The best movie about love. Best films about love: list

Every year, domestic and foreign cinema pleases the audience with interesting novelties — thrillers, fantasy, comedies and melodramas. The most popular among the weaker sex are romantic pictures about relationships. Let's find out which picture is worthy of the title “The Best Film about Love”, and what can be watched on a quiet evening, wrapped in a soft blanket.

Top Romantic Movies of Hollywood

Hollywood melodrama is one of the most sought-after rental products. Talented directors make touching films about love and devotion, which make the audience fully experience the depth of emotions and feelings of the main characters. Can't list all the best love movies? worthy of attention.

The classic of the genre is the film “Gone with the Wind” by Victor Fleming. The film tells about the life of Scarlett O’Hara, once a wealthy Southerner,which during the war between the North and the South lost its entire state, but found the strength to live on, thanks to the strength of will, ingenuity and love that filled her heart.

The best movie about love

The second place in the ranking is taken by Cinderella's story, reworked in a new fashion by American writer J. F. Lawton and legendary director Gerry Marshal. The film “Pretty Woman”, released in 1990, collected multimillion-dollar box office and today remains the favorite of melodrama lovers. The simple story of a poor girl prostitute Vivienne and magnate Edward Lewis became the reference book of all impressionable persons.

"Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" closes the top three, in 2004 it is the best love story. The film tells about the relationship of an extraordinary couple of lovers - Clementine and Joel. Having ceased to understand each other, the guys decide to erase the memories from memory. It turns out that with the help of new technology it is simple, but what about the heart, which remembers absolutely everything.

The best film about love in 2006 - “Diary of Memory”, based on the novel by Nicholas Sparks, the famous American novelist. Young people Noah and Ellie from different classes.In one beautiful summer, they fall in love with each other. The first feeling is shrouded in innocent trepidation, oaths and promises of eternal love. The choice of the daughter is not favored by conservative parents. They separate lovers, but can the first love just disappear? It is impossible to forget!

“Jane Eyre” is a romantic drama about affection, pride and boundless love. The plot unfolds in England of the 19th century. Jane - an orphan from a noble family, due to the deprivation of her family inheritance, is forced to work as a governess with the nobleman of Rochester. Between the governess and the handsome gentleman flashes forbidden love.

best love movies

Romantic melodramas of 2014, noteworthy

Love films are close to every romance. The best pictures of 2014 are presented in our TOP-3 rating.

“Baby” is a romantic comedy about the search for truth and big, pure love. The main character of the film - Megan - seeks to find herself and sort out feelings for her boyfriend. Having run away for a week to a new friend much younger than her, she realizes that the real feeling is much deeper than just affection.

"Blame the stars" unusual romantic story that makes you think not only about love,but also about the meaning of being. Hazel - a girl with cancer, August - the guy who managed to overcome a terrible disease. The couple meets in the group of rehabilitation of cancer patients. Augustus falls in love with a pretty girl, for Hazel this feeling becomes a test, because she knows that her days are numbered. And yet, love with a bright flash illuminates her monotonous days.

best love movies list

Love Through Time is the best movie about love and its magical power. Peter Lake and Beverly Penn are absolute opposites. He is a poor man and a robber; she is a wealthy girl from high society. Love overtakes Peter at the time of the robbery of Beverly's house. The very fate and forces of darkness interfere in the relationship of the couple. Beverly is incurably ill to save her, a desperate young man is ready for anything.

Love movies of 2015 worth seeing

We bring to your attention the best films about love, the list of 2015.

Huge box office, a lot of positive reviews of the audience received the film "50 shades of gray." The fatal passion between young magnate Christian Gray and journalism student Anastaisheya Steele flares up immediately after a joint interview.Relationships of the couple are developing rapidly, but over time, Anastacia begins to understand that the intimate tastes of her lover are too exotic.

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“Beyond Time” is a great, heartfelt film about the power of love. Do you believe that loving hearts will always intersect, no matter what century or galaxy they live in? The filmmakers believe that is why they presented to the public a touching love story that lives outside of time.

“On Pause” is a great and comedic love story. Can a first love give a second chance to lovers? Of course, if your ex-girlfriend was late for a plane, and you work as a tourism manager at this airport. Alan and Alice were once very in love, but the roads of the guys went their separate ways. Now Alan has a chance to conquer the ex-girlfriend again.

Soviet films about love

Modern cinema offers a lot of beautiful films, but if you want to watch a good Russian film about love, then one of them can hardly compete with the classics of Soviet cinema.

“Spring on Zarechnaya street” is an interesting story about the love of an evening school teacher for workers Tatiana Levchenko and her student, drummer Sasha Savchenko.Lyrics, modesty and soulfulness are those qualities for which the viewer adores such cinema.

“Moscow Doesn’t Believe in Tears” is a great film about the fate and love of three friends in a hostel. Tonya, Katya and Lyudmila, having arrived in the capital, are trying to arrange their own destiny. Each of the girls get it differently. The central character of the picture becomes Katerina, who, despite all the difficulties of life, not only achieves career heights, but also finds true love.

good russian film about love

The comedy melodrama "Office Romance" closes the top three. The plot unfolds in one of the largest statistical enterprises in the country. In a working hectic, personal relationships are established between a strict boss and a timid subordinate.

New films about the love of Russian cinema

A good Russian film about love in modern cinema is also not uncommon. Your attention is a list of the most sincere melodramas of the national cinema.

“Dubrovsky” is a new interpretation of the well-known story about the love of a girl from a wealthy family and a guy who decides to destroy her father’s usual lifestyle. The action takes place in the modern period.

One of the most notorious love stories of 2014 - “The geographer has drunk on the globe”. An interesting history of the relationship between the alcoholic school teacher and his wife and one of the senior grade students.

The sequel to the film “8 new dates” continues the story about the difficult relationship between a married couple, who has lost love in everyday problems. To help newlyweds return the most important, the Universe intervenes.

Best Indian films about love

Bollywood is famous for its ability to tell touching and very insightful stories about love. Almost every one of them is flavored with sparkling humor, songs and dances.

“A few words about love” is an interesting romantic story about love and the vicissitudes of fate. A young military Karan, on the way to his bride, meets a pretty stranger Sahib. The girl has a lot of trouble, but a young guy decides to help her.

Bride and Prejudice is the Indian version of the English novel Pride and Prejudice. Only this time the action takes place in India, where the American Darcy goes on a business trip. Naturally, here he meets the beautiful Lolita. Are relationships between people from different worlds possible?

The best Indian films about love will surely deliver a lot of positive emotions, one of these pictures is the film “Replay Fate”. Banti decides to reconcile his parents, who, despite a long life together, do not find a common language. To find out what the reason is, he returns to the past and tries to give lovers a second chance.

Romantic youth films

The best films about teenagers' love will certainly become interesting not only to the peers of the main characters, but also to a more mature generation. We offer you a few romantic films about youth and first love.

“My first time” is a tremulous melodrama about the relationship of a diligent schoolgirl and a hooligan. Sarah, a purposeful graduate of high school, love was not planned. But the appearance of the newcomer Zacharia at the school turns her life upside down.

“Three meters above the sky” is a dynamic story about first love, passion and pride. Ace is an extreme guy who prefers to work on a motorcycle race. Babi is a balanced girl from a good family. Love overtook this couple absolutely suddenly and began to spin in her dance.

best teen love movies

Twilight is a global phenomenon.The love story of the usual American girl Isabella and the vampire Edward. The forbidden relations of representatives of different worlds turned into a touching story about love, loyalty and self-sacrifice.

All Time Love Films

It is no secret that the best films about love are those that are based on real events. As a rule, real stories make every viewer empathize with the main characters. The new millennium is marked by several love movie theaters with a real historical basis.

Undoubtedly, one of the most touching love stories was the picture of James Marsh, released on screens in 2014 - “The Universe of Stephen Hawking”. The leading actor, Eddie Redmaine, was awarded an Oscar. The plot of the picture is the love story of the famous American physicist of our time, Stephen Hawking and his future wife, Jane Wilde. The touching story lies in the fact that even before the wedding, Stephen learned about an incurable disease. Doctors gave him two years. Jane was not afraid of difficulties, married this charming, talented man and bore him three children. Faith, power of thought and love became salvation for the great physicist.

The picture "Jane Austen" hit the list, as the best film about love, filmed in 2006. Jane Austen is one of the most famous British writers. All my life I lived alone, in 30 years, wearing a cap, thus announced to the world about the choice in favor of loneliness. But this decision was preceded by a tumultuous romance with the neighbor boy Thomas Lefroe. Unfortunately, the families of lovers were not rich and hoped for successful marriages of their children, so the relationship of the young couple was doomed.

In 2008, another film adaptation of the history of the personal life of the English King Henry VIII with one of his most eccentric wives, Anne Boleyn, was released. The film "Another of the Boleyn Family" is based on reliable historical facts. The story of the rivalry for the king's love between the sisters Anna and Maria is a fiction of the author, and yet both sisters had a connection with Henry, only in a different time period. For Anne Boleyn, love for the monarch of England was fatal.

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What are the best love movies? Those in which the sensuality and the desire to dissolve in the beloved, or fatal, emitting a threatening passion? David Cronenberg tried to figure out these questions.In 2011, he presented his masterpiece “The Dangerous Method” to the audience. The story tells about the relationship of Carl Jung with his patient Sabina Spielrein. The confrontation between the two great psychiatrists of the time of Jung and Freud is also affected.

The historical drama “The Duchess”, which appeared on the screens in 2008, entered the top five. The picture tells the story of the love and life of Georgiana Cavendish, Duchess of Devonshire. At seventeen, the young beauty became the wife of the Duke of Devonshire, warm relations established between the spouses, but family life turned out to be a burden beyond the limits of the spouses. In the heyday of her marriage, the duchess falls in love with Count Gray. This man becomes the only real passion of Lady Georgiana.

Best films about love: list

We bring to your attention Top 25 of the most exciting and exciting love stories that will lift your spirits and help pass the quiet family evenings.

  • Gone With the Wind, 1939.
  • "Spring on the river over the river", 1956.
  • The Office Romance, 1977.
  • “Moscow does not believe in tears”, 1979.
  • "Pretty Woman", 1990.
  • "A few words about love", 2000.
  • “Bride and prejudice”, 2004.
  • Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, 2004.
  • Diary of Memory, 2006.
  • Jane Austen, 2006.
  • Twilight, 2008.
  • “Another of the Boleyn family”, 2008.
  • “Three meters above the sky”, 2010.
  • “Replay fate”, 2010.
  • Jane Eyre, 2011.
  • “Dangerous method”, 2011.
  • “My first time”, 2012.
  • "Dubrovsky", 2014.
  • "Geographer Globe Propyl", 2014.
  • "Baby", 2014.
  • "Blame the Stars", 2014.
  • “Love through time”, 2014.
  • "50 shades of gray", 2015.
  • "Beyond Time", 2015.
  • "On Pause", 2015.
  • “8 first dates”, 2015.
  • Stephen Hawking Universe, 2015.

Enjoy watching!

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