Success phenomenon of Citylink

Amazing near.
Yesterday it was a real discovery for me that gigantic crowds of customers come not only to Applestory on the first day of selling a new iPhone, but also ... to open new Citylink stores.
How??? Why???
But that is not all.
The second discovery of the day was the fact that in 2016 Citylink was in the TOP 10 of the most expensive Russian companies according to Forbes. How so? What is the phenomenon of the company, which, in fact, is something between an online store and a traditional electronics store. What kind of warehouse with the possibility of buying goods on it?
If you look, everything turns out to be easy!
Someone very clever with jewelry accuracy played on the peculiarities of the Russian people, having built a successful business on them.

As I said, yesterday I was brought to the opening of a new store, no, not even a store — the point of issue of goods on Glidernaya, where I was amazed by the crowd of people who came for smartphones, video cards, irons, TVs and even refrigerators. The electronic queue is no less than in the American embassy, ​​puffing shoppers with car washwashers immersed in trolleys, vanity and impatient waiting for their number ...What is it? Has the ruble collapsed again? Why is everyone pulling, pulling, dragging?
The ruble did not collapse, the hype is not connected with anything, people ... came to buy this or that electronics
They shoved their shoulders, squeezed, pressed iPhones with vacuum cleaners to their chests.
Just like in the late Soviet times, sausage or a bottle of "Stolichnaya"
What is the sacred meaning of what is happening? What is the phenomenon of Citylink, which positions itself as an electronic discounter?
The company is in the TOP of the largest Russian Internet companies, selling huge masses of goods, without having ANY traditional shelf store, instead of which there are 38 stores and more than 400 points of distribution throughout Russia.
No, it is clear that Internet commerce is developing at a crazy pace today, but Citylink professes not only the standard for online stores delivery of goods directly to the doors of the buyer, but also ... offering him to come to get the goods.
And this moment is a chip. What personally seems to me a complete utopia, for a huge number of Russians ... exactly what they want.
Here it is necessary for our person to try everything by hand when buying. Not at home, what the courier brought.And there, on the spot. If anything, to refuse, to have time to change your mind ... And at the same time not to walk for an hour on the huge electronics market, not understanding how one plasma is different from another and hesitating to ask a consultant or waiting for free to appear, but not to overpay to choose on the site buy at a low price.
That's all Citylink and applied in his model - between the usual retail and online store.
You buy from them or habitually on the site, pick up at the point of issue (although you can also order delivery by courier - they have their own courier service with a fleet of vehicles in each city of presence), or, in general, placing an order right there or in one of 38 large stores warehouses, such as the one that was opened yesterday at Glider (in the photo)

Our people still often do not trust distant trade, preferring the classical method with payment on the spot. This, in addition to "feel when receiving" - the second feature that hits exactly the specifics of the Russian people and encourages him to come for the goods in the "physical" store or point of issue.
The queue at the cashier in the photo speaks for itself
Everything, further with a check for payment, you are waiting for the formation of your order and issuing it, like a hamburger with french fries in McDuck

It is clear that the excitement at the opening did not arise from scratch, people could come for their orders at different times, every other day or after two ...
But Citylink came up with a tricky chip specifically for opening new points, when for the first three days you can buy a fairly large list of goods for 1 ruble.
Who, in addition to any purchase, does not want to take a toaster, a hair dryer or a juicer as a gift?
But I must say that the window of issue of gifts was not such a huge place as the windows issuing ordinary orders.
What are the features of the Citylink model?
In a really huge assortment of physical availability in such large warehouse stores. There are 7 thousand items of goods, naturally not in a single copy (for example, the standard nomenclature in large electronics stores is about 2000 thousand items). That is, even ordering in place, you are guaranteed to get there and then that the chosen site through the terminal here on issue.

So, what is there interesting? IPhone, naturally.
Looked, not the 10th? No, not yet 10k.
Asked the representative of that in the tops of sales, the answer was no surprise - the video card. Miners are not asleep.
Spinners are also available)
This is the way to issue an order for issue
Well, actually, the issue

I wanted to collect almost free epilators for my beloved for the last 20 rubles, but they didn't give me ...
They said, go buy a new camera and a laptop, then we'll give it.

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