Sticker - what is it? Where used

Sticker - what is it? Many people know that this foreign word translates as "sticker". But what kind of sticker is called a sticker? Let's see.

What is a sticker

cool stickersAs mentioned above, translated from English sticker - this is a sticker. Today, however, this word is slightly wider than its original meaning. What is this sticker in the modern sense? This is a sticker that carries an advertising character, as well as any emoticons with which girls love to decorate their diaries.

Today there are stickers on social networks. Initially, they looked like emoticons - cute smiling faces, but over time they have changed, and now both animals and birds can wave to us from the monitor screen.

What stickers are

small stickersStickers are divided into several types. What are they? First you need to separate different concepts of the same word:

  • advertising sticker;
  • ordinary sticker;
  • note paper with glue base;
  • pictures on social networks;

Well, now you can divide the largest category of promotional stickers into smaller parts:

  1. Stickers produced specifically for any product. This could be tea, coffee, gingerbread, socks, etc.
  2. Double-sided advertising stickers in transport. This type of stickers is printed on a double-sided transparent film with an easily washable adhesive base.
  3. One-way advertising. It is also most often seen in transport, and people often hang it on houses, hallways, posts, etc.
  4. Glue price tags in stores.

It can be noted that the stickers are laminated and varnished.

In social networks

happy birthday stickersWhat is it - a sticker? Answering the question a few years ago, it was safe to say that this is a sticker. Today, the very concept of stickers has gone beyond its definition. And this happened thanks to the development of stickers in social networks. They grew out of small yellow balls, which every year became more and more. The first emoticons could only smile and be sad, but then they began to jump, dance, sleep, etc. And soon all people registered on social networks could see enlarged versions of koloboks.

Today, emoticons are reborn as berries, animals and humans.Now any self-respecting company as a PR move can give users of networks a free set of cool stickers. But in order for them to become popular, the pictures must be original, and the characters depicted in them are unique.


stickers stickersThis is the widest area since it appeared before everyone else. As mentioned above, stickers, stickers can be both household and advertising orientation. They are used by people of all ages. Since advertising goes into the Internet, it can be seen less and less in our real space, stickers of some companies are not so relevant. People, when traveling in transport, rarely pay attention to what is hanging on the window of a subway or tram car. Everyone is too used to advertising, they don’t read it, but they take it for granted.

But the cool stickers, stickers of their relevance do not lose. People have long bought such stickies. Today, whole books of stickers are produced. Some of them are intended for sticking to any flat surfaces, while others are intended for sticking to the same book you bought.

Paper stickers

A stack of colored leaves is an attribute of any office. What is it - paper stickers? These are colorful leaves, one of the edges of which has a glue base. By the size of these pieces of paper are different. Small stickers are intended to make notes in books, and large ones - to make some kind of record and hang it vertically. Often, in this way, a person can leave a reminder to himself and others about important events and activities.

And these leaves have gained popularity among young people. True, they are used not quite as intended. For example, a company of friends loves to play with stickers in one exciting game. It is named just in honor of the self-adhesive paper. Each player writes a word on the sticker denoting a character or object. And then in a circle these papers are glued to the forehead of the neighbor on the right. The main task of the players is to guess which character the neighbor made him.

Where stickers are applied

sticker what is itStickers can be used in many areas of our life. Some types of stickers are used a little less, others - a little more. As mentioned above, promotional stickers are experiencing their last days, but electronic ones are gaining popularity every day.

We found out what it is - a sticker, and now let's see how it can be used as a decor. First you need to decide what you want to change. Stickers stickers are different. They can decorate hand-made products, and you can decorate the living space. For example, to breathe a second life into a closet or to decorate part of a wall. Our compatriots often use stickers not to decorate the premises, but to visually hide its flaws. For example, if the cat tore off the wallpaper, then it is easiest to return them to their original place with the help of stickers.

With the help of stickers, you can make an original gift to a friend or girlfriend. For example, glue on the front door to the apartment with funny stickers. They can be made to order, and you can use ready-made versions of stickers "Happy Birthday." Often stickers as decorations are used at weddings. Stickers decorate not only the entrance doors and walls of the entrance, but also cars or interiors. This is an original and interesting way to somehow diversify the interior or set a festive mood.

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