The reverse side of Siberia

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I wrote a lot about Siberian cities. From these posts you could get the impression that everything is bad in Siberia! In many cities, indeed. In Novosibirsk, it is terribly dirty, in Krasnoyarsk they gave the best place in the city for parking, and in Omsk there was a disaster with roads.
But Siberia has a downside!
As far as everything is bad in Siberian cities, Siberian nature is just as beautiful! These are magnificent Baikal, beautiful Altai mountains, great Siberian rivers, dense taiga forests and much more. Every Russian at least once in his life should come to Siberia and see it all with his own eyes. It is best to go in the winter to test the strength of a real Russian winter (if you survived the anomalous January frosts in Moscow without loss, then you have nothing to fear).
In Siberia, it is never boring! Siberians will teach you to have fun for real. They build ice baths and dog sledding, play hockey in felt boots and drink tea with milk, and some even with butter! Another entertainment is the Siberian Water Park. If you have long wanted to slide down an ice slide into an ice-hole, then Siberia is waiting for you!
And this is not an exaggeration, hospitable Siberians are really waiting for all the guests! They even made a video for you about all the delights of a real winter holiday.
P.S. And let it not bother you that the Omsk Bacon, and not the authorities, are engaged in the popularization of tourism in the region.

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