Russia makes people rich

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While some complain and whine to life, others in Russia are flourishing and becoming millionaires. For 2017, the number of Russians with a fortune of $ 5 million increased by 27 percent compared with 2016! In total, we have 38 million such millionaires!
These people did not sit on the sofa, but plowed from morning till night. In terms of growth in dollar millionaires, Russia surpassed Brazil, Taiwan, and South Korea. The company Knight Frank, which presented a statistical report on millionaires, explains the increase in the number of rich people by the output of the Russian economy from recession.
Russia was among the leaders in the number of luxury yachts purchased - rich Russians are ranked second in the world in the number of yachts over 40 meters in length. In 2017, the Russians were also the leaders in the purchase of private jets - their number increased by 7 percent.
However, in 2017, not only rich people, but also ordinary people began to live in Russia better. This is evidenced by many factors, among which growth in sales of new cars, a record was recorded in civilian domestic aviation - Russian airlines carried 105 million.passengers, exceeding the record of the post-Soviet period, and other data.
I understand that now there will be people in the comments who will justify their poverty and the poverty of others, but understand that no one except yourself will make you rich in whatever country of the world you live! If you study the examples of rich people, you can see that none of them became a millionaire in a hired job. All of them were burning their own business and developed their own business.
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