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The popularity of soap operas in Brazil is very high. The lion's share of the audience of these series are representatives of the fair sex. Every day thousands of girls and women are closely watching the rather monotonous adventures of their favorite heroes, and many of them, voluntarily or unwittingly, try to adopt the manner of behavior of their on-screen idols. Today, it is even suggested that many Brazilian residents do not want to have more than one child because most of the characters in the soap operas either have no children at all or have just one child. And at the same time, the main heroine of the soap opera must be presented to the audience as a “strong woman” who “does not depend on anyone, and has achieved everything in this life herself”.

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1. In Brazil, soap operas are called novelas. City transport drivers know that some passengers are desperate if they miss the next episode of their favorite series. In many buses, soap operas can be viewed on small television screens,which are located in the salons.

2. In the family of 61-year-old Sari do Livramento Bras (in the photo she is left in the center) there were seven children. The birth rate in Brazil was extremely high until the end of the 60s of the last century. But modern Brazilian families do not dare to have more than two children. For example, in the family of Maria Korea de Oliviera (in the photo on the right) only two children are the son Enrique and the daughter Diana.

3. The Brazilian state does not try to specifically restrict the birth rate, unlike, for example, from China, where already with the birth of the second child, families face very harsh sanctions. But, nevertheless, the decline in the birth rate is such that the Chinese state machine can only dream of. And this choice for themselves Brazilian women made themselves.

4. Brazilian women are becoming more and more active in business, and it is no longer a rarity when a woman performs work that is traditionally considered to be purely masculine. So, on January 1, 2011, for the first time in Brazil, the presidency of the country went to a woman - Dilme Rousseff.

5. A large mass of Brazilian TV shows are targeted specifically at teenage audiences. One of them -TV seriescalled "Rebelde". His heroine wears very bright colored contact lenses.

6. In a variety of small Brazilian apartments, people watch their favorite TV shows.

7. Director Amora Motner directs the rehearsal of the scenes for the TV series “Cordel Encantado” (Enchanted String).

8. Boutique in Ipanema.

9. Sexuality has always occupied an important place in the Brazilian culture. For example, one of the many fashion boutiques in Ipanema exhibits very bold bikinis in its window. Sexuality has long lost touch with childbirth, which, it would seem, should be the natural outcome of sexuality. Today, many Brazilian women after the birth of the second, and sometimes even the first, child go through the procedure of oophorectomy and hysterectomy.

10. Economist Renata Peisoto whitens her teeth in the clinic of São Paulo.

11. Dancing in a bar in Botafogo.

12. In the Brazilian metro there are special cars only for women. If a man tries to enter such a car, he will be escorted by a special guard. Such an organization helps to completely eliminate any sexual harassment in overcrowded cars.

13. Activist demands to protect the rights of women.

14. In modern Brazil, almost 85% of all girls study in different schools. The special program Ação Social pela Música helped a 13-year-old Rebecca da Silva, who lives in a poor neighborhood of Rio, to get the opportunity to attend violin lessons.

15. Tiny apartment in a poor neighborhood of Rio. There is no place to arrange a separate nursery. Young parents living in this apartment will be able to have another child only after they earn money for more decent housing.

16. Many working women from the poor strata of society are forced to use the services of private organizations that look after children while the parents are at work.

17. 24-year-old Marcela Gonzalo Pessoa works as a maid in a luxurious mansion, which is similar to the scenery for soap operas.

18. Marcela Gonzalo Pessoa with her husband and sister are watching TV in their apartment.

19. To get to the place of work, Marseille takes a whole hour. Every day we have to get up early in the morning and hurry to the bus.

20. Marcela rents an apartment in a poor area and dreams of saving money to someday get her own housing.

21.Romantic Brazilian beach. Here, in a beautiful setting, a lot of love stories begin, many of which, unfortunately, are then destroyed because of everyday troubles.

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