Scandalous monument. Stalin - ambiguous personality

The name of the leader of the Soviet people - Stalin - evokes conflicting feelings among people. Some simply idolize him, others blame the repression, the number of victims of which has not yet been established. Many are still arguing about whether to erect a monument to this man. Stalin is still quite a significant person in the history of Russia, and therefore in many cities there is his monument.

Monument to Stalin

The personality of the leader in granite and marble

JV Stalin was a rather ambiguous person, but his role in the life of Soviet citizens cannot be overestimated. Opinions about his activities are just the opposite. For some, he is a tyrant and a despot who killed thousands of innocent souls, for others he was a leader who not only won the great war, but also created a state on equal footing with the United States.

During the lifetime of the great leader, his first monument was erected. Stalin did not boast such glory, but found some advantage in it.

Monument to Stalin in Arkhangelsk

All the monuments to the leader were installed in the best places of the city. Either the main square was chosen, or the central street, which bore the same name. Near the administrative premises, the bust of the leader of the peoples necessarily stood proudly.

Minsk Monument to the Leader of the Proletariat

One of the global and quite classic monuments to Stalin towered in the Belarusian capital. It was traditionally erected in the central square. The grand opening was in September 1952.

monument to stalin minsk

According to the authors, the monument to Stalin (Minsk) was supposed to remind the whole of Belarus that the republic owed its existence to the main people's commissar of the USSR

The sculpture stood on a huge pedestal, where the leader is important and stately. He proudly looks around the neighborhood, invariably hiding his hand under his coat.

But on November 3, 1961, the monument was destroyed. The square was cordoned off, more than two hundred residents watched the scene. Despite the fact that the statue was pulled by a cable into a hand that was two tanks thick, at first the monument did not even sway. Machines helplessly tore the motors, and the caterpillars scratched the entire pavement.

After only a few attempts, it was possible to swing and then knock over the monument. Stalin "descended" from his pedestal and literally fell apart into smithereens.The monument had to be taken out piece by piece.

Interestingly, passersby who did not know about such looting did not even find traces of the monument in the morning. The resulting pit was simply concreted. Already on November 7, a parade of military equipment and workers took place on the square.

Bust to Stalin in Arkhangelsk

Recently, interest in the activities of the leader of the proletariat has increased. Monuments to him massively demolished, but some, on the contrary, trying to save the historical past and perpetuate the great people in stone.

Thus, in Arkhangelsk, local communists financed the creation of a bust of the Generalissimo. It was installed near the city sewing factory, on the parking lot.

Monument to Stalin in Arkhangelsk caused a lot of interest from the public. People came with images of the leader, carried flowers. Many brought with them children.

The participants delivered speeches filled with pathos. After the music of the war years sounded, poems of the Soviet era were read.

Opened a monument to Stalin A. Afanasyev, party member from the Communist Party. He stated that "one cannot spit on the history of the Soviet people." The rally was attended by a professor of history who explained why such an unusual place was chosen for the bust.The fact is, when installing a monument in a private territory, there is no need to request permission and coordinate with the city administration.

Scandal around the installation of the monument to Joseph Stalin

Many residents of Arkhangelsk received a very positive monument. Stalin brought many significant changes in the way of life of ordinary workers. Some indicate that parking is not the best place for a bust of such a famous person.

Rumors circulate around the city that local authorities are considering the installation of a monument near the Solovki stone. But deputies are afraid that this decision may cause discontent among people whose relatives included victims of Stalinist repressions.

The Surgut monument is taken as an example. There, residents of their own funds ordered the monument and installed it in a beautiful and passable place - the embankment of the Ob River. However, the city authorities considered this action uncoordinated and, as a result, illegal. Through the court it was decided to demolish it. Although residents did not object to the monument.

Monuments in the entire post-Soviet space

Where the monument to Stalin was not destroyed, local communists and the elderly often leave flowers. On closer examination, all these monuments resemble each other like twin brothers.

The monument, as a rule, rises on a large base. The figure is depicted in full growth, in an imperious pose and vigilantly examines the surroundings. Such monuments were installed in squares and main streets.

Where is the monument to Stalin

Near the administrative buildings, in squares and parks, the bust of the leader of the proletariat was often chosen as the basis. A total of various pedestals created and installed a lot. Even historians can not give an exact figure, but suggest that there were several thousand.

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