The paradox of easy life: how much money you can save, if you pay for everything

Remember how in your childhood you wanted to grow up as soon as possible? So that you can do everything that parents allow themselves, and not go to sleep at ten in the evening, because there is no other way out. Oh, this is a naive childhood ... Yes, now it’s not a pity to sell the soul, just to always go to bed long before midnight and not think about the fact that tomorrow you have to go somewhere, call, agree, find out and have time for everything. That's just no one claims to the soul. It is no longer possible to throw these verbs out of your life.

Or will it work out? From our submission, the well-known blogger Sergei Anashkevich, always ready for adventure, decided on a socially significant experiment. For two weeks, he shifted all suitable for this business on the shoulders of Internet services, to find out whether it is possible to live light.

To answer the simplest question, evidence has already been collected. Yes, it saves a lot of time.But this, in general, is clear without any experiments. Where more controversial point - and not too much from such behavior losing weight bank account?

Machine on request

Serezha had already moved to Moscow for quite a long time, but he still cannot determine his permanent place of residence. In recent years, he has replaced several rented apartments. In the fourth rode last week.

Moving, as you know, is a chore. The business of packing things in suitcases, bags and bags, while no one seems to have founded, so I had to cope on my own. But this is only the first stage, and not the most difficult one. It is also necessary to forward all this good to a new place. And then there is such a situation that your car is not there. While I lived in the Crimea, I was, but why was she in Moscow? Stand in traffic jams? Especially fellow blogger constantly traveling abroad.

Cargo taxi in the capital in bulk. And if our project was called “Living Light and Penniless,” Seryozha would definitely turn to one of them. The site of one very popular service informed that they are ready to transport things from one place to another for 7,990 rubles. But our project is called differently, so the blogger used the services of the service.Rent a ride.

There you can rent a car or rent it out for at least a day, at least for a week, at least for a month. Like Airbnb, only car. You choose the brand and model, as well as the place from where it is convenient for you to pick up the car and where to return. The choice is the widest: from the "six" to Ferrari.

Red “Italian” Serezha put it in mind until future dates, and rented a 2014 Peugeot Boxer van for 2 500 rubles per day for the move. All luggage fit into it with a whistle, including a panel of one and a half by three meters - a birthday present. Two hours - and the move is ready. And I did not have to persuade anyone to help.

I want to change cars like gloves

Pikul, who is always with you

As already mentioned, Serezha spends most of his life traveling. Profession travel blogger obliges. Soon going to Mongolia, and recently briefly acquainted with the German city of Leipzig. There is a very cool Porsche Museum, but now is not about that.

In order to admire the amazing collection of the 911s, it took six hours in the air. In those moments when circumstances require you to sit in a chair exactly, Serezha is used to reading, replenishing his vocabulary and supply of original thoughts for upcoming posts.On a trip to Leipzig, he was accompanied by Valentin Pikul with his last unfinished novel Dogs of the Lord.

In fulfillment of their obligations, the experimenter put in a hand luggage not a paper book, but headphones to use the service.Storytel. This is the largest online audiobook library in RuNet. By subscribing, you get unlimited access to an extensive, ever-expanding assortment of classical and modern literature. More than 50 thousand works (in Russian and English), voiced by the best readers, you can listen online through the app or download to your smartphone and enjoy them when you do not have access to the Internet.

Pikul pleased his unusual view of history for 6 hours and 53 minutes. Just six hours on the plane and another hour on the road to Domodedovo. In addition, during the experiment, Serezha listened to Dovlatov's amazing “Compromise” compilation by Konstantin Khabensky and the detective “Snowman”, according to which they recently shot a film.

If our hero had bought these works in the Moscow House of the Book, he would have paid 1,207 rubles. And it is still unknown when I would deal with them, because it’s impossible to run around the lines on the go. And for the subscription gave 449 rubles.Although you could not pay at all: the service provides a free trial period of two weeks.

Test for free

Spots battle!

Before moving, Serezha made a sensible conclusion: we should get rid of everything superfluous. Two huge packages filled with all sorts of magazines, boxes from under the gadgets, cracked plates and one old soccer ball went to the nearest garbage dump. The wardrobe audit was carried out with the utmost care. During this revision, the blogger was surprised to find a massive greasy stain on a woolen coat.

How it came to be there is not clear. In any case, the joyless find. Bring such a stain inveterate bachelor can not do. Generous for his broad gestures, Serezha would have sent a coat along the route of a soccer ball if it had not been so dear to his heart. So I decided to go to dry cleaning, and such that the courier himself took the clothes and then returned them to the proper form.

A short chat with Google presented a new discovery, but already a pleasant one. It turned out that the companyMGTS, known to all as a telecom operator, offers a whole range of services: dry cleaning of clothes, cleaning of apartments, repair of household appliances,furniture assembly and so on. The courier came for a coat on the day of the order and, in the appendage, received an armful of shirts in the amount of five pieces.

Three days later, he came back and brought perfectly ironed shirts and, most importantly, a coat, so clean, as if from a shop window. On everything about everything, taking into account ironing, it took three thousand rubles. In the Zara catalog, this coat no longer appears, but it is very similar to it. It costs 13 999 rubles. Of course, it is necessary to live with a light heart, but no one has canceled the principles of reasonable economy.

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The paradox of easy life: how much money you can save, if you pay for everything image, picture
The paradox of easy life: how much money you can save, if you pay for everything 39

The paradox of easy life: how much money you can save, if you pay for everything 47

The paradox of easy life: how much money you can save, if you pay for everything 23

The paradox of easy life: how much money you can save, if you pay for everything 99

The paradox of easy life: how much money you can save, if you pay for everything 91

The paradox of easy life: how much money you can save, if you pay for everything 67

The paradox of easy life: how much money you can save, if you pay for everything 28