Recipe for chicken cutlets for those who lose weight

That chicken meat is considered dietary, everyone knows. Also its low calorie properties are well known. Therefore, for those who are going to lose weight, but can not do without meat delicacies, we offer a recipe for chicken cutlets, which in no way affect the increase in weight. But the taste qualities of such a dish can give a person a sense of satiety and pleasure from delicious food.

Preparation of chicken cutlets for each hostessdiffers in its variations. For our dish, we take a little more than a pound of chicken fillet. Two pieces of white bread will be soaked for a short time in half a glass of milk. We also need one onion of medium size, 100 grams of butter and one egg. Salt and pepper, as well as all kinds of spices are added to mince to taste.

This recipe for chicken cutlets is different in thatin it practically will not contain meat fat, because we remove the skin from the chicken. Onions can be fried in vegetable oil a little, or you can pass it through a meat grinder in raw form, along with chicken fillet and bread soaked in milk. Preliminarily adding flavoring ingredients to it, molding small cutlets, panning in breadcrumbs and frying on a small fire for about 10 minutes. It turns out simply and delicious. And they are loved even by those who do not like ordinary chicken meat.

Recipe for chicken cutlets is a topic with manyvariations. For example, many families cook chicken cutlets with mushrooms with pleasure. You can cook this dish with fresh and dried mushrooms. Dry ingredients (about 100 grams) should be soaked in cold water for several hours in advance. When the mushrooms are drenched, they are fried in a small amount of vegetable oil, adding sliced ​​onions and, if desired, one raw egg. It is believed that it softens the taste of mushrooms in chicken ground meat. Preparation of chicken cutlets of this type is considered original, because the meat is not allowed to pass through the meat grinder, but is finely-finely chopped. Now all the ingredients are mixed, salted and peppered. This stuffing requires more thorough mixing, for about 5 minutes. In order to form minced meatballs to the hands does not stick to minced meat, they should be periodically moistened in cold water.

Chicken cutlets with mushrooms are prepared quickly, but they are surprisingly tasty.

Another recipe for chicken cutlets, which containsa little secret of why the culinary master cooks the dish is especially juicy. For such cutlets only chicken breasts are needed, also without skin, about half a kilogram. While we cut them into pieces, bread is soaked in milk. To the stuffing that we get from these ingredients, add a half-spoonful of salt and pepper and mix well. So we approached our little trick. When molding the loaves, first cut the pieces of mince in the form of small thin cakes. At the center of each such lozhechechki put on a small piece of butter. Now gently wrap them, shaping the cutlets so that the oil is completely left inside. Next, you need to roll the cutlets in breadcrumbs and dab them in a beaten egg. Then - once again in crackers and on a frying pan. Golden pieces will turn out tasty and juicy.

Try to cook chicken cutlets in the oven. For such a dish in the stuffing it will be necessary to add a little cream - about a quarter of the glass (you can have the remains of those that were used to soak the bread) and butter in the amount of 100 grams. After the cutlets are stitched, they should be fried in a quick fire until golden brown, and then bake in the oven. The dish is ready. Garnish in the form of mashed potatoes and a salad of fresh vegetables will bring the dish to its logical conclusion.

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Recipe for chicken cutlets for those who lose weight Recipe for chicken cutlets for those who lose weight Recipe for chicken cutlets for those who lose weight Recipe for chicken cutlets for those who lose weight Recipe for chicken cutlets for those who lose weight Recipe for chicken cutlets for those who lose weight