The dumbest support service

It seems to me that people working in customer support services are a special caste of people who are brainless and indifferent to everything. Their task is to copy the answer on the proposed topic and then spend the day. But there are full unicums. My leader in this area is Victory Airline Support. Please evaluate the results of correspondence with them.

I used the services of Victory Airlines, a low-cost airline from Aeroflot, for the first time, although I fly a lot. Yes, I heard a lot of bad things, but I hoped that these were all separate complaints ... However, about this another time, my situation is very concrete. On the plane, quite accidentally in my pocket in front of my seat I forgot a few things, among which were reading glasses. Razinya - I agree. But in my understanding, I had to return these things very soon. Wait!
As it should be, after finding the loss, I wrote to the support service of the airline, asked where I could pick it up. I get this answer:

Hello, Alexey. Thank you for contacting us.
Upon arrival at the airport, you must report the damage to the baggage at the “Lost Luggage” or “Baggage Claim” counter and complete the damage report before you leave the baggage claim area. After completing the act, you will receive instructions for further action.
We will be glad to see you on board the Airline "Victory".
With respect,
Andrey (ID 10432)

That is, the operator did not read the essence of my problem, but copied the answer about some damaged or unclaimed baggage. You have passed, I write again, I say - read my message carefully.
Another answer from the same Andrew (10432) comes exactly the same answer. After that, I'm really mad. And the answers do not come all in half an hour or an hour, but in a day or two!
Then another operator answers my angry letter:
Hello, Alexey.
We apologize for the incorrect information provided.
You can get forgotten items in the cabin of the aircraft by contacting the “Lost Luggage” or “Baggage Claim” counter at the airport of arrival of this flight.
We sincerely hope that this case will not affect the overall impression of the Victory Airline.We will be glad to see you on board our airline.
Valeria (ID 10415)

Ok, at least some specifics. Plus a similar answer comes in Facebook - contact the destination airport.
I spend an hour of time at the airport of Milan, for a long time we find out what is lost and where, but the result for zeros, nothing like there has been received.
I am writing again to the support service, the answer is from there - we are not responsible for this and cannot help. And who then, bl ...., is responsible ?????
Hello, Alexey.
We inform you that the contact center does not receive information about things forgotten in the cabin. You need to specify this information yourself at the airport.
Svetlana (ID 10416)

There is a second option - the airport of departure, native for the "Victory" - Vnukovo. I call there, the lady kindly checks the receipt for a few days within my date of "loss". But there is nothing.
I am writing again to “Victory” - things are gone, they are not at the airports, which means that either the employees did not give anything or simply threw it away. In any case, the finds must be noted somewhere.
Another ingenious answer comes:

Hello, Alexey.
Thank you for contacting us.
To search for lost carry-on baggage, you must go to the airport in the room of forgotten things.
Galina (ID 10403)

Once again I write that I have already been to the airports, nothing has been transmitted - "where is the money, Zin?" and read carefully.
To this I receive a response from another operator:

Hello, Alexey.
Your message has been sent to the appropriate department.
Please wait.
With respect,
Irina (ID10440)

And after 2 hours:
Dear Alexey.
All things found in the cabin are transmitted to the airport, to the room of forgotten things. It is necessary to specify the information independently at the airport.
C Respect,
Valeria (ID 10415)

There were no more answers.
What have we come to? Things are gone I can't find any ends. The support service writes anything but useful information. There are no other contacts in the airline, there is also a pay phone. As a blogger, I wrote a press secretary. It is always rescued, tested many times. But the airline’s press service showed its talent as well - no response to a few messages ... a month ago there was a first appeal.
The situation looks so that everything left in the cabin of the plane disappears into a black hole. I could assume that the flight attendants, in violation of the regulations, did not check the pockets before the next flight and whether it was a telephone,he could have been carried away by passengers, but who needs glasses, medicines, a book ??? In any case, they had to fall, one way or another, into the hands of the crew or representatives of the airline.
The mess is full, the cost of losses is small - about 10 thousand, and if there was something real valuable? Lost and incomprehensible how to return ... Honestly, I cannot imagine such a thing with any other major airline.

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