Received the Habrahabr award

On the last day of May, Habrahabr, which has now just become, celebrated its 12th anniversary and presented awards to the best authors. It so happened that I was awarded the very first "for my contribution to the development of the author's community."
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Habrahabr is the most popular site among Russian IT specialists. The users themselves can write articles on Habré, and other users rate them, putting both usual pluses (likes) and minuses (dislikes). A few years ago, Habrahabr split into several projects, including Habrahabr with articles on programming and science and Geektimes with articles on gadgets and other "more popular" topics. Now all the sites have again merged into a single, which now plans to conquer the global Internet with the English version of the site.
I write on Habré mostly about LED lamps in the blog Several times I became the author of number 1 on GeekTimes, and Lamptest was among the top five corporate blogs.
At the beginning, my relationship with Habr was not simple: two or three times I was banned there "forever," and each time I accidentally "fell under the hand" did not really break anything. Fortunately, there were good people who saved me.First of all, this is Alexey "Bumburum" Shevelev, from whose hands I received an award.
Details about the celebration of the 12th anniversary and the presentation of awards can be found in the post Habraprazdnik and in the article on Habré “We are such a post post, we are such a meta-meta: two dozen pre-compressed photos from the day of Habr’s birth”.
P.S. By the way, the Coin concert ( was held during this event, and according to rumors it was the first ever performance of a new star on the corporate party.
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The main theme of my blog is technology in a person’s life. I write reviews, share experiences, talk about all sorts of interesting things. And I also make reports from interesting places and talk about interesting events.
Add me as a friend here. Remember the short addresses of my blog: Blog1.rf and
My second project is I am testing LED lamps and helping to figure out which ones are good and which ones are not.

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