Sample economist resume - a way to stand out from the crowd

An economist is, first of all, a specialist who carries out an economic analysis of economic activity and is obliged to develop methodologies for improving the economic efficiency of an enterprise. The specialist of the economic direction should prevent the occurrence of non-production expenses and unmotivated expenses at the enterprise, promote the rational distribution and use of any resources used at the enterprise. Like any other specialist, the economist is faced with the question of finding a new workplace, and this implies the creation of an effective and attractive resume. It is rational to use a sample resume economist, but be sure to take into account their individual professional characteristics.

sample resume economist

Summary cap

To compile a document that will be sent to the employer, all the rules for creating a formal document.The cap should contain information about the applicant, last name and first name. If the applicant wants to be addressed solely by name and patronymic, then the middle name should be indicated. In this part of the summary should include all contact details that will allow to contact the applicant and determine the place of residence. It is clear that the details are not needed, the apartment and the code on the front door, but at least the area of ​​residence will allow the employer to understand how long a potential employee will get to work.

The resume of the economist for work should allocate the applicant from a lump, that is to be unique. It is possible that in the sphere of economic activity it is quite difficult to do, so an unemployed economist cannot afford to indicate an acceptable time for making phone calls, naturally, if he does not have specific skills and experience. The personnel department that will process the resume is unlikely to give preference to a candidate who has limited the time period for contacting him if there are a lot of specialists of similar qualifications.

duties of economist for resume


The resume of any specialist contains a clause about education.An exception is not a specialist applying for the post of economist. A sample resume of the economist should contain information about the applicant’s education, additional education, seminars and other relevant events. The worst thing is a diploma that was obtained in a non-core university, but with some experience, the education received will not be the decisive factor for making a decision about applying for a job.

resume of an economist to work


A sample resume of an economist necessarily contains this item and is crucial for deciding whether to take or refuse to work. A specialist can work for a minimum number of years, a year or two, most importantly, where he worked, what responsibilities were assigned to him.

The main duties of an economist for resumes that were performed at the same place of work should be indicated:

- analysis of production, economic, financial and economic activities of the enterprise;

- analysis of the effectiveness of the administration of the company, payroll and incentives;

- introduction of a register of payment of bills and management accounting based on the 1C program or other software;

- introduction of accounting for receivables and payables;

- formation of the reporting provided by the current legislation;

- perform calculations on the formation of cost and daily payment planning.

The main thing is to display your professional features in a personal presentation, since you shouldn’t hide that the labor market of economists is oversaturated, hence low salaries and hard working conditions.

sample resume economist

Functional duties of a young specialist

The responsibilities of the economist for the summary indicated above are not a benchmark. The specifics of any enterprise makes it possible for a specialist to gain certain experience that will be valuable for another employer.

Naturally, the employer often gives preference to specialists with work experience, but graduates of economic universities should not be upset, many enterprises want to “educate” their own specialist.

If there is nothing to “brag” in terms of professional skills, then an economist’s resume without experience should contain information about what points were obtained, what were the values ​​when studying, what diploma was obtained, where did the internship, what were specialized courses.

When a young specialist in economics was practicing at a bank, you can indicate that he carried out paperwork in accounting, carried out reconciliation of synthetic and analytical accounting, carried out marketing research of the market.

Professional skills of an economist in a resume, regardless of experience or lack of it, is the basis for obtaining a workplace with decent wages.

professional economist skills in resumes

Extra skills

Today, any resume should contain a clause on other person’s skills that should motivate an employer to hire a specific specialist. In the sample resume economist, you can specify:

- interpersonal and business communication skills, with examples, if possible, that helped to organize the work at the previous place;

- ability to organize workflow;

- skills of planning and implementation of decisions made in practice;

- the ability to find a way out of a difficult situation, if possible, you should tell as much as possible how the goal was achieved.

Positions for which an economist can apply

An economist is indeed a specific specialist, but a person with such a diploma can apply for many vacancies:

- financial analyst in a banking or other structure;

- accountant;

- financial director, depending on work experience.

Summarizing the above, we can say that a specialist who has received an economic education can count on getting a position in almost any organization.

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