The best detectives with unpredictable outcome

Detectives - a special genre. They are intriguing, forcing the viewer to immerse themselves in the story and guess what the final will be. And the elements of drama, action movie or even fantasy give such pictures a dynamic, which they sometimes lack. Today we will consider the best detective stories of the world according to viewers and critics, the finals of which can not be predicted.the best detective

"Secret Window" (2004)

Detective with the inimitable Johnny Depp in the lead role based on the motives of Stephen King. Writer Mort Rainey is going through a difficult period in his personal life and career. The situation is complicated by the fact that once on the writer's threshold a strange man in a black hat appears, calling himself Cockney the Shooter. He accuses Mort of plagiarism, and then begins to pursue the hero and his ex-wife. Mort decides to conduct its own investigation. He still does not know how terrible the truth will be.

Rating - 7.2.

Taking Life (2004)

Illyana Scott, an FBI agent, is assigned to catch a maniac who cannot be found for more than 20 years.His victims are lonely people, whose lives he lives for a certain time, until he finds a new victim. These are ideal targets for the criminal - lonely, imperceptible, which no one will look for. Illyana takes up the investigation, not knowing how close the criminal is ...

Rating - 7.2.

"Before I fall asleep" (2012)

The best detective with an unexpected denouement with Nicole Kidman in the lead role. The film is based on real events. Christine wakes up every morning in a strange world, and every day gets used to the idea that the particular form of her amnesia erases the last 20 years from her life. Every morning she wakes up with the thought that she is 20 years old, but in fact she is 40, most of her life has already been lived. Every day, Christine tries to regain her lost memory, not trusting her husband’s words about the terrible accident they had fallen into. How groundless are her suspicions? The truth will open in the final.

Rating - 6.the best Russian TV series detective

"Disappeared" (2014)

The best detective of 2014. Nick and Amy have long been unhappy in marriage and do not expect anything good from each other. But when Amy suddenly disappears, and the evidence begins to point to Nick, the situation begins to heat up.Its finale will be truly stunning. Which of them two monsters really? This film was conceived as a brilliant detective and rightfully received critics' accolades. Each of the actors perfectly coped with their role.

Rating - 9.1.the best thrillers detectives

Zodiac (2007)

Serial maniac Zodiac terrorizes San Francisco. He then disappears, then reappears, and the servants of the law can not get on his bloody trail. Two journalists are starting their own investigation, which will radically change their lives.

Rating - 7.3.

Devil's Advocate (1997)

Perhaps the best detective of the last century. Saturated with excellent acting, dynamic and interesting plot, and, of course, with a share of mysticism. Kevin Lomax is a talented lawyer who can handle even the most difficult cases. Moreover, most of his clients are criminals and are really guilty, but, despite the abundance of evidence against them, Kevin wins every, even, at first glance, completely hopeless case. When a young lawyer from a small town gets a prestigious job in New York, fortunately there is no limit. He has no idea how this will turn out for him.

Rating - 9.5.the best detectives with an unexpected outcome

"Island of the Damned" (2009)

Teddy and Chuck go to a mental hospital for criminals to investigate the disappearance of one of the patients. However, soon Teddy realizes that terrible and inexplicable, from the point of logic, events occur in this hospital.

Rating - 8.5.

"The key to all doors" (2005)

A young nurse, Caroline, takes care of a nurse in Ben and Violet's home. Here she is faced with the obvious hostility of others and many strange rules that must be followed. Moreover, the house is shrouded in mysticism. Caroline is trying to figure out what is happening, still not knowing how terrifying the truth will be.

Rating - 7.4.

"The Life of David Gale" (2003)

David Gale - a respected professor of all, a beautiful father and a fierce opponent of the death penalty - by the will of fate finds himself in a cell for suicide bombers. He is accused of killing a colleague. He asks a young and ambitious journalist to help him justify himself. Betsy decides to conduct its own investigation.

Rating - 8.1.

"The Body" (2012)

One of the best thrillers, detectives. According to the plot on the night highway, a man is shot down to death. As it turns out later, this is an employee of the morgue, who was supposed to be at the post.What did he do at night on the road? What could so frighten the morgue watchman? While the investigation is trying to answer these questions, it turns out that the body of a woman has disappeared from the morgue ...

Rating - 7.4.

"Invisible Guest" (2016)

The best detectives with unpredictable denouement are filmed not only in the USA. Before you - the Spanish detective story with Mario Casas. Businessman Adrian Doria woke up in the morning at the hotel, next to the body of his own mistress. The police are confident that it was the young man who killed his beloved, but Adrian insists on his innocence. To dismiss the charges, he turns for help to Virginia Goodman, known in the country as the best specialist in getting out of hopeless, at first glance, situations. Will Virginia and her client have enough time to get to the truth in just one night?

Rating - 7.4.

"The girl on the train" (2016)

A happy young couple who lives on the outskirts of a cozy town — Rachel seems to be just like that, rushing past their house on a train every day, two lovers. She watches them and with pain realizes how really her life has become worthless and lonely. But one day the girl disappears without a trace. Rachel wants to get to the truth on her own.She does not know how much truth will change her fate.

Rating - 8.6.the best detectives with unpredictable outcome

Insomnia (2002)

The inimitable detective starring Al Pacino! In Alaska, a young girl was brutally murdered. Detectives from Los Angeles are assigned to investigate this complicated case. Detective Dormer arrives in Alaska with the certainty that the criminal will soon be found, but in reality everything turns out to be much more complicated and confusing than it seems at first glance. Incredibly atmospheric film, filled with snow-covered landscapes and saturated with tension until the last second.

Rating - 7.4.

"Loft" (2013)

And of course, the list of the best foreign detectives would not be complete without the film "Loft". In the center of the plot are five friends who, secretly from their wives, rent an apartment for entertainment with their mistresses. But when in the apartment they find the disfigured body of an unfamiliar young woman, the men realize that the games are over - now not only their families, but also the freedom of each of them is threatened. Some of them killed this woman. Who!

Rating - 6.7.

"Little Red Riding Hood" (2011)

Village Daggenhorn again begins to terrorize the werewolf. The monster did not appear here for several decades, but again went on the hunt. Village men dream to kill a werewolf who mercilessly exterminates their loved ones, but he is elusive.Is it really one of the villagers? But who? Suspicions fall on different people, while the werewolf continues to kill ...

Rating - foreign detectives

"Farewell, Baby, Farewell" (2007)

Patrick and Angela are private detectives who tackle even the most complex cases. However, when spouses appear on their doorstep, beseeching to find their missing daughter, the couple do not want to start an investigation, not believing in his success. However, they soon managed to advance in the investigation. The desire to find a girl makes Patrick make more than one difficult choice and even risk her life. Will detectives find a child?

Rating - 7.4.

Prestige (2006)

In the center of the plot - two illusionists who were once friends. They organized great shows that were very popular with the audience, but after the death of the wife of one of them the friendship turned into a war. Alfred and Robert are doing everything to prevent each other’s success. How will this fight end? After all, the war quickly turns into madness. The film has intertwined many genres, including detective, drama, thriller, and even fantasy.

Rating - 9.5.

"The Mysterious River" (2003)

Atmospheric and piercing detective with a large share of drama.The tragedy of childhood forever erased the fate of three friends, but preserved their friendship. However, when the daughter of one of the trinity is brutally murdered, and suspicion falls on the second, the long-term friendship comes to an end. Is the police right? Or is the killer still not caught, while the innocent is convicted?

Rating - 9.3.

"Obsession" (2004)

At first glance, this is an ordinary story of love and passion. But as soon as you delve into the story, you will understand that everything is much more serious and dangerous. Matthew is in love with Lisa, but she leaves him and goes on tour, and the young man continues to build a career and is even going to marry Rebecca. But suddenly she meets a girl who is very similar to his former sweetheart, who is also called Lisa ...

Rating - 7.5.

Sleepy Hollow (1999)

Discussing the best detective films, a list of which we have presented to your attention today, is impossible without the famous "Sleepy Hollow".

Icabod Crane is a London detective known for his extraordinary investigation methods. When a young man is assigned to go into the wilderness to catch a criminal who cuts off his victims' heads, Ikabod travels in confidence that he is an ordinary mentally unhealthy person.But the local population is confident that it is a headless horseman who has returned to take revenge ...

Rating - detective films list

Russian detective series

Russia also knows how to shoot high-quality detectives aimed at a wide audience. So, the list of the best Russian TV series detectives is presented below. It was compiled on the basis of TV reviews and ratings.

  1. "Nyuhach".
  2. "Dance of the ermine".
  3. "Closed school".
  4. "Loop".
  5. "Love with a weapon".
  6. "Lavrova `s method".
  7. "Trap".
  8. "The Brothers Karamazov".
  9. "Tabor".
  10. "Judicial column".

Of course, this is an incomplete list of detectives with an unpredictable outcome, but we picked up the most interesting and truly unpredictable films in the final.

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