A statue. We know that this is an image of a person or an animal, made in three-dimensional volume. Statues often have a large size, they adorn the squares and squares of cities.

In Russia, the first statues appeared not so long ago - only in the 18th century. Prior to this, the church did not allow to make sculptural images of a person.

However, even in ancient times, sculptural images of gods, the pharaohs were common in one of the first civilizations - the Egyptian.

How to correctly pronounce this word: stAtuya or statue? Understand this.

How to put stress in the word "statue"?

The correct pronunciation of this word is with stress on the first syllable:STATUINGetc.


FamousstauyaThe Venus de Milo still amazes people: it is so beautiful in its naturalness.

Status- decoration of any park and park, as they give them originality and uniqueness.

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