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Original taken from a colleagueilyavalievthe trip to the bears turned into a meeting with nanotechnology
Novosibirsk before (before I got there for the first time) seemed to me to be the place where even the summer is covered with snow, and bears roam the streets, greeting their friends by the hand. In general, I had an idea of ​​the Siberian region in approximately the same form in which uneducated Europeans imagine Russia.
However, a personal visit to Novosibirsk changed my opinion radically. Plain and clean metropolis, the same skyscrapers and boutiques. There is a lot of snow, of course, but no bears were seen on the streets of the city, which is the first time, the second time.

Instead of bears, scientists run here through the streets, and the city is famous for producing the most high-tech products.
This visit of mine to Novosibirsk had one goal - to get acquainted with the activities of its leading enterprises.
Well, first things first!
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The NEVZ-Ceramics plant became a portfolio company of RUSNANO not so long ago - in 2011. At the same time, which is particularly noted by his leadership, it was RUSNANO that actively assisted in the construction of new production workshops.The plant employs only 350 people - not very much, given that the company has its own design offices, and research sites, and even laboratories for testing.
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It produces so-called nanostructured ceramics. It is difficult for an ordinary person to understand what it is. In general terms (as the technologist in a white lab coat explained to me), this is a special type of ceramics that is very durable and resistant to all types of external influences. Therefore, it is very popular in the military-industrial complex, medicine and electric power industry. Yes, surely one of you have dentures made from this very nanostructured ceramics, which was produced in Novosibirsk. If this is so, then you already know that such a prosthesis will serve as much as 25 years and will immediately take root in the body.
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At present, about 2000 operations have been performed on implanting nanoceramic intervertebral implants and hip joint prosthetics.
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In general, as I understand it, it is very cool to produce such ceramic things that make the life of ordinary people simpler and easier. They began to explain to me how such ceramics are used in equipping armored vehicles and in the power industry, but there’s something really complicated,therefore we confine ourselves so far to this description of prostheses.
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By the way, armor for the "Warrior" complex is produced here
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And even part of the elements of armor protection for the tank "Armata" and armored vehicles "Tiger"
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The next Siberian enterprise I have been able to visit is called “OCSiAL”.
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It turns out that the above mentioned RUSNANO also had a “hand in its activities”. Until 2013 production barely pays for itself, and then start investing from the company (I'll have not said that RUSNANO headed by well-known to everyone, Anatoly Borisovich? Suddenly someone is forgotten) immediately became a noticeable increase in production.
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OCSiAL produces single-walled carbon nanotubes. As I understand it, these are nanoparticles that enhance the original properties of other materials in terms of heat and electricity. The tubes are produced on their own «OCSiAL» technology, it became possible again thanks to the work of RUSNANO.
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To describe the whole scale of this manufacturer, they told me exactly where these carbon tubes are used today. It can be said everywhere. To facilitate electrical wiring in technical facilities and buildings, in the construction of pipelines for the distillation of oil or other corrosive liquids, in the installation of current collectors,creating antistatic self-leveling floors, which exclude the possibility of accumulation of excess energy and even dirt.
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If we already explain on the fingers, then I will say: if, for example, you replace conventional wires in airplanes with electrical wiring using carbon tubes, then the weight of the aircraft itself will sharply decrease, respectively, the amount of fuel consumed will also decrease. And for us, this means lower prices for air travel! Wow, really? But the matter is just in one small tube ...
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And the third company that has got in the way of our blog tour is located outside the city. This is the once sensational Liotech plant. It was opened at the end of 2011. At the same time, the investments that RUSNANO directed to this project amounted to 7.5 billion rubles. However, the failure of this company was that the original Chinese partner (Thunder Sky) did not fulfill its obligations, and then completely left the project. Therefore, the share of production had to be redeemed by ours and on-line to rebuild the entire original work plan.
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Today Liotech is one of the steadily developing plants in the Novosibirsk region.It produces lithium-ion batteries, which are based on nanostructured lithium-iron-phosphate. The whole point is that such a battery is very durable and stable in operation, besides it allows you to accumulate energy many times better than a regular battery. Yes, and it is cheaper than today we are exported from abroad.
That is specifically on this drive, the entire office of the plant can work for several days.
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As I was praised in the factory, trolleys with an autonomous course supply are already being bought in hot Argentina. This was made possible thanks to the cooperation of Liotech with the largest trolleybus factory in Russia, Trolza. Several modern trolleybuses go around Novosibirsk, very soon the operation of cheaper trolleybuses will begin in the southern regions of the country. In general, the guys in "Liotech" are full of optimism and working enthusiasm. I will definitely ride on such a trolley bus as soon as they are put on the line!
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These were already shipped to us in the south of Russia.
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In general, my trip to Siberia was very informative. Three enterprises, each of which has its own field of activity, struck me with both their products and their development prospects. And we managed to meet with A. B.Chubais and already from him to hear what is waiting for us in the development of nanotechnology.
Ceramics, tubes and batteries (here you see the pick!) Are able to cheapen and simplify life for people who are not even aware of the presence of these Novosibirsk factories.

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