Restaurant manager: duties, responsibilities. How to manage a restaurant?

The restaurant is a place where people go to rest,where they can relax, try delicious fine food, listen to good music. But for some, a restaurant is a job. A manager of the restaurant - a difficult profession, responsible, requiring a lot of diverse knowledge.

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Several facts from the history of the profession

Catering establishments already existseveral thousand years. They were in ancient China, Rome and Greece. There are mentions of various kinds of institutions where you could eat in Russia. But they were intended mainly for people who were passing by settlements.

And only in the XVIII century in France food waserected in the cult. To maintain food rituals, the first restaurants were set up. Then came their traditions, rules, which later spread everywhere. It became natural that restaurant owners pay special attention to their guests.

Managers of hotels (maitre dotters), in whichin total there were establishments, organized a comfortable rest and quality, and in some fine dining restaurants. Therefore, we can assume that the first restaurant manager is the head waiter (a word familiar today, with respect to restaurants, a little, however, a different meaning).

restaurant management

The essence of the profession

To understand the role of the manager in developmentrestaurant and its popularity it is necessary to know the essence of this profession. The restaurant manager is, you can say, the person who embodied his dream in life. Very often the manager becomes someone who has managed to come up, find money and build an institution.

Therefore, he acts as the creator of the concept, and in the role of the one who promotes the restaurant to the market, and as the owner, who cares about the prosperity of his offspring.

This profession is the pinnacle of a career, andin order to get to it it is necessary to work in an institution on posts with a rank lower to know all the processes from the inside. It is important to have an appropriate education.

From the manager of the restaurant,how the institution is positioned in the market. He decides on the location, size, design of the restaurant premises. An important role is played by his decision on culinary proposals, as well as on the composition of staff, on the ability to communicate with customers which determines the success of the restaurant as a whole.

Management of the restaurant combines a wide range of knowledge and skills. Here you need to be a marketer, an accountant, and a psychologist.

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Main goals

From the professionalism of the manager depends on what will be his restaurant. He should be able to organize the work of employees so that the output is an excellent product.

The ability of the restaurateur to create the correct advertising of the institution will allow him to receive good guests.

The restaurant manager should be able to keep accounting records, because this is a security guarantee.

For him there should not be trivialities in the work, oftenthey define everything. And only able to solve these problems, you can ensure the success of the restaurant, keep its image at a high level, which is included in the main duties of the manager.

restaurant manager

Main functions

Managing a restaurant is difficult, becausenothing can pass by the manager's attention. He should be a good mentor for his staff and a model in all production, and often even in life issues.

At his workplace, the manager must:

  • to work with personnel, to recruit and distribute duties;
  • to monitor the financial activity of the enterprise, analyzing the sales and costs of the restaurant;
  • to resolve issues with public services;
  • to provide the institution with the necessary equipment;
  • keep in touch with suppliers;
  • to conduct formation of a price policy, menu, wine card.

The ability to manage the above functions largely depends on the financial well-being of the enterprise.

What you need to know

There are three types of restaurants.These are premium, medium and fast food restaurants. Working in a restaurant of the highest level, of course, will be different. Therefore, the manager of such an institution is selected with experience in this field for at least five years, with a higher education in the profile. He should be able to read a wine card, know the high cuisine, have experience in recruiting employees for the enterprise.

Slightly less requirements to the director of a restaurant of the middle class. It is recommended to appoint a person who has 2-3 years of experience in a similar institution.

Candidates for the post of restaurant director at the level of fast food are more democratic approach.

Based on the tasks that the future director will have to perform, he must know the ways of solving them and have a successful experience in this.

A good baggage of knowledge is given to employees of chain restaurants, as the training here is quite high.

It is very good if the future manager will be familiar with the restaurant software.

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Training for Restaurant Managers

Work in a restaurant, except for skills,requires also an appropriate level of education. Often even experienced managers who have not received special training can not solve financial problems, have difficulties in managing personnel, and are poorly oriented in legislative acts.

Therefore the specialty "Managementhotel and restaurant business "is very popular and in demand today.In many universities you can get a good education in this direction.Of course, budget places are offered, but there are not enough of them.The main training is done on a commercial basis.

Specializations are offered in the economic and organizational direction.
And you can take courses manager restaurant.This is for those who already have a good experience in restaurant business, but would like to receive more and education. There are also many suggestions here. If desired, there is plenty to choose from.

how to manage a restaurant

How to become a restaurant manager

Restaurant business is now swiftlydevelops. This allows young people with ambitions, wishing to build a successful career, in a few years to grow into a profession. Having come to the restaurant as a simple waiter, for 5-6 years it is quite possible to become a manager. Of course, you will have to work hard for this. It is necessary to work hard, learn the restaurant business, monitor the emergence of new trends.

On the advice of famous Russian restaurateurs,to start better in any restaurant of the hotel, which is part of the European network. Since there is good training, in a very short time you can achieve significant success in moving up the career ladder. Everyone who has passed such a school, starting from the very bottom, knows perfectly well how to manage a restaurant.

Prospects for career growth in Moscow

The restaurant industry moves by leaps and boundsof all Russia, without bypassing, of course, the capital. And here is where to develop. If we compare with the countries of Western Europe, then Russia and Moscow lag behind. So, in Europe in big cities for a thousand people there are 150 places in a restaurant, and in Moscow only 25. Another flaw is that more than half of the establishments are in the center. So very soon they will appear in the sleeping areas and everyone needs a restaurant manager. Moscow gives a chance to those wishing to build a successful career in the restaurant industry.

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