Swollen upper eyelid, or How to cure barley?

Surely, many people noticed that after bathing in any reservoir, a cold or a gust of wind a strange swelling appears on the eyelid. If this has happened to you, do not worry - this is just barley, or, as some call it, edema of the upper eyelid (although not necessarily the top). Let's take a closer look at this ailment, the reasons for its occurrence and the method of elimination.

Why is my upper eyelid swollen?Swollen upper eyelid

As you know, our body is completely covered with sebaceous glands. Naturally, they are also present on the skin near the eyes. In principle, barley can be compared with an ordinary pimple, which also "originates" in the sebaceous gland of human skin (a kind of infection). But why, when the upper eyelid is swollen, is the pain much more intense than with acne or acne? The thing is that the eye and the area around it are among the most sensitive areas on the whole human body. Based on this, you must observe increased caution in treating this disease.

What to do when the upper eyelid is swollen?

There is one proven and simplest tool to use first. When the upper eyelid is swollen, applying a warm object to it is one of the most effective methods to help eliminate this ailment. And the warmer the subject to attach to the eye, the better. Need to repeatBarley Eye Diseasesprocedure as often as possible. It is recommended to do this at least every two hours, and the longer you keep a warm object near the eye, the better. Many people who have suffered barley, advised to apply to the eye hot (as you suffer) tea bags. You can, of course, and use other items - cloth, cotton swabs and more. Even if the eye hurts and itches, then this method of treatment will help reduce the barley to the size of a pea in just one or two days. Then all the remaining pus should leak from the eyelid (you may not notice it), and the disease will completely pass away. In truth, some eye diseases (barley - among them) are cured by the body independently. However, they all cause discomfort, so the sooner they are eliminated, the better, because any infection can quickly spread to the face. During the treatment of the disease is not recommended to do the following:

  • Never try to squeeze barley. All you can do is spread the infection further. The tissues near the eyes are tender and sensitive, and there may be a lot of germs on the hands.
  • Do not try to pierce the barley with a needle. Many impatient people think that if the upper eyelid is swollen, it can be pierced with a needle, and the disease will leave their eyes. Unfortunately, the overwhelming majority of such cases led only to the fact that barley increased several times.

Some tips for when your upper eyelid is swollen

Of course, the above method may not help in all cases. If you have swollen upper eyelid and you have done all the procedures, but the tumor does not subside, then most likely you do not have barley, but chalazion. This is a kind of small cyst that should be shown to the doctor and no action taken. The good news is that there are very few cases where barley becomes a big threat to the eyes. Usually the treatment with a warm object works in most cases. Below are the cases in which you should see a doctor:

  • Heat does not help eliminate barley or a sore feeling for 2-3 days.
  • The eyelid began to look even worse. However, this is a rare case. Even less often there are situations when redness and pain spread to the face. But if this happens - go to a doctor without delay, it is possible that you have periorbital cellulite.

Edema of the upper eyelidIf you do not have the opportunity to consult a doctor, try taking some antibiotics (at least any that is on hand for the eyes, if there are no pharmacies nearby).

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Swollen upper eyelid, or How to cure barley 43

Swollen upper eyelid, or How to cure barley 16

Swollen upper eyelid, or How to cure barley 39

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