Dmitry Semin - Russian hockey player

Dmitry Semin has been playing for many years inRussian league, and since 2008 - in the KHL. The career of this striker passed without recessions and big victories at the professional level. Semin always liked most of the teams in which he played.

Beginning of the sports way

Dmitry Semin was born on August 14, 1983 inMoscow. His father taught him to skate from the age of three. In the sports section of "Spartacus" Dmitry brought the elder brother, who at that time in it was engaged. Dmitry Semin fell in love with hockey and did not want to hear about other sports anymore. Due to the fact that he originally knew how to skate, the coaches immediately took him to the hockey section. In the children's school "Spartacus" Semin stayed until the end of school, and then began to be involved in the second team. This hockey club has a rich history. For the team "Spartacus" played such great hockey players as the brothers Majorov, Yakushev, Starshinov and many others. This young striker always wanted to become a hockey player and enter the history of the club.Dmitry Semin

The first coach and famous teammates

Such a successful 1983 year, "Spartacus" turned outthanks to their children's coach Yuri Viktorovich Borisov, who at one time was also a professional player. He taught children from an early age not to throw off the puck without looking and bring their attacks to the throw. The team learned how to play combo hockey, like the main club "Spartacus" in the best years. In one link with Dmitry Semin played the future star of world hockey Ilya Kovalchuk. Semin argued that already in his childhood, Ilya showed outstanding results. Kovalchuk and Semin also together played for the junior team at age 18 and became world champions.Torpedo Nizhny Novgorod

Professional career

Dmitry Semin made his debut for the main team"Spartacus" in the year 2000. At that time, this illustrious club played in the big leagues. The task of the talented young generation was to help older comrades to return the club to the most prestigious hockey league in the country. Over time, this Moscow club still entered the Superleague and played quite well in this championship. Dmitry Semin - hockey player, who spent seven years in his native club, and then decided to move to the hockey club Lokomotiv. The reason was the financial problems, which at that time were in "Spartacus." This club for one year took a break in participating in the Russian hockey superleague.Dmitry Semin hockey player

Continuation of career

In the team "Lokomotiv" Semin DmitryKonstantinovich spent three seasons. During this time, his team was three times in the final of the championship. But every time I was satisfied with silver medals. Semin scored a lot and, of course, contributed to the high results of the club. Then there was one spent season in Mytishchi's "Atlanta". The next club for Semin was the Omsk "Vanguard". In the finals, his team led the Moscow "Dynamo" with a score of 3 - 1 in the series. But after losing three games, and Semin third time became a silver medalist. In the club, Semin managed to play with such a star of world hockey, like Jaromir Jagr. Semin spoke very positively about him. He tried to match the level of his famous team-mate.Semin Dmitry Konstantinovich

Disappointment in Ufa and the transition to the club "Torpedo"

In 2014, Semin signed a contract with the club"Salavat Yulaev". The contract was signed for a period of three years. But Semin could not reveal himself in this team, and he decided to go to "Torpedo - Nizhny Novgorod". The club brought together excellent players, and with the support of the stands the team showed good results. However, in the "Torpedo - Nizhny Novgorod" Dmitry did not win any trophies.

International career

Semin at the age of 18 was invited to play fornational team at the junior world championships in 2001. In that year, our team had many talented players, who then became stars of world hockey. The main coach of that team was Vladimir Plyushchev. Our team confidently won gold medals. In the final of the championship the Russian team beat the national team of Switzerland 6: 2. It was after the World Cup in Finland, Dmitry moved to the main part of "Spartacus." For the main team at the World Championships and the Olympic Games, this hockey player did not play. Although he could undoubtedly strengthen the attack team.

A story from the life of an athlete

Cyril, a close friend of Semin,terrible trouble. He got into an accident and got a head injury. His wife left him and took with her a three-year-old child. Only a close friend of Dmitry Semin, who is his godfather to his son, strongly supported his friend morally and financially. Only thanks to the kindness of Dmitry Semin, a friend of Cyril can now lead a full life.

Dmitry Semin made a great contribution to the developmentRussian hockey. This player throughout the career showed stable results. At the moment professional career of Semin, who is already 33 years old, comes to his logical end, and probably, after he remains in hockey, will pass to the coaching position.

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