Proper nutrition during pregnancy: 10 important tips

A balanced diet during pregnancy is the basis of good health and excellent health of mother and baby.

All pregnant women are usually very afraid to eat or drink something harmful and gain extra pounds. It is the right diet that allows a woman to stay slim, healthy and strong during pregnancy, so it is very important to know what to eat and drink and what not.

Today we will talk more about proper nutrition during childbirth.

Basic principles of good nutrition for pregnant women: 10 important tips

1. Choose boiled and baked dishes, try to give up fried, smoked.

2. Do not overeat, everything is good in moderation, overeating is the right way to excess weight.

3.Philosophically treatharmful products. The forbidden fruit is always sweet! Therefore, if you really wanted something bad, be sure to eat it, just a little bit to get reluctant.

4.Not gaining extra pounds is not the one who eats very little, but the one who moves regularly. So do not forget aboutdaily physical exertion.Before you begin to engage in physical activity, be sure to consult with your gynecologist.

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5. It is very important to drink enough water.In the first and second trimester, doctors recommend drinking about 2-2.5 liters of fluid per day. Approximately, starting from the 20th week of pregnancy, the amount of water in the diet should be reduced to 1-1.5 liters per day, it is also very important at this time to practically eliminate salt from the diet in order to avoid edema.

Experts recommend choosing clean bottled water without gas as the main drink during pregnancy.

When choosing water for drinking, it is worth paying attention to that the water meets all state norms and standards, is clean, safe and useful.

To date, the most safe and quality consider baby bottled water.

Oksana Semenova, gynecologist, nutritionist:"I advise all pregnant women to drink baby water. This is the best option for the future mother, as this water has a balanced composition of salts.And this is what mom needs to ensure proper placental circulation and reduce the burden on the heart and kidneys of mom and baby. Over the years of practice has proven itself. It is produced at the baby food factory, it is also recommended for use during pregnancy and lactation, I often recommend it to my patients. ”

6. During pregnancy it is worth refusing:

- abundance of citrus;

- acute, salty, sour;

- canned food;

- mushrooms;

- fresh yeast products, fat creams;

- abundance of legumes.

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7. Coffee.This drink is worth talking separately. Of course, by and large during pregnancy you should give up coffee, cocoa and their derivatives, as these drinks, due to their high caffeine content, can increase the tone of the uterus, which can be dangerous when carrying a baby. But not so simple. For example, if a mother suffers from low blood pressure during pregnancy, then in that case she may even be very helpful to drink a cup of organic coffee in the morning. Therefore, before you completely abandon this drink, talk with your gynecologist, discuss the pros and cons, taking into account your individual abilities.

8.Alcohol.All pregnant women should completely abandon any alcohol during pregnancy and lactation. Even if your grandfather, uncle, dad or someone else claims that this homemade wine is useful even for you, do not believe it, not log! You must be firm in your beliefs, you are carrying this child, and only you and your doctor know for sure what is good for you and what is not.

9. During pregnancy you should eat more:

- vegetables, fruits, berries;

- Drink fresh juices;

- dairy products that you love;

- lean meat and fish;

- dried fruit.

10.Very important, so that what you eat and drink during pregnancy is high quality and safe!

If you doubt the quality of any product, drink, better give it up.

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