The most famous football players of the world

Football today is the most popular sport, which is played in almost all countries of the world. And naturally, as in any other form, there are the most prominent personalities in football. This article will list the most famous players who are currently performing at the highest level. Of course, choosing the most outstanding among thousands of players is not so easy, so you should understand that this rating is subjective and may differ from other people's opinions. So, what are the most famous footballers on the field all over the world?

famous football players

Lionel Messi

Famous footballers appear in the most diverse parts of the world, but for the most part they come from Europe or Latin America. And Lionel Messi is one of the most prominent examples of stellar players who came to play in Europe from overseas. He was born in Argentina and is in favor of this national team, but he has been listed in the Catalan Barcelona system since his early years.It was there that he grew up in one of the best football players of our time.

The numbers of famous football players are most often standard, that is, few people choose a number for a T-shirt that differs from the first eleven digits. Messi was no exception - he wears a tenth number on his T-shirt and today is the best footballer in the world. He won five Golden Balls, and also led his club more than once to victories in the Spanish Championship, Spanish Cup and Champions League. He turned 29 years old, and this means that there will be many more successful years waiting for him, and he will be able to lead his team to more than one victory in major tournaments.

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Cristiano Ronaldo

If we are talking about Lionel Messi, the famous footballers in his name do not end there. Whenever the Argentinean genius is mentioned, the Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo should be put next to him. Today, absolutely everyone agrees that these two athletes are the best among all, and the opposition for the title of the best is between them.

Ronaldo began his career in Portugal, from where he moved to England, joining Manchester United, with which he began to win his first trophies.But he reached the peak of his career in Real Madrid, where he still performs under the seventh number. Ronaldo is older than Messi, this year he turned 32 years old, but at the same time he continues to show incredible football and win trophies with the Madrid club.

There are other famous footballers in the world who are still one step lower than these two geniuses, but at the same time are incredible talents.

most famous football players

Robert Lewandowski

Special attention deserves the striker Munich “Bavaria” Robert Lewandowski, who by nationality is a Pole. In most cases, the most famous football players are born in countries that are quite strong in terms of football, but at the highest level Poland showed almost nothing in its entire history. And so the achievements of Robert, who is now one of the best central forwards of the world, seem to be even more impressive. Being a classic central forward, he wears on his back the corresponding number - 9.

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Antoine Griezmann

Photos of famous football players are usually pleasing to the eye, as in most cases they not only play well, but also look stunning.Take at least Antoine Griezanna - this young French talent has already shown the world what he can do, winning the Spanish championship with Atletico Madrid, leaving Barcelona behind with Messi and Real with Ronaldo, reaching the Champions League final and the European Championship . He is only 25 years old today, so he still has a full-fledged career ahead, but it’s not a fact that the French striker will remain in Atletico, since almost all the clubs in the world are interested in his services.

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang

As mentioned above, in most cases, the most prominent and famous football players are born either in Europe or in South America. But Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang is an incredible exception. He was born in Gabon and stands for the national team of this country. But at the same time he defends the colors of Borussia Dortmund, competing for the title of the best striker of the Bundesliga with Robert Lewandowski mentioned above. However, this will not last long, since it is not the first time that Obameyang hints that he would like to reach a new level and join the Spanish club, preferably Real Madrid.

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Eden Hazard

The English Premier League was once the strongest in the world, but now the situation has changed. However, this does not mean that there are no strong players there - for example, the Belgian Eden Hazard is one of the most impressive players not only of this league, but of the whole world. He has an incredible technique, a great punch and an excellent field vision. As a result, right now the game “Chelsea” is being built around it, which has gone through a not very successful period and is now being revived. Moreover, Azar is a key player in the national team of Belgium, which everyone considers to be the most promising national team in Europe, and at the last Euro 2016 it showed that it is capable of much.

Thomas Muller

The list also includes a place for the German football star, Thomas Muller, who, like Robert Lewandowski, stands for Bayern Munich. However, unlike Robert, who came to the club from Borussia, Muller is a graduate of Munich. He is already 27 years old, but he has been in favor of Bavaria since early childhood. And during this time he grew up in one of the most powerful and famous footballers.

He is distinguished by his goal-sense flair and unpredictable style of play, which hardly anyone will be able to repeat.It was Muller who became the key player who helped Bavaria to win the Champions League, a series of victories in the German Championship, and also success in the 2014 World Cup. Today, after a change of coach at the club and an unbeaten penalty at the European Championships, he is not experiencing the best period, but all experts are confident that he will soon be able to get back into shape and start making everyone happy with his unpredictability.

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