Rating of the bank "Tinkoff": description, features, services and reviews

Every person heard about the Russian commercial bank "Tinkoff", whose rating is growing rapidly with each passing day. This is a unique organization, which has no analogues in Russia yet.

A key feature of Tinkoff is a fully remote maintenance. This is an online bank with no ATMs or branches. And despite this, he ranks 36th in the Russian equity rating and 45th in terms of assets. This fact alone is a good reason for a more detailed consideration of the organization and familiarization with its other features.

tinkoff bank rating

Financial rating

Bank figures in numbers are impressive. Net assets at the beginning of August 2017 amount to about 247 billion rubles. Net profit is about 10.154 billion. And the bank's capital in the form of 123 is about 52 billion. Interestingly, in terms of net profit in the rating of Russian banks, Tinkoff is in 10th place.

Continuing the topic of numbers, it is worth noting that the organization’s loan portfolio amounts to about 148.7 billion rubles. Of this amount, arrears amount to almost 13 billion.

It is important to note that the income of the organization is provided, for the most part, by deposits of individuals. The volume of these funds is about 132.5 billion rubles. Another source of bank profit is investment in securities. They are executed in the amount of 57.5 billion. In terms of deposits and investments, Tinkoff Bank ranks 24th and 33rd in the ranking in Russia, respectively. This is data for the beginning of August 2017. Every month the number of customers of the organization increases, and the rating grows.tinkoff bank reliability rating

Fitch Ratings Data

According to the rating of the Central Bank, the reliability of the Tinkoff Bank is defined as high. But this information should not be limited. You should also pay attention to the data of the American corporation Fitch Ratings, which is among the three largest international rating agencies.

In 2010, Tinkoff Bank was assigned a long-term "B-" rating with a stable outlook. But over time, the level of trust in the organization has grown. And already in 2016, the level of issuer default and sustainability was raised to “BB-”.This change indicates a steady profitability of the bank and a strong capitalization, as well as high diversification and reduced dependence on funding from capital markets.

However, Fitch Ratings also assumes that any liabilities in foreign currency for Tinkoff involve risks. While in this regard, everything is stable, but certain factors with a long-term exposure after some time can lead the organization to default.

bank reliability tinkoff rated by central bank

Information from Moody’s

This is the second international rating agency among the TOP 3 best in the world. And what estimates does it give to the Tinkoff Bank:

  • BAA1 (national scale);
  • E + (financial stability);
  • NP (short term);
  • B2 (long term).

Based on these estimates, it becomes clear - Moody’s believes that the risks for cooperation with the bank are at an average level. That, however, is observed in the case of other popular financial organizations of the Russian Federation. But there are moments that are alarming. If you believe them, then the rating of Tinkoff Bank in the future may worsen. The overall state of the organization will be so deplorable that it will not be able to pay debts.

Features of the organization

In principle, the reliability rating of Tinkoff Bank is credible. Now you can touch another topic. Namely - the organization model.

As already mentioned, Tinkoff is an online bank specializing in remote maintenance. To his individual clients, he offers debit and credit cards, as well as deposits at favorable interest rates.

But that is not all. Tinkoff also specializes in online acquiring, issuing co-branded cards, issuing targeted loans for online purchases and targeted advertising. Not so long ago, a mobile bank for entrepreneurs was announced and launched.

Unsecured loans issued by Tinkoff Bank are very popular. The finance company issued about 3.5 million credit cards. At the end of 2014, the net interest margin was 34.8% - and this is one of the highest indicators in the country in the banking system.

bank tinkoff rating among banks

Debit cards

If you examine the most popular offers of a financial organization, you can understand why the rating of Tinkoff Bank among Russian banks is so high.

Take, for example, the Tinkoff Black card. Monthly the bank charges 7% per annum on the balance of the account.But this is just a debit card. Other banks do not have such a “bonus”.

There is also an S7 Airlines card. It earns three miles (bonus units) when paying for purchases on S7.ru and up to one and a half for each 60 rubles spent on any purchases.

With ALL Airlines, you earn miles for keeping money and for all purchases. 8% - for booking cars and hotels. 3% - for the purchase of railway and air tickets. 1.5% - for any purchases.

In addition, there are cards for gamers - All Games, and suggestions for people who want to help nature. This is a debit WWF. 0.75% of purchases are transferred to the World Wide Fund for Nature. And, by the way, the map itself is made of eco-materials. There are also Ulmart, OneTwoTrip, AliExpress, eBay, LaModa, Google Play and Svyaznoy debit cards.tinkoff bank rating among russian banks

Credit cards

Above it was said about a fairly high credit rating of the Tinkoff Bank. Now it’s worth telling about cards that are more popular than debit cards, since you can withdraw funds from their accounts as a loan. It is, of course, about credit cards.

The most popular card is Tinkoff Platinum. They bring her to the client right at the house. Credit limit - up to 300,000 rubles. There is an interest-free period, and it lasts 55 days. Monthly payment on debt - a maximum of 8%. But usually it is 6%.The conditions are really beneficial - the more often a person makes purchases, the more bonus rubles are charged to him.

Most importantly, a card is made within two business days. The only thing the client needs is to fill in a simple questionnaire on the site (it will take about five minutes) and wait for the call from the manager.


Place in the rating of the bank "Tinkoff" is constantly changing upward. Because it is a modern organization that makes bets on new technological developments, which, for the most part, are carried out by its specialists. Of the 400 people working in the central office, about half are IT specialists, analysts and developers.

And success in this area with the organization there, and explicit. For example, in that year, the analytical agency Markswebb Rank & Report, which annually ranks the rating of the best mobile banks, put the Tinkoff application in the first place.

It is important to note that since 2013 the bank has been developing applications that allow solving a narrow circle of tasks. And they are available not only to Tinkoff clients. Today there are several popular mono applications. These are “Tinkoff Mobile Wallet” (you can connect any cards and pay for patterns), “From card to card” and “Traffic police fines”,MoneyTalk trial messenger and its full version of MoneyTalk Telegram, as well as the Overseas! service to check and pay debts to the FSSP and FTS.

 tinkoff bank place in the ranking

Business services

In short it is worth telling about them. Indeed, thanks in large part to them, Tinkoff Bank occupies a rather high place in the rating.

So, the first service is a cash settlement service, which implies two tariffs and interest on the balance. And in the "personal account" the client will be able to find online accounting, "My business."

The second service is “Buy on credit”. You can apply for a loan to purchase any product straight from the store page.

The third service is Tinkoff Target. This is a system that was launched in 2013. Thanks to her, you can track the geography of shopping and the use of cards by the client.

And, finally, the fourth - the notorious Internet acquiring. Available for Tinkoff Bank partners. Card binding is supported, as well as regular payments and integration with online applications based on the most popular platforms.

 credit rating Tinkoff Bank


Finally, a few words about what rating Tinkoff Bank has among banks in the opinion of ordinary people who were or are its clients.And for this you can refer to the most popular Russian portal "Banki.ru" dedicated to this subject.

So, the national rating of Tinkoff Bank is extremely high - it ranks second among all the others. Special attention is paid to the professionalism and competence of the organization’s employees, who give the most clear and constructive answers to any questions that may arise.

Do not forget customers to mention and how Tinkoff has a nice bonus concept. Everyone likes the possibility of making purchases and getting points for them, miles, rubles, etc.

The only thing that some consider a disadvantage is a small credit limit set for new customers. But this is logical, the bank also needs to protect itself. No one will set a limit for the new client to the maximum 300,000 rubles. But then, over time and upon the return of debts, the threshold can be increased. This is a fact confirmed by many reviews. And the fact that such a number of people trusts a given bank makes one think about becoming his client.

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