Salary for children: Is it possible to buy school performance?

7-04-2017, 18:00
It just so happens that we live in the real world and the humankind has invented nothing more useful than money. They say for money you can buy everything, even school progress and help from your own children. Perhaps this is the truth. And commodity-money relations between fathers and children are more likely an inevitable problem. That's just solve it in different ways.
Advisor to the President of the Russian Federation on the Internet, German Klimenko raised a burning issue on his Facebook page. German Sergeevich inquired whether parents should pay homework and good grades for schoolchildren. The topic “Children and money”, by his own admission, turned out to be “fat”.
Salary for children: Is it possible to buy school performance?

“Honestly, I didn’t expect from most of the“ friends ”such a strange economic infantilism in relation to their own children. Some similarities in this behavior are observed with those parents who ban computers and televisions at home. Like, let the children read books and play educational games from cubes.Both the one and the other position enslave the children in the sphere of influence of the parents. Perhaps, somewhere at the subconscious level, such parents do everything so that the child does not succeed, does not fly out of the nest, or become independent. Selfishness is detected.
The most common and absolutely disgusting argument against entering into financial relations with children is that: but there will be a bloody spring and then the old dad will help only for money, ”commented Herman Klimenko.
After a series of posts by Hermann Klimenko, the facebook community predictably split into two camps. What is interesting, both supporters and opponents of the ideas of capitalism in a single family were right in their own way. However, the form and content of opinions still diverged.
Salary for children: Is it possible to buy school performance?

“A child must, from early childhood, understand that certain things need to be done just like that, because it is“ necessary ”,“ should ”,“ must ”, in the end“ social role ”. Employees of companies are not paid extra for coming to work on time, ”say supporters of conservative views on the promotion of child labor.
“A child must understand that money is earned only by work.And the more qualitatively the work is done, the better it is paid for, ”supporters of material reward ideas oppose them.
“Give me the money!”
The only thing in which society was unanimous was that children need money in principle. If not for assessments or help around the house, then for pocket expenses. As it turned out, almost everybody pays the final weekly “salary” to their children. Because the child lives not only under the roof of the house, and there is not always a refrigerator nearby.
He needs to go to the cinema, go to a cafe, pay for the Internet, computer games and at least occasionally buy some nice knickknack. It was this financial instrument that turned out to be the most flexible and sought after. It allows not only to encourage for good study and exemplary home order, but also to “fine” in case of failure to fulfill basic duties.
In my practice of having a father with many children, the money question has always remained relevant. However, I did not invent a bicycle. He acted on a principle familiar from childhood. The eldest son, while he was in school, gave money for breakfast, plus at the end of the week he received a small amount for personal needs.
Attempting to pay every school grade did not bring success. But the "pocket money" at the end of the weekly performance played a role. Every Friday we sat down together and took the average grade for studies from Monday to Friday. With the result, the son received 200 rubles from “4+” and higher. For "4" the amount was reduced by half. "3+" was estimated at 50 rubles, however, this result remained the rather rare exception to the rule. The child quickly realized that it was better to go to the movies with popcorn than without.
“Do not give me gifts for my birthday or February 23,” he said once. - Give money.
No problem. Such decisions are made only consciously. A year later, he bought a machine for "strike-ball" for the accumulated "gift" money. I must say, the pleasure is not cheap, but it turns out that I did not pay for it a single extra penny. The son himself set the priorities and chose what he really needed.
Salary for children: Is it possible to buy school performance?

Scholarship in student hands
Now, when two more children grow up in a family, the question of the distribution of pocket money has not gained additional sharpness. Elder planted on relative self-sufficiency. After entering college, he told his son: "The scholarship is in your hands."From family sources, only funds for mobile communications and rare dinners in the dining room, in case of a prolonged school day. In other cases, you can eat at home - three blocks to college. I think the logical result is successfully studying on a budgetary basis. In the summer time is working.
Somehow at the end of the second year I was in debt. I did not have time to hand over one of the items and, out of foolish naivety, decided that I would forgive me and let me retake it in the fall. And so it happened, however, the son spent the first half of the third year on “starvation rations”. Scholarship he lost. Communication and food, I still paid him, but everything else he lost himself. These were not my problems. Yes, my heart ached, but a big child needed everyday experience. He received it, passed the next session without triples, and even became the owner of an increased scholarship.
I remember how he was shy to pay off trifles for trips in buses. Drivers - people rude. "Desyunchiki" take reluctantly, and even shout at the child. I once noticed this pile of unnecessary kopecks in a plastic pencil cup. I bought a piggy bank, asked to add a “priceless fortune” to it.They counted before the New Year - it was enough for good computer headphones that my son has long wanted. Right along with the piggy bank, we went to the next store, and in the evening before handing over the proceeds, we exchanged them for bank notes. Saleswomen smiled knowingly - all children. Today, a big child does not disdain small money. He understands that they also have their price.
If a son needs an expensive purchase, then the question is put in the following way: “I won’t be able to buy you, but I’ll add -”. A good incentive to earn at least part of the required amount.
Salary for children: Is it possible to buy school performance?

Ice cream for delivery
Parents always paid for their own children. I think everyone remembers the catchphrase: "Son, go get some bread and buy ice cream for delivery." But she is from our Soviet childhood, which, as it seemed, has nothing to do with the exploitation of a child by a parent. Yes, it was symbolic money, but they were honestly earned by going to the store.
My younger daughters are not particularly interested in pocket money - I already buy them chocolates and chewing gum regularly. And this is also a fee - for good behavior, for obedience and academic performance. Hacked - left without a "kinder surprise."Such tactics do not always work, but something is still being put off in my head. There is nothing new in this.
By the way, after six months of training in the first class, the school canteen switched to a non-cash payment system. An unusual terminal was installed in the lobby. With it, you can order a special plastic card, which will be credited parental money. The thing is useful in every way. Our children live in the world of cashless payments. It is better to learn to make money on the card, calculate the balance, and so on from early childhood.
The only inconvenience is that you will not save money for breakfast, you will not save it. They can only be eaten, and only in the school canteen. Therefore, “cash” in family commodity-money relations is too early to cancel. Weekly "salaries" I plan to issue from the second class. As past experience shows, at this point children are already able to count, compare and slightly cheat. The last quality, in my opinion, should be taken for granted. As a child, I myself asked for money for a movie, and put it on a easel backpack. Any trick (of course, within reason) is the same independent decision.
Salary for children: Is it possible to buy school performance?

Mikhail Piven, head of Mazanovsky district of the Amur region. A retired officer, after going to the reserve, worked as a director of an orphanage.
- Children can not give money for something. It will not lead to anything good. “I did not give money, I will not study!”, Etc. However, you cannot deprive a child’s pocket money. The point is to accustom to planning their needs. I'm talking about trial and error. Working in a boarding school, I forced the students to give out pocket money to learn how to spend it, to have the opportunity to buy something on their own. The child must be brought to the topic that food, clothing, services are necessarily worth something. In a family, a boy or a girl can take an example from their parents, but the pupils of the boarding school have no such opportunity.
For home help it’s better to come up with something else. For example: “You wanted to go to the movies, go fishing. If you help, then I will have time, and we will fulfill your desire. It is necessary to achieve respect for the child to work, respect for money, understanding and planning spending, and not the spontaneous "hotelok."
I have a son and three grandchildren. Son never asked too much. My mom and I gave him some insignificant money - for a movie, ice cream. I remember, I gave him a skateboard, and in the village you can’t accelerate it.Ran to the center - to the square, only there is asphalt. At 16, he bought a “Sunrise” motorcycle for a voucher. He hugged him like a girl - he had so much happiness. He had everything he needed, but without excesses, we did not indulge him. During the years of my service in various garrisons, I changed five schools. As a result, he graduated from the military school, combined arms academy. He is now a lieutenant colonel in the Marine Corps. He has three children, a four-room apartment, two cars, a motorcycle, but no longer “Sunrise”. He grew up a normal person, does not smoke, practically does not drink alcohol.
Stepan Kolodkin. Journalist, father of a ten year old son.
- My son is 10 years old, he is fond of computer games, learns programming. I encourage good study financially. However, the money in the literal sense of his little interest. With a decent performance I pay for the purchase of paid add-ons and various bonuses for computer games. The son tries, because we are talking about his main hobby. For the family budget, the costs are not large - about 300-400 rubles for a purchase, which happens once or twice in three months.
I don’t see any particular anxiety about children's hobby for computer technologies and I consider financial encouragement to be correct. Firstly, as I said, the study is noticeably pulling up, and secondly, the child has mastered English.Playing network games, he communicates with peers from different parts of the world. Moreover, it comprehends not only generally accepted standard forms of speech, but also such specific moments as slang. He would hardly have reached such a level of spoken English even in a university.
In the future, the son plans to open a channel in U-Tub and earn money on making videos about difficult stages in popular computer games. There are plenty of examples before his eyes. By the way, he has already made his first earnings on the net. With the help of a virtual computer assembled a robot and immediately sold it. True, so far there are bonuses as a means of payment, but this is already the first step towards real money.
Nikolai Kukharenko. Director of the Confucius Institute of Blagoveshchensk State Pedagogical University. The father of two daughters. The youngest goes to kindergarten, the eldest student.
- I don’t pay for good grades, I don’t pay for bad ones. We are trying to inculcate in our older daughter the idea that it is necessary to study well, first of all, for ourselves. I issued my first passbook in 7th grade. It was necessary to obtain a scholarship of the mayor. She passed the competition as a talented child.Upon reaching the age of 16, he issued her own bank card. I used to give my daughter my second card, but very often the stores refused to accept her - my name is indicated.
True, now I can get a message like “Paaaap ...” from my daughter and I answer her: “How much?”. Through the program of a mobile bank, directly from the phone I transfer the required amount to it. This does not mean that I give, how many requests. I am always interested in what this money is for. We give her a movie, a cafe with friends. Large purchases (down jacket, phone ...) do together.
Your card is needed. Let him learn to control costs from childhood. If everything goes down to the cafe, then the movie is not enough. She never worked. Although I would like her to work (kvass could sell or ice cream). In my childhood I swept the entrances, repaired fences and boxes at the fruit storage base.

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