Short bridle? There is a way out!

There are topics about which it is not customary to speak out loud because of a false sense of shame. One of these topics is a short frenulum of the penis. This deviation brings many troubles to men.short bridlebut not everyone is immediately sent to solve the problem to a doctor. And in vain. This congenital or trauma-induced pathology can lead to severe inflammation and even infertility.

What problems are caused by the short bridle?

A short bridle does not allow the foreskin to move freely. This brings pain, especially during intercourse, sometimes leads to psychological impotence: fearing a sharp pain, the man does not even want to be close. Some men complain that they are incapable of prolonged sexual intercourse, suffer from early ejaculation. The reason for this may be a short bridle. The penis is constantly injured, the skin on the crease can crack, and the pain can lead to premature ejaculation. Cracks appearing on the skin can become infected, leading to a number of unpleasant complications.

Do I need to trim the bridle?do I need to cut the bridle

The answer is simple: it is obligatory. And to fear the plastic of the foreskin is not necessary for many reasons. The plastic of the foreskin is a painless, well-established operation. It does not require special preparation of the patient, can be carried out regardless of the age of the man, lasts no more than an hour. If such a plastic is done to adolescents or toddlers, then doctors recommend an intravenous anesthetic injection. Mature men analgesia is carried out with the help of lidocaine, topically. Longitudinal dissection and subsequent suturing of the foreskin will permanently relieve men of painful sensations, premature ejaculation, prolong the time of sexual intercourse. The half-hour operation will lengthen the fold, make it soft, but plastic and elastic. Within half an hour after the operation, the man will be able to go to work, and in a month to have sex. A short bridle will no longer spoil his health or mood.

How is the surgery going?bridle penis

First, the doctor carefully treats the site of operation with a disinfectant, then anesthetizes. As mentioned above, children are given intravenous injections, and adults are given local ones.Then, using a special tool, the doctor gently dissects a too short bridle.
The patient does not feel any pain. For some men, the operation ends with a cut. Another (depending on the evidence), the doctor sucks the foreskin, forming a scar from it, which will replace the short bridle. In three weeks or a month everything will heal completely. Sometimes before a man turns to a specialist, his short bridle is torn several times, and painful rough scars are formed. During the surgery, the surgeon removes these scars. The bridle again restores sensitivity, becomes full.

Appeal to men

Dear men! Do not be afraid of plastic. Believe me, the operation brings a lot less pain than permanent injury to the bridle, bleeding and scarring. Refer to the doctor in a timely manner and be healthy!

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