Rabbits are rams. Dwarf Rabbit Ram: breed description

Grow them in order to obtain meat and skins. On average, the weight of one such animal is six kilograms or more. Colors are different (white, gray, variegated, and others). Bred sheep in England.

rabbits breed ram

These animals are especially popular in Europe. In many countries, other similar species were bred using breeding. We will talk about them now. Consider in detail what types of rabbits are.

French ram

Breeders bred in 1850 the French ram breed. The rabbit appeared as a result of the crossing of a German giant and a lop-eared one. Initially, the breed spread to countries such as Belgium, Holland and Germany. The reason for this is a very unusual look. Later, these countries became home to the standard of this breed.

rabbits are rams

What do French rabbits look like? Their head is big, their forehead is wide, their cheeks are very well developed. Ears long (reach 45 cm).Color can be different (chinchilla, white, black and others). The most popular colors are motley.

The French sheep is a rabbit with a calm, friendly disposition. Unfortunately, it is not suitable for children because of its rather large size (the smallest weight of such an animal is five kilograms), and also because it needs a large area for movement. It is impossible to keep such animals in the cages, as they will be crowded, only in free range (that is, like a cat).

German sheep

These rabbits are considered to be direct descendants from France. For the first time the name of the breed was in 1933. Representatives weigh an average of six to seven kilograms.

The body of the German ram is squat, voluminous. The head is large, the muzzle is short. The body is wide enough, not very long. The back of the head is powerful, and the neck is short. The ears of the rabbit are slightly rounded, reaching a length of 45 cm.

Coat color is different (in addition to silver). Character calm.

English sheep

This is a very ancient breed of rabbits. Known for many centuries. English rabbits look funny because of their very long ears. The hind legs are longer than the front, so it seems that the animal is lower in front. The wool of these rabbits is thick and fairly dense. There are different colors.You can find a white English hare, as well as black or light gray. Another popular color is Madagascar.

lop rabbit

The ears, as already mentioned, are very long (about seventy centimeters), while being wide enough (about 16 cm).

Rabbits of this breed, when taken out, were kept in a specially heated room. There is a case when representatives got into the Guinness Book of Records for the biggest ears (79 cm).

Rabbits of this breed are better suited for experienced owners. As a rule, such animals are calm, friendly, quickly get used to the owner and the house, but if you treat them incorrectly, the hares become cowardly.

Despite the difficulties, this breed can also be bred. On average, the weight of one rabbit is 4.7 kg.

Meissen sheep

This breed appeared by crossing French and English sheep. It happened in the twentieth century in Germany (in the city of Meissen). On average, the weight of one representative of the breed is 4.7 kg. The fur coat of this rabbit is beautiful, silver. Such an animal is relatively smaller than the German ram, its body is elongated.

The head is wide, large, with plump cheeks and a wide nose.Ears are thick, well covered with hair. A crown is formed at the base of the ears. The body is stocky, slightly elongated. For older hares, a small dewlap (formed) is allowed.

The neck is short, strong, wide enough. The line of the back is slightly curved. Abdomen round. The coat is smooth, dense, evenly distributed throughout the body of the animal.

The color of wool can be different: blue, black, gray, brown and silver. By the nature of the rabbit affectionate, calm.

Now this breed is considered to be disappearing among rams, therefore this species is protected in Germany.

Dwarf lop-eared ram - a rabbit with a funny attractive face

dwarf rabbit ram

The breed is quite young; it originated 65 years ago in Holland as a result of the crossing of ordinary dwarf and French rabbits. Such animals are in great demand, and all over the world.

Rabbits this breed is great for a family with children (preferably older than eight years).

Representatives have a fairly calm disposition, attached to the owner pretty quickly. Dwarf rabbit ram weighs an average of one and a half kilograms (maximum - two).

The body of such an animal is strong, small, short. The back is beautifully bent. The back of the head is powerful, the neck is very short, almost unnoticeable. Paws are strong enough, but short.

Males are noticeably larger than females. The coat of the skin is short, the undercoat is dense with a fine structure. The ears are completely covered with hair.

Such rabbits have a short, wide head, strong jaws. Ears rounded (up to 28 cm in length). The forehead of these animals is wide.

The lop-eared ram is a rabbit that has a great appetite at a young age. Therefore, it is growing rapidly. Because of its drooping, short ears, such an animal seems to be very affectionate and peaceful.

By the way, at first the rabbit has standing ears. And about a month they fall. It happens that a little bunny has one ear bristled, and the other is hanging. Thus, it looks very funny lop-eared little ram.

Content, care and feeding

Rabbits sheep do not tolerate excessive heat and drafts, so you need to carefully select a place to keep. If you plan to keep the animal in a cage, then it should be spacious (more than 60x80cm, the more - the better for the pet).

decorative rabbit ram

As a rule, rabbits are active at twilight and at night. It is necessary to periodically release the animal for a walk, run around the room (apartment).

Note that the cage must be with a reliable metal lock.

The rabbits become slaughtered in the corner for the first time they spend their time in a new place; any sharp sound is very painful. This is quite a normal desire to hide from danger.

It is necessary to regularly trim the nails of the animal. For him to grind incisors, you need to give him solid food. Otherwise, he can choose his own items for this while walking around the house.

The decorative rabbit ram is trained, so it can easily be taught to relieve the need for a tray. During the walks, the little hare will go back to the cage in order to put his “affairs” to the toilet.

If the dwarf rabbit is a long-haired ram, then periodically it is necessary to comb it using a special brush.

As litter need to use large sawdust. In the cage should always be fresh water and sprigs of fruit trees, as well as chalk.

You need to feed juicy feed and hay. You also need to buy ready-made dry food, but do not abuse them.

In the diet, add in small quantities of fruits and vegetables.

It is necessary to clean the cage, as well as the tray, as it is contaminated, about 3 times a week.

french sheep rabbit

Choosing a name for a rabbit

Decorative rabbits of breed of a ram are clever creations. Therefore, they very quickly get used to the name, resort to the call of the owner. Note that you should not call an animal with a long name, choose the one that consists of six letters (maximum).

When the bunny will resort to you, be sure to give him treats, iron him. So he will quickly get used to his nickname.

How to name a rabbit? If the bunny is white, then you can Snowball or Snow White (depending on the floor). A few more good names for rabbits: Fanny, Bonia, Kuzya, Tosh, Jesse, Fluff, Billy, Nymph and others.

Small conclusion

We told you who the rabbits are rams. Briefly described these lovely creatures, also touched on the themes of content and name selection. We hope that the information in the article was useful to you.

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