The best sanatoriums of the Chelyabinsk region: review, features and reviews

The Urals is a unique region of our country, uniting at once two parts of the world: Europe and Asia. is the focus of industrial production, mining and resources. But also the local areas are famous for their unique natural landscapes and resort areas, where anyone can spend time with benefit for themselves.

sanatoriums of the Chelyabinsk region

The resort areas and sanatoriums of the Chelyabinsk region meet all standards for the provision of medical services, and therefore are in demand not only among the local population, but also among residents of other regions.

Rest and recuperation in the Chelyabinsk region

The nature of the area surprises with its diversity. Here the steppes and taiga, mountains and plains replace each other, everything is dotted with lakes and rivers. There is always a lot of sun here, a real Russian winter with frost, and summer is affectionate and moderately hot.

sanatoriums of the Chelyabinsk region prices

Due to this natural diversity and abundance of the cleanest lakes, in this area of ​​the Urals are located the health resorts of the country, recreation centers, boarding houses.All sanatoriums of the Chelyabinsk region have a medical base, but each specializes in certain types of rehabilitation, which is also facilitated by the geographical location of each sanatorium.

Sanatorium "Ural"

"Ural" is one of the most famous and largest health resorts in the country. Rightfully heads all sanatoria of the Chelyabinsk region. The multi-profile, modern, dynamically developing sanatorium offers medical and cosmetological services, varied food, as well as quiet or active rest on the shore of the healing lake.

sanatorium chelyabinsk region prices reviews

Methods of rehabilitation used in the sanatorium, allow you to work with a wide list of diseases. The main therapeutic orientation is gastroenterological. Rest programs in the sanatorium "Ural" offer to treat on the following issues:

  • Diseases of the stomach and duodenum, including gastritis and ulcers;
  • Chronic colitis and enterocolitis;
  • Rehabilitation of patients after surgery for stomach ulcers, duodenal ulcer, as well as proctological and hernias of different localization;
  • Cholelithiasis;
  • Cholecystitis;
  • Hepatitis;
  • Pancreatitis.

In the sanatorium "Ural" carry out procedures with the use of mineral water from its own source and sapropel mud - Lake Podborne.

Holidaymakers live in hotel rooms of varying degrees of comfort, and, accordingly, in different price categories. Housing is a flexible system of discounts, promotions are held. In addition, there are various options for the races that make the rest affordable and attractive.

Rested especially note the high qualification of the staff, excellent infrastructure, where everything is intended not only for individual rest, but also the whole family.

The average cost of one day stay in a health resort for two people is 2500 rubles. The cost includes accommodation, meals and treatment.


The famous lake of the Chelyabinsk region of Uvildy, called by the locals the blue bowl, allowed the most popular sanatorium to be located on its shore. The purest air, saturated with phytoncides of pines and fir trees, the clear water of the lake with healing sapropel, radonic, all this puts Uvildy on a par with world resorts.

sanatorium chelyabinsk region reviews

Due to the availability of services, people willingly go to the sanatorium of the Chelyabinsk region.Prices for procedures in Uvildakh are much lower than in other similar Russian preventive centers.

In the "Uvildah" you can put in order the whole body. In the sanatorium there are programs:

  • Brain clinic;
  • Children's program;
  • Treatment of infertility and gynecological diseases;
  • Cosmetology program;
  • General improvement and strengthening of the body;
  • The body cleansing program;
  • Rehabilitation of patients after heart surgery.

Placement of guests takes place in the dormitories, also for detached cottages with rooms of different levels of comfort.

Anyone who has ever visited the sanatorium in Uvildakh, dreams of returning here again, not so much for recovery, as for a wonderful holiday.

The cost of one day stay at the hotel starts from 155 rubles excluding the cost of services provided. When ordering health services, the cost increases proportionally.

"Forest Lake" in the foothills of the Urals

Specially built for police officers on the picturesque shores of Lake Uvildy, the sanatorium is actively using natural sources of natural sapropelic mud and radon water to promote the health of tourists.

From all over Russia, police officers and veterans are eager to get to the Forest Lake sanatorium. The Chelyabinsk region is famous for its healing climate and picturesque landscapes, which once again underlines the Forest Lake health resort.

sanatorium forest lake Chelyabinsk region

The main diseases indicated for treatment in a sanatorium are:

  • Nervous system
  • Vascular diseases, cardiology;
  • Musculoskeletal system;
  • Diseases of the muscles and connective tissues.

If necessary, you can get a diagnosis and advice from a variety of specialists. Vacationers offer rooms designed for one or two people, or lodge in separate houses.

Often arranged excursion trips with a tour of the Ural attractions. According to reviews, this is a quiet, cozy sanatorium, which disposes to long walks, measured relaxation after the stressful days.

The base cost in the summer is approximately 2300-3900 rubles per room, in spring, winter and autumn - 1900-2500 rubles per room.

"Sungul". Stone lake

At the foot of the Cherry Mountains lies the last lake Sungul in the system of foothill reservoirs. Mineral-alkaline water is so transparent that the bottom is visible at a depth of 6 m.And next to it there is another small lake, Svetlenkoe, which contains sapropelic mud with generally recognized healing properties.

sanatorium Sungul Chelyabinsk region

Sungul sanatorium is best suited for treating cramps and climatotherapy. The Chelyabinsk region has long been famous for the mud springs of its numerous lakes.

Small in size, but with extensive experience in helping people, the resort treats:

  • Hypertensive diseases;
  • Bronchopulmonary;
  • Vegetative-vascular dystonia;
  • Nervous system;
  • Musculoskeletal system;
  • Ischemia.

Two buildings, sleeping six-storey and therapeutic three-storey, with comfortable rooms with modern interiors for guests. Always respond to it in superlatives, noting effective treatment and the surrounding beauty. The only negative, a little dilapidated outside the building, built in Soviet times.

The cost of one double room, including medical procedures and meals, starts at 2,200 rubles. However, in the sanatorium there is a flexible system of discounts, which offer favorable conditions to many people.


Between the two lakes, Big Kisegach and Terenkul, protected by mountains from the winds, is the sanatorium "Kisegach".Trips to sanatoriums of the Chelyabinsk region always suggest a very high-quality rest, combined with treatment. "Kisegach" is not just a sanatorium, it is the base of the Health Research Institute.

sanatoriums of the Chelyabinsk region

This means that specialists will carry out the most accurate diagnosis, after which they will prescribe the correct treatment:

  • joints and spinal column;
  • respiratory organs;
  • gynecological problems;
  • skin integument.

The mud of Bolyash Lake allows you to achieve long-term remissions and even complete recovery. It is a little entertainment, perfectly will be suitable for those who are tired of vanity and want to restore the nervous system in the silence of nature.

Prices for vouchers and treatment are small, the rest is very affordable for the family budget, but at the same time high-quality in terms of overall strengthening of the body. Cost of1 place in a 2-bed 2-room number starts with a mark of 1,850 rubles.

The best rest is in the Urals

The ecologically clean zone of the Ural region puts all the sanatoriums of the Chelyabinsk region on a par with world health resorts and resorts. Prices, reviews and recommendations determine the choice of resort area. In the summer it is best to visit the sanatorium of the Chelyabinsk region.Reviews vacationers suggest that the lakes in this period of time unforgettable fishing and swimming. But in the winter there is something to do, especially if you are not afraid of the Ural frosts.

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