The bitter truth about the mistresses of married men

I read a lot of ads like "married, looking for a mistress." I attentively listen to the arguments of those who decided on adultery ... On the one hand, it seems to be my business, but on the other hand, I want to know what is in married men in the head. What they want to find, what does not suit them ... Why do they need it? I'll tell you what conclusions I came to.
1. It is impossible to say that a wife is always changed for something better. Some men are not so strict in choosing a mistress. Often, a 30-year-old or even a 25-year-old is ready to fly on the wings of a passion for a lady 20 years older. And his wife, while most likely - the same age. Claims to the appearance of a mistress, too, are not always great. Ladies of any body size go for both cheeks, provided that confidentiality is respected. I saw a lot of these ads - looking for a mistress, any, any.
I will tell you more - there is such a kind of men who, after the wedding, want every woman, of any age, height and weight. All but one - his own wife.
And now what i can do? Any attempt by the wife to diversify something will not bring sense - after all, he needs a new body. It can be worse than what is, if only new.
2. There are, on the contrary, men who are very concerned about the appearance of the girl. They have reached a new level in their careers, and are ready to give their grandmas for sex with a woman of a certain age, height, weight, degree of grooming. As a rule, these men entered into a mid-life crisis, and this new lady, as a shield, is trying to protect herself from old age and age-related problems. And the identity of this woman has the 25th meaning.
And here it is possible to dodge oneself out of oneself, but he hammered into the head that it is prestigious to have a tall thin girl of 16 years old. And everything else seems to him a compromise.
3. And there are men who at first seem to be normal, but change dramatically with the birth of a child. And a woman of any appearance, becoming the mother of his baby, instantly turns into a sad, sexless creature. And not physically, the change happens only in his eyes. And this body, in which she puts so much effort, will never worry him again. Well, or not ever, but as long as he does not descend to the psychoanalyst.
four.And then there are men who, before any wife’s acquiring, decided that they should have a mistress. Mistress, like, confirms the status of alpha male. And deprive him of such a possibility, say with a 100% guarantee - no more new bodies - and he will hang himself on laces in the toilet.
5. There are men, looking at which nothing at all, it would seem, does not portend. They are very religious, they go on pilgrim trips with their wives, keep fasting ... and still change them in some way. Because the flesh is weak.
In short, in the end I came to a very disappointing conclusion. He fits into one ridiculous song Slepakova - all men cheat on their wives. And the lover, her personality and appearance is the case here in general the 25th. But the worst thing is that the wife, and her personality, and her body, are 10th matters.

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The bitter truth about the mistresses of married men 32

The bitter truth about the mistresses of married men 41

The bitter truth about the mistresses of married men 60

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