The rules of life of the actor Killian Murphy

The rules of life of the actor Killian Murphy

In sports, I enjoy only running. I used to wind up distances of 10 kilometers and half marathons, and now I am running simply to free my head from unnecessary thoughts. That is why I do not listen for time runs - I prefer to run with a dog.

I am a failed musician. Before the hobby of acting, I played in a group. We were even offered a contract, but he was very bad. Yes, and my brother was only 16 years old, so we refused. My parents then said something like "it could ruin your life."

Ideal vacation in his presentation - a vacation with his wife and children in the west of Cork (county in the south of Ireland, where Cillian Murphy is from. Esquire). Choose any point in the western part of Ireland - and you will not go wrong. There are beautiful beaches, great taverns and amazing people.

My favorite city is New York, but I will never go there for a vacation.

After any role, a recovery period is needed, a break is simply necessary.Playing Tommy Shelby (the main gray of the series Sharp Visors. - Esquire), I completely immersed in the character and dissolved in it. It would be foolish right after that to go and start other work.

I hate actors whiners. Acting is hard work and it must be hard.

I can not say that I have such an impressive view, so the first time I worked on Sharp Visors was to make Tommy an authoritative character who is capable of much and inspires respect. And hairstyle was part of this job.

Of course, I watched classic gangster movies. But "Sharp Visors" are so imbued with the British spirit that we did not imitate a single American thing.

Dunkirk was a terrific experience. Mark Rylyans (British actor. - Esquire) is a wonderful, beautiful person. Mad energy and power emanates from him. Obviously, he is an outstanding actor. I think he is now at the peak of his ability.

I do not consider myself a mod. I like well-made and well-made things, and I like to wear them, but I don’t express myself through clothes.

I believe that the thing is not completely yours, if you have not worn it for several years and have not “printed” your silhouette on it.I wear jackets, boots - anything - until full wear. I love things that are aged naturally.

The best age is the one you are in now, I suppose. Anyone would answer that way, wouldn’t it? I really like my mature years. I did not panic when I turned 40 years old. Now I have much more common sense than at 21.

I remember myself as a young novice theater actor. One evening after the performance I took off my costume in the dressing room and just put it on the chair. One of the older actors I worked with said: “Hang up your costume. Always hang your costume. ” This was not a piece of advice, but the message contained in his words forever stuck in me. Even if you are the only one in the spotlight, you need to remember that a huge number of people worked to ensure that you were there. These people are just as important as the actors prancing here and there.

I am a diligent reader, and do not read anything but novels. From the last I was captured by Mrs. Osmond by John Banville. This book is actually the sequel to the "Portrait of a Lady". This is John Banville, disguised as Henry James. Written brilliantly and very, very interesting.

I have always been obsessed with the concept of a great American novel. I recently read a series of novels about Rabbit John Updike. All work in a row. He is an exceptional writer. You read these books and you realize that this is what they are now trying to do on television. You spend time with this guy, Rabbit, from when he is 20, and until his 65th birthday. This is madness.

Movie on "Sharp Visors"? I think Steve Knight (the show runner of the series - Esquire) has a few ideas. There is a need for caution, but, I confess, I would be interested to do this.

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