and operational parameters of goods.

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