Russian men and Americans: what is common?

American women remind me of our men, and American men - our women.
Let me explain why.
Once I sat in one American salon with paint on my head, watched other clients and clients.

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One after another, they rolled two American women: in sneakers, sports leggings, cosmetics - zero, well-groomedness - zero, but both of them have gorgeous hair. Long, heavy, naturally beautiful color.
“Trim me like this,” declares one, gesturing shoulder-length. “It’s hot.”
The second one also asks to open 15 centimeters for her: you see, with long hair, she is uncomfortable. Interfere.
At the same time, three men entered the salon: one - a sleek business man, the second - a super-fashionable hipster, the third, it is immediately clear that he does not get out of the gym, but he is dressed stylishly and not in sweatpants and a t-shirt.
Each one has an interesting hairstyle that requires little maintenance.
The contrast between American women and men seemed to me not just striking: he reminded me of something.
In Russia, - everything is exactly the same, but exactly the opposite.Women are fashionable and sleek in our country, and our men everywhere are dragged around in the same practical trousers, having hung shma fat from their belly on them.

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Well, one-in-one American women who are in a feast, in the world, and in good people - in "Lululemon." They look like they’ve just finished vacuuming at home and rushed out onto the street because of urgent need.
How is that?
And everything is explained by demography: in Russia there are fewer men than women, and in the United States - on the contrary. So the American pancakes are puffed up, they are caring for themselves and cherishing only in order to drag a fatty woman into sweaty leggings on their ass pan in their bed and in life. One in the direction of which our fatty Russian pancakes in shorts and shales — for it is hot in his shoes — would not even spit.

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