Should I visit Salair - the holy source?

There is a place in the Kemerovo region where pilgrims from all over the country have been going for several years. This is Salair - the holy source. The spring itself appeared relatively recently - in the 20s of the 20th century, and in general they began to equip it only in the 90s. But now this place is one of the most visited in the Kemerovo region. Locals come here to relax and collect healing water, tourists from other cities, and believers from all over the country.

Where is the source

Beautiful places in the vicinity of the Salair ridge has long attracted tourists. They admire the magnificent scenery and clean mountain air. The town of Salair in the Kemerovo region arose on the site of a small village, where there were silver mines. It has long been mining in those places is not conducted, but now others became known Salair. The holy spring that arose near the village of Gavrilovka is saturated with silver. Therefore, the water in it is considered healing. And in the Kemerovo region go from all over the country to plunge into the source and collect the holy water.salair holy source reviews

The story of his appearance

Locals believe the source is holy.Its occurrence is associated with the tragic events that played out in these places in a civil war. Tradition says that the bandits brutally killed a local priest and shot a dozen more civilians, dropping their corpses into the log. And after a while, people noticed that a glow emanated from that place. Soon a source from under the ground clogged the source that did not freeze even in the most severe frosts. Water, as it turned out, contains a large number of silver ions and has healing properties. From all around, people began to come to Salair. The holy spring attracted pilgrims. They believed that he could heal spiritual and physical ailments.

Modern Salair - the holy source

A photo of the surroundings of the spring shows how beautiful it is. In the 90s, a log chapel was built above the source, a font and a well were equipped where water could be collected. Now this is a great vacation spot. In addition to the Church of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul, there is a small shop nearby, where you can buy spiritual literature, candles and everything you need to wash at the source. Near the font itself there are dressing rooms, benches, and in general everything is very conveniently equipped: gazebos for rest and a lot of benches.In addition, there is a dining room nearby, where on holidays everyone is fed for free. In the vicinity of the source is always a lot of people, people go mainly in order to draw water. It is saturated with silver ions and has a healing effect, ablution gives a charge of cheerfulness and good mood.salair holy sourceBut there are those who go there, just to relax. The places in the vicinity of the source are very beautiful, the fresh mountain air, the silence, the forest and the picturesque lake - all this attracts many people. And in recent years it has become even better in these places:

- a cedar grove was planted;

- there was a playground;

- The road has been expanded, and convenient parking is available;

- there is a bus stop nearby.

Therefore, more and more people visit Salair (holy source) in recent years.

Reviews of this place

Those who visited Salair and visited the source, speak of the rest only positively. Everyone likes it - even those who do not believe in God. And the believers go there from all over the country - they dip into the font both in winter and in summer.salair holy source photoOther people like to just relax in a beautiful place, enjoy the peace and tranquility. And the water in the spring is tasty and fresh.Even those who do not believe that she is holy, take her to drink and try to plunge into the font. Already many cases that the source has helped women suffering from infertility and miscarriage. And in other cases, the silver healing water is useful. Therefore, not only believers, but also just tourists go to Salair.

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