Tea rose

So the warm summer days passed, leaving only the fragrance of flowers and myriad of colors in my memory. And we will leave a piece of summer - a tea rose - in a flower revelure. The only pity is that it does not smell. Revelure (it is also called foamiran) - foamed rubber in its structure is a very pleasant and pliable material that will create incredibly realistic flowers. And to create a hairpin or brooch with a tea rose, we will need:
- two pieces of revelure (white and grass green);
- oil paints;
- stamens for decoration;
- lace for decoration;
- toothpick;
- accessories (barrette for hair);
- a piece of food foil;
- heat gun.
We will work with a foyamir of two shades - white and herbaceous greens.
We will work with foamiranom

Cut the sheet into strips 1-1.5 cm wide, 2.5 cm, 4 cm and 5.5 cm. Cut into squares.
Cut sheet

From the squares we cut out the petals. The bottom row (5.5 cm wide) is cut out by a light wave.
we cut out petals

We stretch the petal with our fingertips to form a cup inside and stretch it a little with our fingers to expel the air.
Stretch the pads

Getting tinted. We need three shades: carmine, titanium white, golden ocher.
We mix carmine with whitewash and add a bit of ocher.Choose the desired shade. The more ocher will be in the paint, the warmer the shade of the rose petal.
Getting tinted

Paint the petals first along the circumference, and then stretch it a little.
Getting tinted

Color the petals

We collect the petal accordion and twist fingers. Thus, the air is expelled and toning is evenly stretched.
Picking the petal

Stretch, forming a cup.
forming a cup

Such petals are obtained.
These petals are obtained

These petals are obtained

A small piece of foil crumples into a ball with an elongated tip. String on the toothpick and hot glue we paste the petals one at a time. We start with the little ones.
glue the petals

glue the petals

glue the petals

We continue to glue larger petals.
We continue to glue the petals

When the rose is ready, make a cup. Cut four or five elongated wedge-shaped pieces of green foma and make small notches on both sides. We twist our fingers in different directions.
Cut out

Twisting fingers

Glue to the rose.
Glue to a rose

On a small piece of foiurane stick the lace around the circle.
glue lace around the circumference

A hairpin is glued to the second piece of foamiran on the workpiece.
glue the second piece

We combine composition. On one edge we glue a tea rose. On the second part we glue small buds (in order to make them you need 10 small petals), stamens and lace.
Foamirana tea rose

Foamirana tea rose

Foamirana tea rose

Such flower composition can be either a hairpin or a brooch. The difference is only in the accessories.
Foamirana tea rose

Foamirana tea rose

Foamirana tea rose

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