The origin of the name Morozov: history and interesting facts

There is no generation of the future, if it does not know the past. How many of us know how our last name originated and what does it mean?

The "family" question sooner or later begins to worry every person. After all, the name bears the imprint of the history of his ancestors. Knowing its origin, one can learn about where they lived, what they did, what status our ancestors had. Each generic name has its own amazing and unique history. The article will discuss the history, origin and meaning of the name Moroz. How long does her life start? How was it formed? Who are its ancestors? What interesting facts are related to this generic name? All this and much more will be discussed in the article.

origin of the name Morozov

The origin and meaning of the name Morozov

The surname belongs to the ancient type of Russian generic names, which were formed from the secular nickname of man. The ancient Slavs had a tradition of giving the baby, in addition to the baptismal name, also a worldly, it was believedso that you can hide the true name of the child from evil spirits. The tradition persisted until the 17th century, after which duplicity was banned by the church.

Most of the worldly names were associated either with the name of animals, plants, or with the circumstances of the birth of a child, with natural phenomena: Eagle, Wolf, Falcon, Fox, Thunder, Wind, Frost, and so on. Worldly names were very popular in all classes and throughout the ancient Slavic state.

One of the most common weather names was Frost, it was given to newborn boys who were born on icy winter days.

It is possible that, with this name naming a baby, parents wanted him to grow strong and powerful, like Russian frosts.

It should be noted that the cult of Frost is reflected in all Slavic traditions (sayings, proverbs, fairy tales and tales). For example, the Eastern Slavs have a fabulous Frost, who lived in an ice hut and, according to legends, presented to anyone who came to visit him with good.

Frost could call a person in adulthood, if he had a cold, poignant and uneasy character.

 family name Morozov origin and nationality

The history of the formation of the family name

Around the 15th century, the first Russian surnames began to appear among the higher strata of the population of ancient Russian society. The most common model of their formation was the addition to the base of typical Russian surname-forming suffixes: -e, -s, -in. By its origin, the surname Morozov is a possessive adjective, that is, it means "the son of a man named Moroz".

The first mention of the family name

The exact time and place of origin of the name Moroz is difficult to establish in our time. It is known that the ancient Russian worldly name Frost was popular with the nobility, and this means that the generic name of Moroz appeared among the first Russian surnames.

Moroz Ivan Semenovich, who lived in the middle of the 14th century, is considered to be the founder of the ancient noble family of the Morozovs. In addition, this patrimonial name was carried by the boyars Morozov - Poplev Grigory Vasilyevich, from him went the branch of the Morozov-Poplevins and many others.

The boyar Morozova, who was an ardent supporter of the Old Believers, became widely known, and she suffered a tragic fate. For her religious principles she was banished to a monastery, where she was starved, and a year later she died from exhaustion. After several centuries, Surikov VI dedicated his painting to her.

meaning and origin of the name Morozov history

In the 17th century, this generic name began to appear among other classes. Thus, it became one of the most common on the territory of the Russian state.

Geographical origin and nationality of the surname Morozov

The surname can be attributed to the toponymic, which were formed from the name of the settlement where the clan lived. Especially often the person was assigned a geographical nickname if he moved to a new place. And to the question: “Where are you from?”, He answered: “From Morozovo”, and in everyday speech they said: “He is Morozovsky or Morozov” - this is the toponymic way of origin of the Moroz family.

Places Frosts met everywhere in Belarus, in the Mogilev, Vitebsk and Kiev provinces.

The surname is common among Poles, but the suffixes are added to it, eg, Morozovsky, Morozovich.

The surname of Morozov is multinational, its carrier can be both Russian, and Ukrainian, and Belarusian, and Polish.

family name Morozov origin and meaning

Morozov is the oldest pedigree of the Old Slavonic name, which tells about the life, beliefs, traditions and way of life of our ancestors. Christian rites for many centuries of existence in Russia became the spiritual foundation of our ancestors. But some pre-Christian customs have survived to this day.Such ancient monuments of the Slavic culture are worldly names, from which the ancestors were formed, the same is the history of the origin of the Moroz family.

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The origin of the name Morozov: history and interesting facts 57

The origin of the name Morozov: history and interesting facts 37

The origin of the name Morozov: history and interesting facts 74

The origin of the name Morozov: history and interesting facts 64

The origin of the name Morozov: history and interesting facts 85

The origin of the name Morozov: history and interesting facts 30