The best smartphones in all characteristics: rating, list and reviews

Mobile phones have firmly entered our lives. We can not imagine our life without them. We do not remember how we could communicate without mobile phones before. And manufacturers supply to the market more and more new models. Keep track of them is very difficult. And buyers often wonder what is the best phone? What to choose? Many ratings are created, but there is no definitive answer. And this is due to the fact that for each rating only individual indicators of gadgets are selected. The selection is based on them. Therefore, I propose to consider several ratings at once.

Rating of smartphones in terms of price and quality

Smartphones are the best + quality do not always refer to expensive gadgets. After all, the price does not guarantee quality. There are many variants of mobile phones that are not inferior in performance to the advertised iPhone 6 and Galaxy S6.Let's see which are the best smartphones in terms of price and performance.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo comes first. Its cost is 22 thousand rubles. Of the advantages we can single out a waterproof stylish case, the presence of a replaceable battery, support for a micro SD card. Powered by eight Exynos core processor. Applications open quickly, without delays and "braking".

best smartphones

The second position is LG G4, running on the operating system "Android 5.1". Six-core processor. Battery capacity is sufficient for eight hours of conversation. He charged a little more than two hours. Great design. Excellent sound quality even with headphones. The cost of the phone is 22 thousand rubles.

Completes the top three "Moto X Play" from the famous manufacturer "Motorola". Belongs to the middle class. Its price is 29 thousand rubles. It works quite quickly, but the smartphone will not be the leader in this indicator. Built-in memory 16 GB, operating - 2 GB. The screen size of 5.5 inches surprises with its brightness and contrast.

Top low-cost models

Let's now see which smartphone is the best in the budget price category.

So, the list begins with the model Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro.The screen size is 5.5 inches. Rear camera - 16 megapixel, side - 5 megapixel. Six-core processor. Memory - 32 Gb. Good battery. Support - 4G.

best cheap smartphones

Next comes the list of Huawei Ascend G620 with a very low price. Reliable design. Connected Internet, Bluetooth, radio. Snapdragon processor.

In third place is the Highscreen Prime L domestic assembly. The screen is five inches. Camera - 8 MP. Large amount of memory, which can be increased through memory cards. Replaceable panels.

Phone rating 2016 for sale

Topping this list is the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge 32Gb. This is the best smartphone of the year. Its cost is about 55 thousand rubles. Expensive, of course, for most users. But the phone has all the possible functions. It supports applications, software, games of any complexity. Works on the basis of "Android 6.0". Rich functionality corresponds to a beautiful appearance with a unique design. To protect against dust, moisture, mechanical stress, tempered glass, which is covered with the case, is treated with a special protective coating.

best smartphones by reviews

The second place was taken by the smartphone of a Chinese company, about which no one had heard about five years ago in Russia. This is "Xiaomi MI5" worth about 35 thousand rubles. Responsible for the functionality of the processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 MSM8996. Works on the Android OS 6.0.It has built-in memory of 128 GB. RAM - 4 GB. Two cameras. The main one is 16 MP, the frontal one is 6 MP. Stylish modern design. The back cover is made of ceramic. Existing negative reviews indicate poor quality firmware. Therefore, with the purchase of this model, it is better to wait until the manufacturer closes this gap.

The top three winners closes the smartphone LG G4 H818. Its price in the stores of Russia is about thirty thousand rubles. The screen is 5.5 inches. The back cover is covered in leather. The undeniable advantages are the presence of two SIM cards and a collapsible case. Thanks to laser autofocus and a 16 megapixel photo camera, you get perfect quality. The operating system is “Android 5.1”. From the disadvantages of users allocate a weak battery capacity, the quality of the motherboard.

In fourth place ranking Apple iPhone SE 16Gb worth 37 thousand rubles. This model is an attempt by the manufacturer in the case of the iPhone 5C, loved by users, to place all the functions of the iPhone 6C. For such a high price characteristics of the smartphone is not enough. Abroad, it belongs to the category of budget phones.

Top of the best smartphones last year in terms of sales completes the "old man" Apple iPhone 6S 64Gb. But he is not in a hurry to leave the ratings. Its price is 56 thousand rubles. Powered by OS "IOS 9". This allows all applications, software and games to work stably. Plus to this - videos and photos of excellent quality.

Customer opinion

The best smartphones, according to customer reviews, make the following list.

The most powerful smartphone on Android 6.0 is the OnePlus 3T with built-in 64 Gb memory. RAM - six gigabytes. This makes it the best in speed and power. If you give an example from practice, the phone is able to work immediately with twenty tabs on the Internet and keep several games in the background. The model appeared at the end of 2016. Its cost is around 31 thousand rubles. The screen is 5.5 inches. Supports two SIM cards.

the best smartphone on all specifications

ZTE Nubia Z11 Mini S 64Gb worth 18 thousand rubles took the second place in the rating. OS "Android 6.0." Permanent memory - 64 gigabytes, operational - 4 gigabytes. Two sim cards. Two cameras: 23 Mp and 13 Mp.

Closes the top three model of the Taiwanese company ASUS Zenfone 3 ZE552KL 64Gb. Its price is 26 thousand rubles. Operating system "Android 6.0". Built-in memory - 64 gigabytes. Support for memory cards up to 128 gigabytes. RAM - 4 gigabytes.The body is made of impact resistant glass.

Above are the best smartphones of the past year. Now we offer to see the lists of gadgets, which will be headed by ratings in 2017.

Cheap, but high-quality models of 2017

In this ranking, let's see which smartphone is the best in terms of price-quality ratio for 2017.

The undisputed leader is the Galaxy Note 7 Edge from the well-known Samsung company. Flat curved display with a diagonal of 5.8 inches. The ram is six gigabytes. Support for memory cards up to 256 gigabytes. High battery capacity.

Another model expected by many is the IPhone 7C. The powerful A9 processor works with 2 GB of RAM. The display is five and a half inches. Main camera - 21 megapixels, rear - 5 megapixels. To protect against mechanical effects, scratches the screen is covered with a protective sapphire coating. This increased the cost of the flagship to 45 thousand rubles.

The third place is the LG Flex 3 with a stylish design and a large screen (six inches). Twenty mega pixel camera allows you to get high-quality, clear, bright pictures with the effect of 3D. The case is strong, reliable, waterproof. The cost will be about 29 thousand rubles.

The fourth position was taken by the Sony Iksperia Zat 7 model. Its price is 42 thousand rubles. Built-in memory of 64 gigabytes. It is possible to install a memory card up to 128 gigabytes. Good battery capacity, which allows you to not just talk on the phone. You can sit on the Internet, watch movies and videos, listen to music. Pleases high quality photos. A wide-angle lens, laser autofocus and an optical stabilization system are installed for this. A good side camera with a sensitivity of ten megapixels. This is significantly better than the previous models.

On the last place of the rating is a model from “Lenovo” worth 25 thousand rubles - Vibe Shot Z90A4. This smartphone has already gained popularity due to its stylish design and good functionality. Supports two SIM cards. The native memory is 32 gigabytes. The battery capacity is not bad (3 thousand mAh). The camera is sixteen megapixels.

Chinese models of 2017

Chinese manufacturers continue to supply their new models to our market. Let's see what the best smartphones from China can be seen in the current year.

Huawei Ascend G 620S - the leader in this list.Its cost is only ten thousand rubles. This is one of the classic models with a screen size of 5.5 inches. Quad-core processor. Memory, of course, is not enough - just one megabyte. Camera eight megapixel.

the best chinese smartphone

In the second place is Lenovo A 936 at the price of 10.1 thousand rubles. A good combination of design and functionality for the price. The processor is eight core and a frequency of 1.17 gigahertz. RAM two gigabytes, built-in - eight "gigs". Two cameras: 13 Mp and 5 Mp.

Phone Homtom HT7 closes the top three. One of the cheapest models (only 4.3 thousand rubles). metal carcass. Strict design in two colors (black and white). Quad-core processor. But the performance is very good.

The next position is occupied by Haier W 858 worth four and a half thousand rubles. installed the operating system "Android 4.3". Suitable for those for whom performance is not the most important role. Camera - 5 MP.

The last place in the nomination "the best Chinese smartphone" is occupied by the Oukitel U7 Pro worth 4.7 thousand rubles. Pretty good option for the money. Memory is only eight gigabytes of internal and one gigabyte of the main one.

Smartphones 2017 up to 10 thousand rubles

The best low-cost smartphones expected this year make the following list.

  • "Microsoft Lumiya 5632" with one gigabyte of RAM and eight gigabytes of built-in. The screen size is four inches.
  • LG Leon LTE H340 has one gigabyte of RAM. Built-in - 8 GB. The screen is four and a half inches.

smartphones are the best quality

  • "Xiaomi Redmi 3" with RAM two gigabytes, a constant memory of sixteen gigabytes. The screen diagonal is five inches. The thirteen megapixel camera is equipped with an LED flash.

The average price range of new products

The best smartphones in 2017 in the price range up to fifteen thousand rubles:

  • "Sony Iksperia T3" has a stylish design. The sizes are impressive. 5.3 inches screen. Performance at altitude. It is achieved through a powerful four-core processor and 1 GB of RAM. Works on the Android OS.
  • “Nokia Lumiya 730”, unlike the previous model, works on “Windows”. Applications and games are loaded well, despite one gigabyte of RAM. Two good cameras. Front 5 MP, rear - 6.7 MP.
  • Acer Liquid E700 with a processor with four cores, RAM two gigabytes. Fine quality and resolution of the five inch screen. The camera is eight megapixels.

Smartphones in the price group up to 20 thousand

Huawei Honor 5X - the best smartphone in all characteristics relating to this price category. Processor with 8 cores and 2 gigabytes of RAM. The main memory is sixteen gigabytes. The camera is 13 megapixels. These indicators provide good performance. The build quality is up to par. Stylish design attracts attention.

which smartphone is the best

"Class H650E" - in second position. Produced by LG. Metal case and five inch screen. The amount of memory is similar to the previous model of the smartphone.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 takes the last place in the lists with two gigabytes of RAM, built-in - 16 GB. The screen is five inches.

Smartphone with the best camera

One of the most requested features of a mobile phone is the camera. Selfies are becoming increasingly popular. Especially among young people. Therefore, we propose to consider another list of the smartphone. They are selected for the quality of images that can be obtained with their help.

Heads this rating "Samsung Galaxy S7". Suitable for those who are willing to pay an additional amount for advertising the brand. The sensitivity of the camera is twelve megapixels. It works in one second.The model of the “C7” series has other good technical indicators. But the cost of this smartphone is significant. Therefore, as a cheaper replacement, you can choose the model of the previous series “C6”, which also had a good quality camera.

OnePlus smartphones of the first and second generation are equipped with very good cameras. At the same time, the cost of the phone is much lower than that of other flagship models. The camera with a sensitivity of 13 megapixels is equipped with a laser focus and optical stabilization.

Model LG G5 SE allows you to get better pictures at the expense of two cameras on the back of the phone. They have different purposes and characteristics. The first, with a sensitivity of 16 MP, has a laser focus and an optical stabilizer. The second, eight-megapixel, allows you to take photos wide-angle (135 degrees). The smartphone has another camera with 8 megapixel specifically for selfies.

As you can see, the list of good smartphones is very long. And it is impossible to keep up with the novelties. They appear too fast. In order not to overpay money for the brand, pay attention to the characteristics. Perhaps there is a cheaper analogue of the flagship models.

See the ratings of the best smartphones presented by various companies. They will allow to be aware of all the new products - and expensive, and not very. Thanks to the created lists, you can find out all the advantages and disadvantages of phones. After analyzing the information received, in the future you will be able to make the right choice.

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