The main principles of life

Life principles are a kind of attitude that a person gives himself in order to react in certain situations in the necessary, morally acceptable way for him. But not everyone has these principles. And why, in fact, follow the rules, if you can navigate the situation? But are principles so useless in life? Of course not! About this today and talk.

Man of principle

As already mentioned, principles in a person’s life are a conscious attitude that says how to act. Any principles are based on norms and stereotypes of behavior. The main thing is not to confuse the righteous with the sinful. Stereotypes and principles are different things.

A stereotype is an established way of human behavior in society. Principles, in turn, are more spiritual and in some cases are invented by man independently. But it has already happened that it is not the nature of a person to penetrate into his principles until they begin to disagree with some social factors. Then a person is faced with a choice: to follow his convictions or simply change the principle. People who do not have enough fortitude, of course, will choose the second option.

principle of life

Naturally, there are situations when following your principles is not only absurd, but also dangerous. Just remember Giordano Bruno. He basically did not want to give up his idea of ​​the solar system, for which he was burned at the stake. Someone will say that this scientist is a common pathological fanatic, but it is these people who are called truly principled.

The game of principle

Note. Principles in human life, in fact, should play an important role. A person accepts principles that relate to his life as a whole or to its specific sphere. For religious people, the commandments become principles, for others, their own moral and ethical norms and views on life.

A person must consciously choose his principles, which would help him move towards his goal and not restrict him without any particular need. But since modern man loves to live, “without straining,” his principles are often blind. They do not correspond to the real state of things, cannot direct a person in the right direction and do not serve as a support.

And today it is rare to find a person with real life principles.But how much the public likes to play the principles! This uncomplicated word is most often remembered only when the situation requires it.


To observe the principles in life, it is necessary to remember them, to think, to make independent decisions. But modern man is used to living thoughtlessly guided by habits or emotions. People remember that principles can be followed in the case of situational needs. They come up with them on the go to justify their impulsive actions.

principles of human life

The main problem of modern man is the lack of understanding of why principles are needed and how one can follow them. As well as the inability to correctly determine its position.

Does the principles make sense?

Principles in human life play the role of boundaries within which you can move towards your goal. The so-called indispensable element of the system of self-organization, the rules of the game, following which, you can achieve the desired. But, if the players start breaking the rules, then any game will lose its meaning. The main idea of ​​this “entertainment” is to give the world something useful.

Of course, in pursuit of success, you can destroy the planet, that's just what the point will be in the victory?

Each person has their own values. For someone it is a family, for someone it is friends, health, knowledge. And if for the sake of victory you have to give up the most important things, it is unlikely that it will bring the desired joy.

This is the meaning of the principles - they form the border, which should not be overstepped in order not to destroy the precious zone of happiness.

Search for principles

The basic principles of life should be formed according to two main positions:

  1. What I will not do under any scenario?
  2. What I should do?

To determine the principles, you should use the method of limiting situations. Everything is done very simply. In turn, we take each of our own values ​​and begin to search for the border that we will not cross either for the sake of achieving the goal, or for the sake of avoiding problems.

principles of healthy living

For example, you can take such a value as wealth, money, material stability. Next is to ask yourself: "What will I not do even for a billion dollars?" And also to put the question: “What will I not do, even if I am“ at the bottom ”?”

When looking for principles you should not avoid uncomfortable and difficult questions. Let situations and imaginary, they are always outside the comfort zone, so they show where the internal borders of a person are.For example, you can ask yourself: “Am I ready to kill an animal for riches, to deceive a colleague, child?” ? After the pendulum begins to swing from one extreme to another, the prevailing principle should be designated in a positive form.

The issue of eligibility

The positive form of the principle must be formed without negation. That is, do not use the particle “not”. It is better to say "I will always conduct my affairs honestly" than "For the sake of money I will never cheat." Only in this way can the principle be considered acceptable, that is, its observance will have practical meaning for a person and will increase self-esteem.

principles of a healthy lifestyle

If you work through all the values ​​in this way, you can get a basic set of principles. But when a person is openly lazy to work on his values, he can use the principles dictated by religion or history. For example, the commandments of Moses, the Vedic principles, the code of builders of communism and any other principles of the organization of life that are available to man. Lists can be merged, expanded, trimmed,until you get a set of those beliefs that will help make life better.

The hard way

However, it is not easy to follow principles. This is like a basketball game where the opponent uses guns to throw the ball in the basket, and you follow the rules. Only one for whom the principle is more important than life can be a truly fundamental person.

For example, in the film “The Battle of Red Rock” there was such an episode: the hero swore his head that he would get 10 thousand arrows for the army in the morning. In the morning, when the arrows were counted, they turned out to be 9,900. The hero is ready to accept execution without even making excuses.

It would seem, what a difference, a hundred arrows more or less, in any case, the army is armed, all is well. But to a person whose honor is above life, no matter how many percent the task is underfulfilled, it is inconceivable to live without keeping his promise.

basic principles of life

Who needs principles and why?

It is reasonable to ask such a question. Why are principles needed if they are so hard to follow? If you imagine that there is a war and you have to choose with whom to go into intelligence: with a principled or unprincipled person, of course, everyone will choose the first. It will be difficult though, as it is more demanding, but generally safe.

The main purpose of the main principles of life - to facilitate the movement towards the goal.Principles are additional life insurance and a guideline for situations where there are no guidelines a priori.

A man with principles, no doubt, more valuable to society. Following the principles, he becomes stronger and better. For example, imagine that there is one who always keeps his word. And if he said that he would make a report or project by morning, he would do it. He can come to the employee and ask him to do some work for the project, and to do it now. And the man will do. Subconsciously, he feels the pressure that comes from the request, and can not refuse.

Necessary pressure

In most cases, the principles create the necessary pressure, pressure, which contributes to the achievement of the goal. Of course, to follow the principles, it is necessary to make a lot of effort. But thanks to them, a person can consciously develop strength and create a rational society.

Without principles, a person can make hasty decisions that bring immediate benefits, but for the most part are losing in the long run. Principles help achieve long-term goals and protect against fatal mistakes.

What principles in life can be?

A person can be guided in his life by a variety of principles. And everyone in this issue has its own priorities.

what principles in life

Someone in the first place brings the principles of a healthy lifestyle. He lives on schedule, eats properly, does not consume alcohol above the norm. For some, the main is family or friends, and he will never do what hurts them. And someone just accepts positions that will help him achieve the desired. Here are the principles that are most often used by those who want to achieve something:

  • Do not lend money. Help financially, if possible and necessary.
  • Work only with responsible people..
  • Before asking for help, you need to try to handle it yourself.
  • Time is the most valuable resource.Helping yourself and others is possible only by focusing on important things, rather than wasting time in vain.
  • Saying no is normal.
  • Disapproval should be expressed by objections, silence is tantamount to agreement.
  • I never take orders that are beyond my knowledge and competence.
  • If I am somewhere, then I am there and mentally.
  • When my plans change, I will inform you immediately.
  • Errors are normal.
  • Every day you need to learn something new.
  • The foundation of tomorrow begins today.
  • Before you do something, you need to thoroughly figure it out.

principles of organization of life

As can be seen from the list, life principles is a guide, according to which a person receives the right to behave in a particular situation as he wants. Whether they are the principles of a healthy life, a business relationship, or a happy personality, they help to act in full force. Acting according to the principles, a person will definitely feel confidence and strength, and those around him will unmistakably recognize in him a leader, a hero, who in any case will answer for his words.

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