Rent a wedding car - how to choose?

Today, even in small cities,offering wedding cars for rent. And often this is a fairly rich choice: from the usual "Volga" to retro cars and long-distance limousines. There are also proposals for renting "military" American jeeps or "Hummers". On the other hand, you can organize a tuple from several compact Mini. Let us consider several categories of such proposals.


The dignity of the limousine in its luxurious exterior andspacious comfortable cabin - in this respect, he has no equal. Inside, you can provide any equipment: an audio system, a bar, a TV, and even a ceiling decorated for the starry sky. The seats here are usually trimmed with leather, they are comfortable and comfortable, but there is also a disadvantage in the limousine: a rather low landing, which makes entry / exit difficult. This is especially felt by the guests on high heels and long dresses, not to mention the bride herself.

Business Class

Typically, such cars are similar in many wayscharacteristics with representative, but they are smaller in size and their rent is cheaper. At the same time, they look no less elegant and prestigious. As a rule, for weddings from this segment choose sedans Mercedes, Volvo, Nissan. By the way, organically look tuples from cars of the same color and brand.

Executive class

The most popular offer for a weddingtuples - executive saloons of such manufacturers as BMW, Lexus, Chrysler, Audi, as well as "non-limousine" modifications of Lincoln and Cadillac. There are also "jeep" versions of these models. Separately worth mentioning sedans Rolls-Royce, in particular the famous Phantom. Perhaps, this is the most premium model in this category. For a wedding in urban conditions, these cars are very practical. Representative sedans of the latest models are presented in catalogs , and in a wide range of colors and accessories.

Contract with the company

The first thing to be learned from the landlord,this is a license. After that, clarify whether the organization has its own vehicle fleet or works under a sublease scheme. The second option is not so terrible, but in this case it is necessary to study the contract in detail and carefully.

At the conclusion of the contract the color and markordered cars, as well as their number. It should be determined when and where cars will arrive: to the house of the bride, the groom or to the registry office. This will help determine the time for which the transport is ordered. As a rule, the submission takes 1 hour, and the event itself - 3 hours. It is necessary to specify in detail the questions connected with the use of the car, because wedding events assume their specificity of transport operation.

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