The most unusual lots from the stars that have found buyers

5-01-2018, 09:00

The love of fans for their idols often goes beyond the limits of reasonable: in an effort to touch the star, they are ready to buy for hundreds of dollars even absurd things related to their favorites. Our list of the most unusual lots from celebrities who have found their grateful buyers.
Water in which Kanye West performed
Price: $ 10

Kim Kardashian with his family, feeling a connection with their historic homeland, decided to visit Armenia. While Kim was photographed with fans while visiting historical monuments, her husband Kanye West gave a free concert in the center of Yerevan at Swan Lake. At first, the fans and the musician shared the watery surface, but the singer himself decided to overcome the distance and rushed into the water, and dozens of residents joined him, rushing to embrace their idol. Surprisingly, the bodyguards did not intervene in this situation, but the fans were so attentive that they eventually released Kanye without the slightest injury.
Particularly enterprising citizens also earned on the artist's generosity: the water from the lake was put up on eBay with an initial value of $ 10. But this is only the start of trading. Last month, the air sealed into the package from the artist's concert was sold for $ 60,000.
Air from the premiere of the film "Mr. and Mrs. Smith"
Price: $ 530

Airspace is not the first time becoming the subject of sale. In 2005, an adventurous reporter approached the leading roles of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie at the premiere of the film “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” and asked them to say a few words about the film. As it turned out later, it was not the voice recorder that was in the hands of the press representative, but the bank into which, naturally, the air exhaled by Pitt and Jolie fell. This strange lot was auctioned and sold for $ 530.
And in 2011, one of the British online stores began selling cans in which “wedding” air was stored: the site’s representatives assured that it was collected during the wedding ceremony of Kate Middleton and Prince William. Merchants demanded only $ 30 for their goods.
Britney Spears Gum
Price: $ 14,000

A fan of Britney Spears, who in 2004 picked up the singer's gum from a concert and for fun, put it on eBay, also managed to earn his idol. Lot found a buyer for the week and, to the surprise of the star and the seller, brought $ 14,000.And in 2005, one of the casino owners announced the sale of a positive pregnancy test Spears (at that time she was expecting her first child from Kevin Federline). The test cost the new owner $ 5001, which was transferred to the fund to help sick children. However, not all things associated with Britney, so lucky. For example, a sandwich that was not eaten by a star, picked up by a waiter after one of the events in 2006, was estimated at only $ 100.
Justin Timberlake's Eaten Toast
Price: $ 3154

Justin Timberlake’s toast, which the French radio host placed on eBay after the show with the ‘N Sync group in 2000, turned out to be a more expensive dish. For his resourcefulness, the radio host received $ 3,154 and happily gave them to charity.
Acrylic Nail Lady Gaga
Price: $ 12,000

Another resourceful fan dared to put on the auction site acrylic nail Lady Gaga, he found after a concert in Dublin in 2012. The black nail from the little finger of his left hand, made by the personal designer of the star and decorated with gold beads, attracted the British fan, who paid $ 12,000 for the miracle.
Scarlett Johansson Handkerchief
Price: $ 5300

Scarlett Johansson went even further and offered her infection to her fans. While participating in the evening television show Tonight in 2008, the sick ache blew her nose in a handkerchief, left a trace of her lipstick on it and stated that it would be possible to purchase this personal thing on eBay. Johansson also stressed that she contracted the disease from her partner in the film The Avenger, Samuel L. Jackson, which gave the lot a special value. A simple paper napkin was sold for $ 5300, and all the money Johansson spent on charity. By the way, the idea of ​​selling germs is not so fresh. Earlier, a flask with an infection of Paul McCartney, who sneezed at one of his fans, was put up for sale. True, this thing went away for only $ 1000.
Justin Bieber Hair
Price: $ 40,668

Justin Bieber managed to combine the pleasant with the useful: he not only made one of the fans happy, but also got his hair cut, and donated the money obtained by his hair ($ 40,000) to The Gentle Barn, caring for abandoned animals. The solemn transfer of the container with the singer's hair and autograph took place on the Ellen DeGeneres show in 2011. At that moment, Justin said goodbye to the image of a good boy and moved on to the brutal style with a short haircut.
Invisible film by James Franco
Price: $ 25

James Franco, known for his eccentric behavior, is also not against extra money on his fans. And for this, he organizes not one-time actions, but opened a whole museum of The Museum of Non-Visible Art in New York. True, it is impossible to get into it: the museum, as well as the direction of the art of James, is invisible. But on the site of the actor, you can buy a frame without a picture, air and a description of the film “Red Leaves” in the artist’s imagination for real money. Such art objects have their connoisseurs: copies of an invisible film are gradually selling off for $ 25, and one of the fans has acquired an invisible picture of Franco for $ 10 thousand.
A glass of Elvis Presley water
Price: $ 455

The glass of the "king of rock and roll" had to wait for his master for more than 30 years. Wade Jones, who attended a celebrity concert in North Carolina in 1977, picked up a plastic cup of Elvis Presley, in which some water remained. The man carefully kept the container with water in the refrigerator and in 2008 decided to put up the value for auction. A glass was sold for $ 455. A little later, Wade sold the photo on eBay, which showed a memorable glass, and received $ 3,000 for it.However, these revenues seem miserable when compared with the profit earned for other things Elvis. Thus, the hair strand of the “king” was sold in 2002 for $ 18,300, the library card in 2012 was for $ 7500, and the star’s teeth were priced at $ 100,000. But the white piano received the most of all: its bid price amounted to a million dollars.
X-ray of Marilyn Monroe's chest
Price: $ 45,000

In 2010, at an auction in Las Vegas, his buyer found a chest x-ray of Marilyn Monroe. The bidder did not stint pay for a snapshot that was kept in a Florida clinic since 1954, $ 45,000. This amount can hardly be called transcendental, considering how much other items related to the life of the diva left: her dresses were always worth at least a million dollars, and the white piano, which singer Mariah Carey bought in 1999, brought the auction organizers $ 662,500.
Tooth John Lennon
Price: $ 31,000

The tooth of John Lennon became an important stage in the work of the dentist Michael Zhuk. After purchasing the relics in 2011, the doctor placed the finding in his clinic and began writing a book about celebrity teeth. In the book, Michael talks about his belief in human cloning, which will soon help recreate people with the help of his remaining teeth.
Perhaps, fans who buy teeth of other celebrities are inclined to the same theory: in 2011 Auction World Dot TV auction house rescued Jack Nicholson's 11 molar and dairy teeth for $ 10,000, and Elvis Presley's plaster cast of teeth was estimated at $ 15 in 2012 000

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