Simple measures to protect the child from allergies

Each woman, preparing for the birth of the baby, knows how much his health depends on her own. That is why the expectant mother passes a large number of surveys. Children whose mother suffers from an allergic disease (bronchial asthma, allergic rhinitis, allergic dermatosis) are more susceptible to the development of similar diseases than their peers. What should parents pay attention to protect the child from allergies?

Be careful about food choices.. Exclude from the diet of children at an early age the most serious products - "allergens" - cow's milk, eggs, sweets, fish, legumes, citrus, carbonated drinks, as well as products that contain food dyes and preservatives.

Observe proper hygiene.The baby’s delicate skin requires the same gentle care. Therefore, use non-alkaline soap, gels, balms after bathing. Before using baby cosmetics, consult a pediatrician.

Eco-friendly environment.Keep clean in the nursery. Remove the main “dust collectors” - carpets, fabric drapes, book racks and open shelves. Pillows and blankets are best used from sintepon. Regularly vacuum with a regular or vacuuming soft toys. Every day, ventilate the nursery, thoroughly wipe all surfaces, do wet cleaning. Use an air cleaner with a high degree of purification.

Attention - pets!Allergens can be wool, dandruff, feathers, saliva, as well as excrement of our smaller brothers. Do not keep pets at home, and if they already have, limit the contact of the child with them. Wash the animal at least once a week in the absence of the baby.

Eliminate wool.Do not buy baby clothes made of pure wool, jackets with fur, as they can irritate the skin.

Do not smoke! Scientists have long proven that smoking parents increases the risk of developing allergies in children. Children of smoking parents are twice as likely to develop food allergies and pet hair allergies.

Be careful - pollen!Hay fever - a seasonal manifestation of allergy, due to the body's reaction to the flowering of trees and herbs - one of the most common allergic diseases in children.Therefore, in the period of flowering of trees and grasses, limit walks in the forest and parks.

No matter how you try to protect the child from allergens, you can not completely exclude his contact with potential "irritants". Therefore, if you have a suspicious runny nose and cough, immediately contact an allergist.

Drug Information

Fenistil dropshelp to cope with the symptomatic treatment of allergic rhinitis, pruritus1, chickenpox, with insect bites, medical and food allergies, hives, and can also serve as an adjuvant for eczema and other itching dermatoses of allergic origin. The drug is approved for use from the 1st month of life2. It has a slight sedative effect.3

Fenistil gelwill help with itching of allergic origin, insect bites, sunburn, light household and industrial burns. It contains an effective antihistamine, which blocks the allergic reaction that causes irritation and itching, while also pleasantly cools the skin. Does not contain ethyl alcohol, flavors and dyes, is not a hormonal agent.

Before useFenistil drops and Fenistil gelconsult a doctor!

1Except associated with cholestasis.

2After consultation with the doctor.

3Use with caution in children under 1 year of age (see

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