Scotch for touchscreen double-sided: which one is better?

Double-sided tape for the touchscreen comes to the rescue if the screen of the smartphone is accidentally damaged. Such unpleasant cases include falling onto asphalt, tile, any other hard surface. Many donate a mobile phone for repair, where experts remove the damaged display and install a new one with double-sided adhesive tape.

adhesive tape for touchscreen double-sided

What is it

Scotch for touchscreen double-sided resembles the usual, but performs slightly other functions. There are more than two hundred types of tapes for smartphone screens, which are divided into two types: with a base and without a base. Baseless carry adhesive sheets. They are often used by Chinese manufacturers to fix the screen in a smartphone or tablet. Scotch tape with the base - the most common form with a large selection of modifications. For mounting the display, a thin and transparent tape with high heat resistance is used. This tape is considered universal, easy to work with,No need to select items for a specific touchscreen. The width of the most popular ribbons are 4, 5 and 6 mm.adhesive tape for touchscreen double-sided 2mm

How to use

Scotch for touchscreen double-sided - the main tool for repairing smartphones and tablets. But this does not mean that replacing the self-failed display will fail. The tape will hold the screen if you follow some installation rules:

  • degrease both surfaces of the display with liquid isopropyl alcohol;
  • let the alcohol dry;
  • after applying the adhesive tape, distribute it evenly over the surface so that air bubbles do not form;
  • At the finish stage, walk on the adhesive tape with a building dryer.

Adhesive tape for touchscreen 2mm double sided - a common and inexpensive form used for installation. This material is a complete replacement of transparent glue and is intended for the repair of touch screens of tablet computers and smartphones.

3m double-sided tape for touchscreen installation

What is it needed for

3m double-sided adhesive tape for touchscreen installation is a modern tool for the repair of the touch screen. Unlike optical glue, it is easy to work with. Even experienced experts advise to use for this purpose a tape, and not a liquid consistency. One wrong move - and his part will fall on the matrix and disable the entire display.With scotch, such problems do not arise. In order to use the tape, it is necessary to glue it with one side to the body, and the other to the touchscreen. Scotch tape can come off if the installation rules are not followed. The rest is a universal way to quickly replace the glass. If necessary, the tape can always be changed to a new one if it loses its functions.

Special features

The thickness of the double-sided tape for the touchscreen depends on the size of the display. The most commonly used tape to replace the sensor from 4.5 inches and above. When buying an adhesive tape, consult a specialist, as you need to choose the right thickness and width. Its main features - a large selection of sizes, colors, models. Scotch is actively used not only for touchscreens of smartphones, but also for computers, tablets, cameras, camcorders. In addition to tape to replace the touch screen, apply adhesive double-sided plates. They firmly connect the touchscreen and the case, they are quickly mounted, cost about the same as the tape. Double-sided tape for electronics has established itself as an effective and convenient tool for mounting the touch screen.Unlike optical glue, it leaves no residue, it is easy to install and replace yourself.

Scotch for touchscreen double-sided which is better


Scotch for touchscreen double-sided - a universal tool for the repair of electronics. There are two most popular methods for replacing touch glass.

  1. The old screen is replaced by cutting it with an automatic machine or manually. After removing the old glass touch panel cleaned of residual glue. Then the specialist applies a new layer of optical adhesive, which should harden under an ultraviolet lamp. A new touchscreen is mounted on top. The time of such repair is from 70 minutes and longer.
  2. The fastest and easiest method of replacing a broken sensor is with double-sided tape. The algorithm is about the same, only tape is used instead of glue. Glued glass only at the edges. The replacement time of the display in this case is halved.

The advantages of double-sided tape include significant savings on repairs, quality of execution, availability of material, ease of installation, in addition, the replacement screen is easy to do without outside help.

adhesive tape for touchscreen double-sided 1mm


Should I use double-sided tape for touchscreen (1mm or other width)? Despite the advantages of replacing the screen with adhesive tape, this method has many disadvantages. By installing the touchscreen, be prepared for some problems.

  1. The display is in contact with the screen and the sensor, if you gently press on the glass at the top. Regular contact quickly disables the touchscreen. It is easy to recognize the problem: the screen turns dark, changes color, stripes appear on it, the smartphone turns itself off.
  2. Due to the fact that the touchscreen is glued only at the edges, dust accumulates inside.
  3. If the glass is exposed to direct sunlight for a long time or near radiators, the adhesive tape will soften and the glass may come off.
  4. If double-sided tape is mounted on the edges without the use of optical glue, over time the glass becomes cloudy on the inside.
  5. If the smartphone often lies in the sun, the screen will quickly fail.
  6. Double-sided tape can negatively affect image quality, color reproduction and saturation.
  7. Intensive use of the tape will cause it to lose its binding properties after three weeks of use.

It is easy to avoid these problems, if you entrust the replacement of the touchscreen to the master, as well as take care of the technology.

adhesive tape for touchscreen double thickness


Which is better to choose a double-sided tape for the touchscreen? Manufacturers produce mounting tapes for broken touchscreen displays of different thickness and width. The most popular are 2-, 3-, and 5-millimeter. If the screen is broken, the best solution would be 3M adhesive acrylic tape. It is transparent and very thin. The 3M adhesive tape is a universal means for connecting the touchscreen and the case of the device, so it can be used to repair any equipment with a touch screen.

One of the types of mounting tape - thermoscatch. It differs in that even at high temperatures it does not lose its properties. For example, a 3M 6-mm product has an adhesive based on silicone, which, when removed, leaves no residue. To install the glass in the Apple iPhone using special adhesive stickers made from safe and high quality materials.

The most popular for the installation of touchscreen is considered a double-sided adhesive 3M. Features of this tape: a large thickness, the glue is made from natural rubber, therefore it is firmly bonded to the surface and does not emit toxic substances. When replacing the tape around the edges, no sticky residue or glue residue remains.The advantages of the installation product is versatility. The tape is used not only to replace touch screens - its scope is quite wide. The adhesive tape is made of tissue paper, retains its functionality at high temperatures - from 70 to 150 degrees.

which tape for touchscreen is double-sided

Selection rules

Which double sided tape for touchscreen to choose? If you are looking for a tape to replace the display, pay attention when choosing the thickness and width of the product. Experts recommend to purchase double-sided mounting tape on acrylic base, transparent, with high heat resistance (270 degrees). However, it should be noted that this option is the most expensive. Tapes, from 4 to 6 millimeters wide are popular; 7- and 9-millimeter - rarely buy because of the high price. The standard roll length is 50 m. The 2 mm (25 m) touchscreen tape costs 150 rubles. The maximum price of professional tape is more than a thousand rubles. When choosing a tape, consider the dimensions of the display and the model of the smartphone.

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