The story by V. Kataev "The Son of the Regiment" (summary)

Disclosure of the concept of "son of the regiment"

The child, who lived in the military unit, was called the son of the regiment, he could be put on rations, but could also be kept at the expense of the main army structure. This tradition has lived in the Russian army since ancient times. As early as the eighteenth century, a drummer was seconded to each part of the army, and on the military ship there was the institute Jung, rooted in the days of midshipmen. The following is a summary of the “Son of the Regiment”, a novel by V. Kataev dedicated to the life of children during the Great Patriotic War.

son of the regiment summary

"The Son of the Regiment" (a summary of Chapter 1-4)

Three soldiers-artillerymen were returning from the intelligence of the enemy rears. The senior, twenty-two-year-old sergeant Yegorov, hearing strange sounds, decided to find out who publishes them. It turned out that in a shallow trench, in a green stinking puddle, a dirty, ragged, long-time unwashed and not shorn ten-year-old boy had been raving in his dream.Because of the light of the flashlight, under the scouts' scrutiny, the boy woke up, but, recognizing the Soviet form and Russian faces, lost consciousness. Captain Enakiev, the commander of an artillery battery, although he was preparing for a battle, but found time to ask Sergeant Yegorov about the found boy, who was temporarily settled with intelligence officers. The boy told about the father who died at the front, the mother killed by the Germans, did not want to give them the nurse-cow. Sister and grandmother died of hunger without milk. The boy was fed for some time by the villagers, but then he was caught by field gendarmes and was placed in a creepy detention center for children, where he was almost crushed by typhus and scabies. Having got a little stronger, he ran away, wandered through the woods for more than two years, hoping to cross the front and get to his own. In his canvas bag, the scouts found a huge sharpened nail, the main means of protection, a battered old primer. Listening to the sergeant’s story, Enakiev recalled his seven-year-old son, wife and mother who died in the forty-first from the German bombing. Found the name of Vanya Solntsev, asked to leave it in the battery and teach reconnaissance. But Captain Enakiyev had his own point of view on this score, and he ordered Vanya to be sent to the rear.And at this very time, the bony giant, corporal Bidenko, and the ruddy, round-faced hero, the corporal, Hunchbacks, fed their starving thin and weak cowherd boy, as they called Vanya. At first he had a crumb of potatoes with onions, generously seasoned with spicy pork stew with long rye loaves of bread. Then he was poured into a tin cup of hot tea from a copper teapot with three breasts of sugar! The boy was happy! And it seemed to him that he had long lived in this tent with two fabulous warriors, and it was not at all that he had wandered yesterday in the terribly cold forest one night, sick, hunted and hungry, like a young one. Sergeant Yegorov came and announced the decision of the captain to send Vanya to the rear. Bidenko, despite his resistance, stubbornly led the boy, following the order.

son of the regiment kataev summary

"The Son of the Regiment" (short chapter 5-6)

The corporal was not the whole day. Frowning and frustrated, the scout went to bed saying that Vanya had escaped. First, the shepherd boy fled from Bidenko, jumping over the side of the truck into soft moss. The scout found him late in the evening due to the primer falling from the bag of a boy sitting high in a tree, on the head of the scout.Catching another ride, Bidenko tied Vanya by the hand, tightly wrapped his hand around the other end of the rope. But by morning it turned out that at the other end was not a boy, but an elderly fellow traveler.

"Son of the Regiment" (summary of chapter 7-15)

For two days Vanya tried to find a scout tent, where he was so well received. He was already quite thinking to surrender to some rear orphanage, if he had not met an amazing boy dressed in the full marching form of a Guards cavalryman. The sumptuous boy told Vanya that he was an orphan, and Major Voznesensky recorded him under his last name in the cavalry regiment, as the son of a regiment. He was given a full uniform, a checker and put it on all kinds of allowances, and now, as a corporal, Voznesensky, serves with a major. Vanya felt that he could have had a similar fate, if not for the harmful captain Enakiev, about whom he had to complain. And the Boy met such as he thought the most important commander and complained. It turned out that it was Enakiev himself, he brought the cowgirl back to the scouts. Once Gorbunov and Bidenko took the boy with them in intelligence. Vanya took a risky initiative and was caught by the Germans while drawing a map. Saved the boy only the offensive of our troops.

summary of the son of the regiment

"Son of the Regiment" (summary of chapter 16-27)

After returning to their home, Vanya was washed, trimmed, put on allowance and given full uniforms. He became the son of the regiment officially. Captain Enakiev was not as frivolous to Vanya as the young scouts, he appoints him as his liaison for the upbringing according to his plan, intending to adopt the boy. One of the elements of the parenting plan was secondment of Vanya into the first platoon with a reserve number. During the battle, the first platoon was in the center of hostilities. To save the boy's life, captain Enakiev sent him to headquarters with a package. When he returned, Vanya learned that the whole settlement and the captain Enakiev died. They found a letter from the captain in which he said goodbye to everyone and asked to bring up a good soldier and an excellent officer from Vanya. Accompanied by corporal Bidenko, Vanya Solntsev went to study at the Suvorov School.


His work "The Son of the Regiment" Kataev, a brief summary of it is presented above, he wrote for young readers in 1944, during a terrible and difficult war. It is especially interesting, probably, to boys, to whom it may seem that to fight is a fascinating adventure.But war is danger and death. Children, according to the convention signed in 1949 in Geneva, are not allowed there. They must learn and live under a peaceful sky. Hopefully, adults will be able to provide it for them.

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